Today many people who profess themselves as great teachers of Christ teach their students a watered down version of God’s word. Many of our most prominent teachers do this. It makes them money, afterall, to speak everything in a positive manner. Like bad things don’t come to evildoers and since parishoners have money, they can’t be chastized for the sins they commit. Teaching that God is basically a passivist who’s going to reward just about all of mankind. Teaching to raise the ego of people to think they are empowered and destined for greatness. As a true member of the election of grace I can say this is foolhearty. Not everybody has a destiny. As a matter of fact, by far most people don’t have a destiny. This may not be something many Christians would like to hear but it’s true. You most likely don’t have a destiny. God does have a plan for you, but for most it’s up to you to carry it out.

Nearly everyone is here to just do one thing. Making a choice. That’s it, however once that choice is made, then there are the works. Will you live by His ordinances? Will you be a shining example to those who might look into Christianity, or will you turn them away? Jesus accused the Pharisees and scribes of not only ensuring their sentence to damnation, but also making it difficult for others to find righteousness. Too many Christians do this today. Live by the Word and never compromise with it, but forgive-not condemn the sinner.

I’m afraid this generation will have so many people thinking they’re either escaping the tribulation or they built their spiritual strength with milquetoast teaching that they will be utterly unprepared and will have no idea what to do when the most convincing one will do his best to help them fail. It’s time to wake up. We’re at the door! Everyone better be prepared and have a grasp of how hard indeed it will be in the last days. It’s called the worst period of time in this world’s, not age’s history for a reason, and there won’t be a worse time afterward. Ever really truly wonder what it was like for Jews in Europe in the ’30s and ’40s? War gripped nearly the entire world. The people in London were hiding in subways from the blitzkrieg. Imagine all of that and think of the weapons of today. Think of the global interest in the world today. All it would take is the snapping of a twig to send this entire world into chaos the likes you can’t imagine. The only thing you can do is prepare yourselves with God’s real word and make sure you do not fail Him and your very own soul. What are you going to do when the tribulation starts and you’re still here thinking you were supposed to be raptured and realize your teachers have failed you? How far a drop will your faith take? Satan’s counting on that. Ezekial 13:20 speaks against teachers who teach their flock how to fly. That can only mean teachers who teach their flock the rapture. What else would it mean? That’s why it says time and time again in the NT to prepare yourself. Read the blog “Will There Be A Rapture” and get your head out of thinking you get to fly away while those God chose as his prophets of the last generation have to be here.

Feeling empowered today will only allow you to have a bigger fall when things go wrong. Humble yourselves. Don’t think “God has my back and nothing can happen to me.” That surely can happen if you are faithful to Him, His Son, and His ordinances. If you work hard with a meek spirit, there is nothing He won’t be willing to do for you. You better read and prepare yourselves to make your own decision of who to follow. To you it may sound like an easy choice now, but I promise you it’s going to be the toughest thing you will ever have to do. Don’t smile and think you’re floating through the air when it comes to God’s word. Be determined to get to know the book beyond what your teachers teach you, no matter the denomination. As it’s written in Revelation 2-3, only two churches of Christ Jesus has no fault in, and they don’t even exist yet. Every denomination of the church of Christ has failed Him and has failed you with doctrines. Read on your own. I’m not saying do not attend church. It’s good if you go to church, but read and study on your own. You are responsible for your own soul.



Once one of the election of grace (or God’s elect) gains in wisdom, they see the wrongs in perceptions of God’s word and His ways. They also wish to correct those who’ve been taught things that are so wrong they cannot fathom how people believe in what they believe. Correcting wrongs has to be done with delicacy, because there is a danger of revealing things that should not be revealed to most eyes and ears. God has given everyone but the election of grace the spirit of slumber, where eyes and ears do not perceive. At the very most there can only be seven thousand of the election of grace on Earth today. It’s written in Romans 11 that God reserved to Himself 7000 men (and women) for the last generation. Paul states on his own that some have lived who were of the election of grace but there are seven thousand that are reserved for the last generation. There will be more of God’s elect living in the last generation than at any time in this age’s history because of their importance. God’s election isn’t every Christian like many teachers like to teach. The number of them is written right there, isn’t it? It’s there for a reason.

