1. Florence Vall says:

    Sometimes I thing Hell is here on earth. Since the secret of life with Christ is seperation from that right here and right now. Eternity has begun with everyone. Your Eternity where is the question. The great mystery or secret which I am SURE you understand. Luke 17:20 For the kingdom of God is within you. WOW and double WOW

  2. Florence Vall says:

    Oh yeah I just read that those people will see us with God loving him and loving others but we will not see them. They will be seperated..that is hell. Seperated from love. YUK I don’t wish that on anyone but they actaully choose it by their lives. They will just continue for eternity living in that wy they choose not to change. Hell. Burning desires for things and those things will never bring satisfaction. So much like Earth. Gritting of teeth out of anger and hatred and maybe out of realizing what you could of had. The worm that never dies…always wanting…always wanting… wanting.. wanting ..wanting. The leech has two daughters that cry more more.

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