In Matthew 19:16-22, a young man asked Jesus what it took to follow Him, and Jesus said to follow the commandments. The young man said he has done so since his youth, so what does he still lack. Jesus told him if he wants to be perfect, then sell all he has and give the proceeds to the poor. After saying that, the young man became sad and left because he had many things.

This set of verses is brought up by many who exploit the class war, but they always conveniently leave out the commandment “You shall not covet your neighbor’s possessions.” Many believers will even cite this verse to say that rich men can’t truly follow Jesus. This is folly. Job was the most righteous man on earth according to God Himself, yet he was rich.

There was another follower of Jesus who was also rich, named Joseph of Arimathaea. In Matthew 27:57, Joseph was described as both being a disciple and rich. This means Jesus did not make the same request of Joseph as He did with the young man. Why do I say this? Because Joseph was both a disciple AND rich. Joseph didn’t sell all of his things and give the money to the poor in order to follow Christ. Why would Jesus not make the same request of Joseph as He did with the young man? Because Jesus knew the hearts of them both. He knew Joseph would sell all his things if Jesus made that request, so it was unnecessary to make it. Jesus tested the young man to see if he was willing to make the same sacrifice He knew Joseph would have made.


I am going to get more into the smaller questions of doctrine here. I have answered many of the major questions here, and even got to questions that people used in their word searches in the page above titled “Unanswered Questions….” This question as to the dead in Christ rising first has been cited by rapture believers for years, and there are some who dismiss their interpretation while giving their own point of view as to what 1st Thessalonians 4:16-17 means. The verses state as follows:

“For the Lord Himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first.” “Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.”

The “dead in Christ” are those who are no longer living, but are faithful to God and His only begotten Son Jesus Christ. How they will rise has nothing to do with altitude. The dead in Christ are already in heaven. They will rise by being alive once again. Right now, the dead in Christ are without bodily form and await to be put into incorruptible flesh. The term “incorruptible” means “undecaying”, not unable to break laws. 

At the sound of the last trump, the dead in Christ are the first to put on their new undecaying flesh bodies. At the same time, the elect God has reserved for the last generation are taken from this earth and are also put into new undecaying flesh bodies. It is written that God has shortened the days for the elect’s sake, not that the days are shortened for anyone else. It is also written that God will send His angels to gather together His elect from the four winds (Matt. 24:31). It is also written that the church of Philadelphia will be kept from the HOUR of temptation (Rev. 3:10). Now many will say that the church of Philadelphia will be here during that time, but not feel temptation. This is incorrect because Christ said the word “hour”, meaning time. “I will keep you from the time of temptation.” I have discussed this with a few, but they always ignore that Christ said “hour”. He could have simply said “I will keep you from temptation”, and that would be that, but He didn’t. As I said in teaching here at my site, I will not add or omit words to suit my point of view. I don’t ignore words clearly written, even if it goes against my own personal beliefs. In that same hour, the church of Smyrna will go through tribulation and imprisonment for ten days, and some will suffer death afterwards (Rev. 2:8-10). This is the only other church Christ didn’t speak negatively about, so their righteousness should be unquestioned. At the same time, they suffer the hour of temptation. Add everything together without a preconceived notion and you should accept that the seven thousand elect God has reserved for the final generation are the ones Paul speaks of in 1st Thessalonians 4:17.


I have debated this personally for about a week or so, but thanks to a recent commentor, I have made a final decision: I will no longer debate stupid people, no matter if the points I would counter with would be things people can learn from. I will no longer approve stupid comments either. This is final.

I like the idea of debating different takes on what is written, and I love answering questions from people eager to learn, no matter their level of understanding. Having said that (or written), any back and forth with stupid people gets nobody anywhere.

I had just today this commentor who claims that Israel is run by some satanic group of people. His flavor- the illuminati. I had to question him about the current enemies of Israel, knowing how satanic they are, and wonder why Satan would go after himself? I made this point ad nauseum in my “Killing Christians Acceptable?” post that Jesus said Satan would not be divided against himself, so groups like Hamas, the UN, and others vehemently against Israel should show Israel is not run by some satanic incarnation. After asking him that question (or even before getting any reply), I asked myself “what is the point?” It’s useless to point out this undeniable fact because only a stupid person can deny it, yet deny it they will.