Jesus was asked by His disciples why He speaks to everyone else in parables. Jesus said to them that because of who the people are He cannot speak openly so He speaks in parables. Only to the disciples can He speak openly to. The reason was because they were of the election of grace. He was able to tell them everything. In a previous blog I pointed out that in Matthew 24:3 when the disciples privily came to Jesus asking for the signs of His coming and the end of the world, that the word “world” really in the original Greek is the word “αίων” (ah-KHEE-own). Αίων means “age”, not world. They were not asking for signs of the end of the world, but the end of the age instead, which Revelation 20 gives context to. How did they even know to ask for signs of the end of the age? Because Jesus taught them about the ages of our creation.

Being one of the election of grace, I would like to reveal everything on God’s word, but I cannot. Only after the blowing of the seventh trump will God’s mystery be finished. That is when the spirit of slumber is lifted so this creation can have the best choice possible. At that time all will know who Satan is and know God’s word is true, but with Satan’s ability to prey on every human weakness that will be multiplied at that time will it be such a difficult choice. When Jesus returns, no human will be judged upon permanently except for those who make the right choice. Read the blog “There Is A Difference Between Heaven And Everlasting Life” and see what I mean by that.

It’s tough to know what is right and what God really means on things but having to hold it back. If one of God’s elect decides to share everything they know, people will not react to it in a positive way. There will be this uncontrollable reflex to reject it even if they wanted to believe it. They’d say “how can you go against the interpretations of hundreds of years by thousands of men? What makes you think you’re right and all of them are wrong?” That kind of conversation will get nobody anywhere. Centuries ago people would be chastized at the very least for heresy for simply going against accepted church doctrines. Prophets were killed for doing just that. The prophets were right and the murderers and true heretics were wrong, but one prophet is but one prophet. Going against the grain amongst thousands of people is perceived as wrong to the thousands of people.

If this is the last generation then there are 6999 others on Earth at this time. Many have not answered their call as of yet, but they will. They have to. God will not let them fail. They may not give all of the answers you seek, but have faith in why they cannot. Don’t be discouraged as to why God has given you the spirit of slumber. He is God and He has His reasons. Have faith in that as well. Gain in wisdom and faith, which everyone is allowed to do, so you can make the best choice when that choice is brought to you. If this generation is the last one, then the only way to avoid that choice and the hardships of the Tribulation Period is by death alone. There is no rapture, but for the elect.


The mystery of God’s elect, or the election of grace is a complex one. Some feel that every Christian is one of God’s elect. This is foolish. How can a person that chose Christ say that God chose them? That’s what God’s elect means. God’s chosen. The election of grace happened before this age started, even before the days of Adam. Grace is an act of God. The election of grace is the name of the people God chose before the foundation of this age. Simple as that. In Romans 11, Paul reiterates that the final generation will have seven thousand of these people. Paul states on his own that some have lived that were of the election of grace, but in the last generation there will be 7000. There will be more of God’s elect in the last generation than at anytime in this age’s history, because of the last generation’s importance. So anyone thinking that every Christian is someone God chose is not accurate.

Jesus says that many are called but few are chosen. The chosen, being the election of grace, are also called. The difference is that the election of grace, no matter how hardheaded they are, will have to answer their call at some point. The call came for me when I was about to turn 25. Not sure the reason for that, but maybe it’s because that’s when I ceased being a young adult and became a full-fledged adult. God allowed me to live my life for a period of time with restrictions, but then I had a job to do. There are things that the elect aren’t allowed to do even before they are called.

The gifts the elect receive from their birth are bits and pieces of knowledge. They not only know God exists, but they know who He is. They know who the Messiah is. They know the Bible is genuinely God’s word. No matter how strong someone’s faith may be, only the election of grace absolutely know. They just don’t have the proof until after they answer their call.

If one of God’s elect refuses to answer their call, God will grind them down to a powder, figuratively speaking. God will make them humble if they refuse to humble themselves and there is nothing He’s not willing to do. This doesn’t only mean His call for them to read. Jonah disobeyed God and was punished. In this generation, this may be the case with many of God’s elect. They may be prophets just like Paul, Ezekial, Daniel, Isaiah, and others, but they are human beings living in the worst generation in this age’s history- a froward and selfish generation. It may take time to separate the mindset of this generation from them, but eventually it will happen.

