I loved the movie “Raiders Of The Lost Ark”. The great thrillride of trying to achieve the most sought after religious artifact ever, and battling the Nazis at the same time. The third Indiana Jones movie “Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade” was another great one after another religious artifact, the cup of Christ. So where are these things? I’ll give you some answers before you don your leather jacket and bullwhip to look for them.

The ark of the covenant is nowhere on Earth. That’s that. Too brief? Okay, well I’ll elaborate. In Revelation 10:6 it says that the ark of His (God’s) testimony will be opened in heaven and there will be thunderings and such. Those are the same things associated with the opening of the ark of the covenant. The ark of God’s testimony and the ark of the covenant are the same thing. What is God’s testimony? The Ten Commandments. What is this testimony inside? The ark. So you can all now stop your searching. It will never be found because it’s not here. I have to tell you, that’s a pretty easy one.

The other thing is the Holy Grail: the cup of Christ. As it is written, Jesus says anyone who drinks from this cup will have everlasting life. Again, this one is really pretty darn easy. He’s saying anyone who believes He was the Christ and died for our sins that they will have everlasting life. Notice He didn’t say “heaven”. You can read the blog “There Is A Difference Between Heaven And Everlasting Life” for more on that. There is no mug around somewhere you can find and drink that will allow you to be human forever. Sorry, it doesn’t exist. Jesus also broke bread and said “this is My body”. Was the bread pieces of His skin for the disciples to eat? Of course not. That’s sick. Neither was He saying if someone drinks from that cup that they live forever. All the disciples there drank from the cup. They’re all dead, but have everlasting life. Yep, pretty darn easy folks.


  1. Anthony says:

    Why were the Jews shocked with the teaching of eating His flesh in John 6? why didn’t Jesus correct them? why does Paul suggest examination of oneself prior to partaking of the Body and Blood of Jesus in 1 cor 11? He who does not “discern the body brings condemnation upon himself…”

    Albuquerque, nm

    • Jesse Norman says:

      Jesus could only go so far with what He told those that were not His disciples. He gave reason why He could only speak in parables to the congregation, saying because they didn’t have eyes and ears for understanding. If He spoke openly to them, they would be fully accountable for what they were taught. He spoke mysteriously for their benefit.

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