Because of the traditional teaching of men, most people assume that when the Bible speaks of going to heaven, then that equates it with everlasting life. They also assume since in the New Testament when it says one must go through Christ to have everlasting life, that they can’t get to heaven without going through Christ as well. Don’t be so quick as to make these assumptions. Why would God send a soul to a bad place after their death when they were unaware of Christ or didn’t have much of a chance to make that choice? Answer is He wouldn’t. God wouldn’t punish a soul for that. God does speak of innocence and how He does not punish those who are not held accountable for what they don’t know.

After this age ends, which is when Jesus returns, there is a new age to begin. Proof of that is in Matthew 24:3 when the disciples privily ask Jesus what the signs of His coming and the end of the world are. That word “world” really isn’t world at all. In the original Greek, the word there is “αίων” (ah-KHEE-own) which really means age. The disciples were not only asking for the signs of the end of the age, but were also saying when Jesus returns that ends this age. There is a whole thousand year period written of in Revelation 20 where Jesus and His saints reign on Earth while Satan is imprisoned in the bottomless pit, right? It’s been there the whole time. Why do men forsake this writing? Once that millennium is over, Satan is loosened from his prison to deceive the world once again. Once that period of temptation is over, then that age ends as well. THEN the books are opened. THEN judgment is given. Not beforehand. Read without the influence of men and see that I’m right on this.

Paul discussed in Romans 2:12-29 that Gentiles who were ignorant of Moses’ laws were still in effect judged by them. The law of loving your neighbor falls on everyone, wise and naive of the Word. Those ignorant of Jesus and God’s laws are still judged by loving one’s neighbor because God has written that law in all of our hearts, but many compromise that law. No excuse to not abide by that law.

So what is the next age for? A last chance? For those who were not given the opportunity to make the right choice? To reward those who made the right choice? All of the above are correct. That isn’t everlasting life though. That’s not eternal. Someone who has lived an evil life will have punishment after their death unless they repent. This is beyond a doubt, but that too is temporary. It is only those who at the end of this age who choose wrongly despite them knowing who the real God and Christ are that will be punished forever. After the earthquake which takes place after the two witnesses are taken into heaven, the whole world gives glory to God-at least temporarily. This is the lifting of the spirit of slumber. No excuses after that.

Jesus said that heaven shall pass away, but His words will not. Heaven shall pass away- everlasting life. These two conflict directly. Heaven as it stands now is just a temporary resting place for those souls God finds worthy of it. As revealed in the book of Enoch, before Jesus’ defeat of death, people were divided into three crevices within the Earth. After His defeat of death, the kingdom of heaven as we know it opened.

Everyone either in this age or the next must choose Christ in order to have everlasting life. At the end of this age, everyone will know Jesus is the Messiah and that the Bible is genuine. The elect of this age will be kings and queens in the next one. They will be charged with preparing those who still need to make a choice to make the right one at the end of the next age, as well as getting the rewards they deserve. For those who make the right choice in this age or the next one, they will have everlasting life. For those who make the wrong choice in the next age, they will have everlasting punishment.

So when someone comes to you and says “what if a person lived a good life but wasn’t a Christian, can they still get to heaven?”, now you have an answer. Everyone though, will at some point have to choose Jesus whether it’s this age or the next one, but everyone will know what the right choice is. It will be up to them to show some strength and make the right choice instead of choosing the one that plays on their temptations masterfully.



  1. David says:

    Do you think an atheist can still get into Heaven? One that knows about the bible but refuses to have any interest but yet lives as a good person? It makes sense end result is choosing Jesus whether it be during the end of tribulation or the millennium but for those that died throughout the generations, outside the remnant, how does God know one would choose Jesus if put in one of these positions? The worthy ones must have done something in this life, outside the remnant. You also mentioned how a person can get themselves to a point where it’s nearly impossible to fail. Taking Ananias and Sapphira from Acts as an example I believe you said they failed but is this permanent? Is this type of failing same as a sin and can forgiven?