The job of God’s elect is to not make a choice, like with just about everyone else. They cannot falter. They are not allowed to bow to another. They are not allowed to be convinced to follow false christs and prophets. God will not let them. Even the most convincing of them, the False Prophet and Satan will not be able to convince the elect of anything that everyone for at least a moment will. Read Matthew 24. It’s not possible for the elect to be deceived. The job for the elect is to help those who need to make a choice make the right one. Such a great weight upon their shoulders for the sakes of the people of the last generation to help save souls so God does not have to send them to Hell.

As I’ve written before, there is an age after this one. One that will last a little more than a thousand years. It’s all written there and made clear in the original Greek. Many times when the word “world” is written in the NT, that word in the original Greek is “αίων” (ah-KHEE-own), which really means age, as is the case in Matthew 24:3. Even though they are only here to help this creation, they will be hated by many. Once one of the elect reaches to a point of great wisdom and their appointed Pentecost Day comes, everyone will know who the election of grace are. Will you let them show you the way to salvation, or will you have antipathy towards them when they tell you what you’re doing is wrong? At the end, will you be divided to the right or the left of Jesus? That’s up to you.


That’s a question that has perplexed man for centuries. Even moreso now does this question come up. Some of the answers from paranoid speculators are pretty funny. No, it’s not President Bush. The Bible does give clues as to who the Antichrist will be and what his origin will be. Don’t just look at a world figure you don’t like and say “AHA!” That’s just dumb. Try actually reading for once.

In Daniel chapters 2 and 7 it reveals the origin of the Antichrist. It says the fourth kingdom to come will be diverse from the others. Their reign will not last forever but there will be a revival of this empire. Nowhere does it actually say revival but it mentions how this kingdom will reform. The fourth kingdom that took over Israel was the Roman Empire, so the Antichrist will come from the revival of this Roman Empire.

Many speculate that the European Union is this revival of the Roman Empire. I happen to agree with that speculation. This revival will have ten kings, which means countries. Then the eleventh country from this revival of the Roman Empire will be diverse from the others. This is where the Antichrist will come from. It says the prince of that nation will speak great things against the Almighty. If the speculators are correct, then it will be the eleventh nation to join the European Union. The eleventh is a little foggy because Spain and Portugal both came in at the same time. So which one will it be if this is true? The eleventh nation, according to prophecy, will bring in three more. Spain had a big hand in bringing the next three countries. Madrid is also where a lot of the power of the EU lies.

So if the speculators are correct, then the Antichrist will have to come from the nation of Spain. Many wise Christians believe it is King Juan Carlos, but I have reason to believe it is not him, which I will get to. It’s certainly not President Bush, Barack Obama, Rupert Murdoch, Bill Clinton, or Spongebob Squarepants. It has to be a person from Europe, even if the EU isn’t what Daniel’s prophecy speaks of, and it has to be from the eleventh nation of this rising empire.

There are other clues in the Bible about the Antichrist. One is that his name will fit the six-six-six number. It does say it is the number of his name. Six letters in each his first, middle, and last name.

Also the Bible subtly gives a time when he would be born. Jesus said that Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the Gentiles until their times be fulfilled (Luke 21:24). He gave more signs of the end and said this generation shall not pass away until all things be done. That happened in 1967 after Israel rightfully took back the rest of Jerusalem. The Antichrist would have to be born sometime after that.

Now what will be the role of the Antichrist? The Antichrist is a human being with the spirit of Satan inside him. Halfway through the tribulation the Antichrist will die. Yes, he will die. It will happen in a war with a wound to the head. Three days later he will seemingly rise again. Nearly all will be in awe, except for the 7000 members of the election of grace. He rises again after Satan gives him back his life. Satan will also be kicked down to earth with his nephilim (fallen [plural] in Hebrew). The Beast will have three and a half years of trying to convince everyone to accept him as their god. To simply just say you’re going to know he’s not will not prepare you for how convincing he will be or how needy you will be. It will feel like you need to accept him as your god just to stay alive and be better off. He, along with his fallen angels will play on every magnified human weakness that will be exposed during the events of the tribulation period. Jesus says in Matthew 24 that he and others will be so convincing that only the election of grace will not be convinced for at least a moment. The election of grace are not allowed to be swayed or convinced. Everyone else for at least a period of time will be inclined to.