Today many people who profess themselves as great teachers of Christ teach their students a watered down version of God’s word. Many of our most prominent teachers do this. It makes them money, afterall, to speak everything in a positive manner. Like bad things don’t come to evildoers and since parishoners have money, they can’t be chastized for the sins they commit. Teaching that God is basically a passivist who’s going to reward just about all of mankind. Teaching to raise the ego of people to think they are empowered and destined for greatness. As a true member of the election of grace I can say this is foolhearty. Not everybody has a destiny. As a matter of fact, by far most people don’t have a destiny. This may not be something many Christians would like to hear but it’s true. You most likely don’t have a destiny. God does have a plan for you, but for most it’s up to you to carry it out.

Nearly everyone is here to just do one thing. Making a choice. That’s it, however once that choice is made, then there are the works. Will you live by His ordinances? Will you be a shining example to those who might look into Christianity, or will you turn them away? Jesus accused the Pharisees and scribes of not only ensuring their sentence to damnation, but also making it difficult for others to find righteousness. Too many Christians do this today. Live by the Word and never compromise with it, but forgive-not condemn the sinner.

I’m afraid this generation will have so many people thinking they’re either escaping the tribulation or they built their spiritual strength with milquetoast teaching that they will be utterly unprepared and will have no idea what to do when the most convincing one will do his best to help them fail. It’s time to wake up. We’re at the door! Everyone better be prepared and have a grasp of how hard indeed it will be in the last days. It’s called the worst period of time in this world’s, not age’s history for a reason, and there won’t be a worse time afterward. Ever really truly wonder what it was like for Jews in Europe in the ’30s and ’40s? War gripped nearly the entire world. The people in London were hiding in subways from the blitzkrieg. Imagine all of that and think of the weapons of today. Think of the global interest in the world today. All it would take is the snapping of a twig to send this entire world into chaos the likes you can’t imagine. The only thing you can do is prepare yourselves with God’s real word and make sure you do not fail Him and your very own soul. What are you going to do when the tribulation starts and you’re still here thinking you were supposed to be raptured and realize your teachers have failed you? How far a drop will your faith take? Satan’s counting on that. Ezekial 13:20 speaks against teachers who teach their flock how to fly. That can only mean teachers who teach their flock the rapture. What else would it mean? That’s why it says time and time again in the NT to prepare yourself. Read the blog “Will There Be A Rapture” and get your head out of thinking you get to fly away while those God chose as his prophets of the last generation have to be here.

Feeling empowered today will only allow you to have a bigger fall when things go wrong. Humble yourselves. Don’t think “God has my back and nothing can happen to me.” That surely can happen if you are faithful to Him, His Son, and His ordinances. If you work hard with a meek spirit, there is nothing He won’t be willing to do for you. You better read and prepare yourselves to make your own decision of who to follow. To you it may sound like an easy choice now, but I promise you it’s going to be the toughest thing you will ever have to do. Don’t smile and think you’re floating through the air when it comes to God’s word. Be determined to get to know the book beyond what your teachers teach you, no matter the denomination. As it’s written in Revelation 2-3, only two churches of Christ Jesus has no fault in, and they don’t even exist yet. Every denomination of the church of Christ has failed Him and has failed you with doctrines. Read on your own. I’m not saying do not attend church. It’s good if you go to church, but read and study on your own. You are responsible for your own soul.



  1. Florence Vall says:

    There is scripture that says I do NOT need a teacher. I feel that way. I study on my own. I write papers on all the areas I want to understand more and have God’s Spirit change my heart. God reveals his secrets to me that are so easily seen to those who want it. It is like its in your face and they don’t see it. They just don’t get it. The churches today are terrifying but I go because I want to love and share my love. Oh, yes most “Christians” today would not even recognize Jesus if He was standing next to them. LOVE LOVE LOVE Choose this way and forsake all the rest. Your choice or ELSE you will be in the room with the rest of the people who think and do like you do forever. I am NOT going in that room. NO WAY I choose God and God is love and Christ is love and His Holy Spirit is love in me. YEAH

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