The mystery of God’s elect, or the election of grace is a complex one. Some feel that every Christian is one of God’s elect. This is foolish. How can a person that chose Christ say that God chose them? That’s what God’s elect means. God’s chosen. The election of grace happened before this age started, even before the days of Adam. Grace is an act of God. The election of grace is the name of the people God chose before the foundation of this age. Simple as that. In Romans 11, Paul reiterates that the final generation will have seven thousand of these people. Paul states on his own that some have lived that were of the election of grace, but in the last generation there will be 7000. There will be more of God’s elect in the last generation than at anytime in this age’s history, because of the last generation’s importance. So anyone thinking that every Christian is someone God chose is not accurate.

Jesus says that many are called but few are chosen. The chosen, being the election of grace, are also called. The difference is that the election of grace, no matter how hardheaded they are, will have to answer their call at some point. The call came for me when I was about to turn 25. Not sure the reason for that, but maybe it’s because that’s when I ceased being a young adult and became a full-fledged adult. God allowed me to live my life for a period of time with restrictions, but then I had a job to do. There are things that the elect aren’t allowed to do even before they are called.

The gifts the elect receive from their birth are bits and pieces of knowledge. They not only know God exists, but they know who He is. They know who the Messiah is. They know the Bible is genuinely God’s word. No matter how strong someone’s faith may be, only the election of grace absolutely know. They just don’t have the proof until after they answer their call.

If one of God’s elect refuses to answer their call, God will grind them down to a powder, figuratively speaking. God will make them humble if they refuse to humble themselves and there is nothing He’s not willing to do. This doesn’t only mean His call for them to read. Jonah disobeyed God and was punished. In this generation, this may be the case with many of God’s elect. They may be prophets just like Paul, Ezekial, Daniel, Isaiah, and others, but they are human beings living in the worst generation in this age’s history- a froward and selfish generation. It may take time to separate the mindset of this generation from them, but eventually it will happen.

The job of God’s elect is to not make a choice, like with just about everyone else. They cannot falter. They are not allowed to bow to another. They are not allowed to be convinced to follow false christs and prophets. God will not let them. Even the most convincing of them, the False Prophet and Satan will not be able to convince the elect of anything that everyone for at least a moment will. Read Matthew 24. It’s not possible for the elect to be deceived. The job for the elect is to help those who need to make a choice make the right one. Such a great weight upon their shoulders for the sakes of the people of the last generation to help save souls so God does not have to send them to Hell.

As I’ve written before, there is an age after this one. One that will last a little more than a thousand years. It’s all written there and made clear in the original Greek. Many times when the word “world” is written in the NT, that word in the original Greek is “αίων” (ah-KHEE-own), which really means age, as is the case in Matthew 24:3. Even though they are only here to help this creation, they will be hated by many. Once one of the elect reaches to a point of great wisdom and their appointed Pentecost Day comes, everyone will know who the election of grace are. Will you let them show you the way to salvation, or will you have antipathy towards them when they tell you what you’re doing is wrong? At the end, will you be divided to the right or the left of Jesus? That’s up to you.



  1. Florence Vall says:

    Yes, I know I am an elect. I know for a fact. I read Mathew 24 and read and know exactly what IF THAT WERE POSSIBLE means. Its NOT possible. Oh, yeah did I ever get grinded. Did I ever know at a very young age. KNEW I knew I was different and why do I have to be here. I do not want to be here. I have a purpose. I am so obedient now and so willing to be used and it is so awesome.

    P.S. Love that you do not charge money. I love it.


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