In my other reply to him, I pointed out some of those greatest hits of stupidity that I have received just recently. One is this nut that says Israel is run by satanic Edomites. He claims the NWO back in 1948 made Israel a nation so they can launch a Zionist coup of the world from it. I am not kidding. He’s also a white supremacist, but denies it, yet in his latest rant he went off about intermarrying with negroes. Remember the good ole days when white supremacists would just admit they are white supremacists? I watched them on Geraldo and Morton Downey Jr. Those white supremacists came out saying “I’m a white supremacist.” Now they deny it, but in the same breath rant against the negroes. In the interest of full disclosure, he used the words “negroes” and “negro”. I told him a while back that I won’t approve anymore of his comments, but he keeps trying. He recently called me an intellectual coward for not debating him. It is beyond his thinking ability to consider I am done with his stupidity. The analogy of him being so far behind in the race that he actually thinks he’s leading is as accurate as it can be stated. No clearly written Bible verse that needs no interpretation will change his mind, nor will pointing out the satanic enemies of the land of Israel. It’s those evil Edomites that run Israel, and I simply don’t possess his decoder glasses like in “They Live” that will let me see the real, hidden truth. I am an intellectual coward in his eyes, but in a contest of intellect he would be bringing a spork to a gunfight. (I liked that analogy so much I have used it twice.)

Another person recently said that Israel is run by Kenites, but again pointing out who the current enemies of the land of Israel are fell on deaf ears. One commentor believes that Paul was an evil Kenite, and none of his epistles should be considered part of the Bible. One commentor that I initially approved of, because I must have been in a hurry but later removed, claimed that John in Revelation revealed Jesus was the Antichrist through Greek numeric code. Did this person read the first three chapters of Revelation which showed the complete opposite? She had to, but since she’s stupid it had no affect on her thinking process. According to her, John THE APOSTLE OF JESUS CHRIST revealed Him to be the Antichrist!

So what qualifies stupidity, you may ask? Anything that flies so far in the face of Biblical or current event reality that only a stupid person can (A) believe it, or (B) come up with it in the first place. There are just too many stupid people coming here that take up my energy and time for me to handle, and there is absolutely nothing I can say to make them go “gee, I really should reconsider this line of thinking”.

I don’t know what more I can do. I believe in encouraging people who are learning, and even have differences of opinion with. I have stated over and over again that I do not like going tit-for-tat with people I debate with. Instead I ask questions they cannot answer or bring up points they cannot counter by their opinions, hoping they realize the errors of their thinking. Most ignore these questions and points, so I have realized it is futile to debate them. I will still help people who have differences of opinion, but once they ignore these questions I ask, then that’s it. If they say anything like Israel is run by some satanic group, then I won’t even start with them. I run my site. They don’t, and for far too long they have been running it by having me counter their relentless stupidity when I would have gotten just as far by saying “blah blah blah”. For anyone offended at this decision, there are plenty of places on the web that placate stupidity which believe all debate is good that you can find. After too many experiences with stupidity here, I know better.

UPDATE: I just had to let this one comment by Luke in to corroborate what I said in this post. This is the guy I just stated prompted me to make this decision, and right on cue comes up with the comment below. I rest my case. By the way, you should have seen the two he wrote that I trashed. They make this comment I approved look like it was written by Stephen Hawking.


I sit here speechless seeing report after report of Christians targeted for murder throughout the Middle East while the supposed leaders in the Judeo-Christian world keep predictably silent. I say predictably because I have predicted dire things and how morality will be flipped upside down, and how certain people will be behind them while blurring the lines of any relationship or collaboration. With their hidden collaboration, the good guys are portrayed to be the bad guys, and the bad guys are the true victims. These predictions are sadly easy if you truly know your enemy.

Christianity predates Islam throughout the Middle East by centuries, including Arab countries, as does Judaism. The prophet Jonah was sent to Nineveh, which is in modern day Iraq. His tomb was just destroyed by ISIS, a terrorist group that President Obama LET fester and grow into what they have become. I am not worried about Jonah’s tomb much. He’s in heaven. He’s fine. I am worried and infuriated that ISIS is beheading Christians for not converting, leaving, or paying a tax and there is no opposition to them by supposed Christian leaders. The tax option is only a temporary stay on their lives, not a permanent insurance of their survival. Iraqi Christians have protested the silence of the Obama administration right at the White House. Among them was Nahren Anweya, who appeared on Hannity’s show this evening, and clearly was desperate for her fellow nation of faith in Christ. She was eloquent in speaking of the desperate situation her people are in, as well as with her criticism of the President and the Pope for their silence. The President might not like it, and certainly won’t admit it, but he was elected the president of a nation founded on Judeo-Christian principles. This is not up for debate, no matter how much scatterbrained marxists might try to turn the Founders into atheists. This is a Judeo-Christian nation, even though Obama denied this fact during a speech before Muslims shortly after first being elected.

His silence at the mass murder of Christians by MUSLIMS is predictable, and not even new. When Mubarak was forced to leave power, this administration along with their partnered and coordinated media all said the Muslim Brotherhood would never take over power in Egypt, and they were mostly secular people who would pick you up if you stumbled in the streets. Yes, this was actually said. I predicted the MB would come to power and that they would be supported by the White House because they serve the same master. Lo and behold, Christians are murdered in Egypt by the secular, neighbor-loving Muslim Brotherhood. When Christians protested that their churches and houses were being set on fire and their loved ones were being murdered, President Obama finally spoke out-against the Christian protesters. He said that they need to stop protesting and that they would not stand in the way of free and fair elections.