    • Jesse Norman says:

      Romans 2, Paul said that those who did not have the law were judged by the law written in their hearts. He spoke of Gentiles who had no knowledge of the laws given to and by Moses, so the law they were judged by was to love their neighbor as they love themselves. Heaven isn’t the goal, though. It’s everlasting life, and one has to go through Christ for that. The next age will finish the judgment of this creation, and those who weren’t determined to be accepted into the everlasting kingdom that God decides to give another chance to will make their final choice at the end of the millennium. The failure of Ananias and Sapphira was about as complete as it gets. They received the Holy Spirit and then immediately rejected it. Jesus said those that offend the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven in this age, or the age to come. Afterwards, who knows? Prophets who defy God will receive everlasting life, but not much more.

  2. David says:

    Reading more on those two it seems that after what took place that day they no longer went by faith alone. Is this true? I’m sure the Holy Spirit could reveal things to a person but they would still be going by faith. It seems for them they knew for certain what they were doing and still did it. This could be why Jesus said it’s a blessing to go by faith alone because you cannot blaspheme the Holy Spirit if your still going without seeing. Why did Jesus say you must become like this child in order to enter into Heaven in Matthew 18:3? Is it because a child trust their parents to provide for them without giving a moment of a thought on where food and such comes from and our Father wants trust like that? Lastly what does lasciviousness from Galatians 5:19 mean? Seems to have more than one meaning when I look into it.

    • Jesse Norman says:

      What Ananias and Sapphira did was to reject the Holy Spirit they welcomed. They spoke in tongues and was moved within their soul by the Holy Spirit to sell their items and give all proceeds to the cause. They decided to keep some and lie about it, as you know. It was more a matter of free will than anything that allowed them to reject the Holy Spirit. Their earthly desires trumped living up to their word after receiving the Holy Spirit. The blessing simply means that people believe in Him without seeing anything, thus receiving through the Holy Spirit the fact Jesus is Lord. What they do after is up to them. This goes for those who truly believe. Not those who say they are Christians but disagree with many of God’s laws, like we have today. Being like a child is to admit there is a power greater than you and be willing to accept the rules given by our Father. “Lasciviousness” there and other places in the Greek was an umbrella term for sins dealing with wanton behavior, so it falls right in line with the previous sins listed before it in that verse.

  3. David says:

    You said there was an everlasting hell before and I recently seen in Acts 24:15 where Paul states there will be a resurrection of both just and unjust. The resurrection I’m assuming here is when everyone puts on incorruptible flesh bodies in 1st Corinthians 15. This does show the wicked will not be able to decay. My question is why will God send a soul to burn for an eternity in the lake of fire? Couldn’t He just erase them instead of eternal pain and punishment, it seems a bit much? This isn’t a matter of faith for me. I enjoy your post over the ‘ultimate humility’ and I don’t see how anyone could not believe after taking it in. Is it wrong to question why God would do something He does? Have you gotten a chance to check your email yet?

    • Jesse Norman says:

      No, haven’t been able to check gmail yet. My tablet is garbage now. I am able to check my aol only. Who knows what’s in my gmail. Maybe I have been offered millions in an international lottery and only need to send a few thousand to secure my winnings. I always miss out. Your take of what Paul wrote is accurate. As far as erasing the unjust as punishment goes, I doubt it. We are made out of the Holy Spirit, so we probably just can’t be erased. Existence is eternal. The punishment is very harsh, but so is murdering His faithful or not paying Him His due reverence for our existence, which is what the unjust will have done. Everyone has been given a chance from the betrayal of the first age, outside those that hunted down the infidels to the new god. They are not in the Book of Life. Everyone else is. His Son was a destined sacrifice due to the sin of the first age. Our creation, at least many, will receive a third chance in the next age. They have no excuses and no one is punished due to ignorance. Everyone will have a chance at knowing. That’s why the hour of temptation will begin when the mystery of God is finished. I appreciate the compliment.People see only what they want to see, until He makes them see.

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