What God sees as a saint is far different than what men do. For some reason men have raised standards for sainthood far past God’s standards. To become a saint in God’s eyes all a person has to do is have their faith in Jesus to a point that they can never go back on it. Everyone who dies with their faith is a saint. Everyone. There are many, many saints upon this Earth right now. As is written in Ephesians 1:1, there were saints in Ephesus Paul wrote to. Those were just people who accepted Christ fully in their hearts and humbled themselves before their Lord, not people who brought fire out of the sky or healed the lame by having a missing limb grow back. In Revelation 20 which is about the next age after Jesus returns, Jesus will reign on Earth with His saints for a thousand years. That is everyone who in this life and beforehand has made the right choice reaping their rewards and being with their loved ones, at least those who made the right choice. Jesus said that no one on earth is better than anyone in heaven. If there was one saint on Ephesus, then obviously all those that died as Christians are also saints.

So why do the standards of men far outreach the standards of God? An incredible amount of conceit, that’s why. That’s also why most teachers feel God’s elect are people who just chose Christ, even though the term is GOD’S elect. God’s choice, not man’s. Such highmindedness and self-empowerment is not what God wants us to have. To set standards higher than God’s isn’t something that makes God happy. That’s like saying to a soul that has done great things in the eyes of God “you can be His saint, but you’re not worthy of being one of ours.” I’d rather be one of God’s saints than a saint in the eyes of men anyway.