The MB won the elections and the targeting of Christians continued, including the shooting death of a ten year old girl named Jessy Bolus Issa on the streets of Egypt because she was a Christian. Remember Obama speaking of how sad her murder was? Neither do I, because he made no mention of her that I know of, and I looked. This precious girl is one of many, and there will be many more because Islam are the victims while those they are taught to kill by their very own book are the bad guys, especially if they defend themselves.

Hamas, an offshoot of the MB, started this latest violence with Israel for a reason. They knew Israel would be villainized by most of the world, even though they exist only to destroy Israel, and then all Jews and other infidels throughout the world afterward. That isn’t a characterization. It’s their own charter based on the Quran’s message to spread the faith by the sword. Hamas knows with certain hidden assurances that Israel would be the villain in this conflict, so it was time to light the fuse. On queue, Israel is portrayed as the villain for daring to protect themselves by nearly everyone with a platform. This was planned long ago.

This administration will always camouflage their animosity for Israel by opening each remark with “Israel has a right to defend itself, BUT….” Time after time, marxist dems from this administration, as well as Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi mischaracterize what is going on there to push the narrative that Hamas is merely the victim and making Israel out to be the aggressors. They know who butters their bread, and his name is… you know who! He is the one making sure these things are put forth because once the world comes crashing down, Israel I guarantee will be the scapegoat, even though the collapse is by design.

It doesn’t matter how Hamas has spoken openly about making sure innocent people, including children are killed to protect their leaders and weapons. The younger, the better. They depend on our world having flipped right and wrong upside down, or else they wouldn’t even exist. Instead they have assurances by world government marxist revolutionaries that they will be portrayed as people who are just doing what they need to do, even only what they CAN do because they are just desperate people wanting to survive in order to murder the infidels. And now thanks to the power of this age, they have it.

Marxists have long planned to remold the world nearer to their heart’s desire by burning it down first. There is a long history of marxists and Islamists working together, and marxists were very influential in the Arab Spring. Rallies in the Arab world were even named the same as marxist rallies decades ago, such as “The Day of Rage”. As marxist revolutions showed time and time again, if there are Jews available, then they must be the scapegoats because evil people will hate God’s people. It’s in their souls. Their partnership is clear and their goal is the same- global dominance. The crash of the world is imminent, but marxists will make sure that others are to blame. They cannot be blamed for fulfilling their own plans or else the mindless world would not listen to the solutions of the problems they purposely caused. When the time is right, Israel will be forced to act in an extraordinary way to protect itself, then that will do it. The world already being against Israel will move against Israel, just as the Bible says. Weird how people who mock Christians for their faith are fulfilling the very Word they mock.

For my so-called Christian friends who say the current land of Israel is not the real Israel, but are instead some incarnation of evil, your heads are so full of manure that its fumes are visible coming out of your ears. Nevermind that Hosea prophesied in 6:2 that Israel will be restored on the third day, and it came true (a day to God is a thousand years and Israel was re-established after 2500 years). Nevermind he was among the northern tribes taken into Assyria, so you can’t use that “real Jews” line. Look at how the Muslims attack Israel. Are they holy to God? Look at how marxists attack Israel. Are they holy to God? Look at how the UN attacks Israel. Are they holy to God? Look at how the world blames Israel. Are they holy to God? Look at how the Obama administration and other dems attack Israel. Are they holy to God? Satan would not be divided against himself, so people of Satan would not be attacking Israel if they too are of Satan. You are the biggest fools out there. Rightly did David say of you in Psalm 129:5 “Let them all be CONFOUNDED and turned back that hate Zion.” Stay confounded, for God smells the stench emanating from your dung-filled skulls.

For you Christians who are in harm’s way, I am heartened by your dedication, and you are not absent in my prayers. I am sorry that you are going through these terrible things, but you are merely the first among us. You won’t be alone. You aren’t even alone now. We have the Lord with us. Our faith will be relentlessly attacked, for it is written it will be so. I know you know this. Not until the very end of this age will evil stop attacking Christians and Israel, because it has begun. The tribulation hasn’t started, but the struggle has. Own the words Jesus gave to the church of Smyrna in Revelation 2:10. You may not be of the church of Smyrna, but take Him in saying to keep your faith unto death. Jesus will reward you far beyond the pain He allowed you to receive, and will avenge you forever. Remember, we become martyrs for dying for our faith. They become martyrs for murdering for theirs. May God bless you and keep you in the name of the true Lord Jesus Christ. May all bless Him and His only begotten Son in return!

Here we go…