Even though people widely accept that Jesus, our Saviour was born on or close to December 25th, this is not really the case. When Jesus was born, it is written there were shepherds tending to their flocks at night. This would have only been done during the Harvest Moon. That would be right around late September. What the significance of December 25th is that it may have been the date Jesus was conceived by God. It would have been right around that time in order for Him to be born right at the time of the Harvest Moon, so there is some significance of this date. This is the real miracle, right? Not the virgin birth, but the conception of a virgin. If a virgin is pregnant, she’s going to give birth. The miracle may have happened on December 25th, but Jesus was not born anywhere around that date.  Just one of those things Christians should know.

Many intellectuals claim that Christians stole Christmas from the pagans and took the tradition of decorating the tree from them also. That is only partly correct. The pagans did decorate their winter holiday trees, but they also worshipped them. Christians do not worship the trees they set up and decorate. Christians also give gifts to loved ones traditionally to honor what the three wise men did when they brought the baby Jesus gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Maybe many of them have lost the idea of that, but that’s how the tradition started. The claim that this was taken from pagan tradition is not true.

Just thought it would be a good idea to set a couple of things straight as the anniversary of the conception of Christ comes. Merry Christmas everyone, and have a happy New Year. God bless.