“Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it” is a famous quote from philosopher George Santayana. It’s one of my favorite quotes because there’s not much more true of a saying. Many years ago, people from around the world hated the Jews. The US wasn’t the great superpower it is now, so they didn’t get the blame they do now. The Jews were to blame for all of their woes. The economic crisis was continuing throughout the world, not just in our country. It’s an old human philosophy. When things go wrong, blame someone else. Europeans looked at how the Jews were living and that fueled their anger, plus marxist leaders made the Jews the scapegoats. The Catholic religion also didn’t help things by their mantra that the Jews killed Jesus. Any true Christian knows that our creation killed Jesus, not the Jews. Christ lived in order to die innocently for the remission of sins and open the kingdom of heaven. The passion plays added even more fuel to the fire. Hatred engulfed Europe. First it started with horrible things said here and there about the Jews. Then there was violence. It didn’t start with Hitler and the Nazis. There was violence against the Jews before the Nazis in Europe.

Hitler used his passion and charisma to unite Germany with their hatred. With furious anger he spoke to the hearts of many Germans. One man in the world saw Hitler as a threat. Winston Churchill tried to unite the world to nip Hitler and the Nazi movement in the bud. No one listened, even those in our country. To try to escape the hatred of the Nazis, many Jews tried to flee in a ship named the SS St Louis. They looked around the world for a place to give them sanctuary. They were denied time and time again. They were even denied by the United States. They had to go back. It’s unclear how many of the 937 passengers wound up dying, but it was by far most of them. I would say that should have been a lesson learned, but sending hundreds of Jews back to death I wouldn’t dignify by calling it a lesson. The lesson that should have been learned is to not let such a thing happen to the Jews again. We’ve all heard that time and time again by those who claim they have learned from history saying “we won’t let it happen again. We’ll stop it before it starts”.

The holocaust of six million Jews pointed out that the Jews needed a land of their own. Israel was established in 1948. Israel was the land of the Jews 2500 years ago. Before Palestinians inhabited this land, it belonged to the Jews. In 1967, Arab neighbors gathered to attack Israel. Israel demolished their enemies in the Six Day War. They also took back some of their former land, including the rest of Jerusalem and the Gaza strip. Since then, Israel has had to endure terrorist attacks from Palestinians and other Arabs. There was Munich in ‘72, which looks like some anarchist Germans helped with. There were bombings done by the PLO and their founder Yasser Arafat. Arafat became a Palestinian hero for terrorism against Israel. The world would applaud him years later by giving him a Nobel Peace Prize. Arafat would also show his appreciation to the Palestinian people by robbing them of millions.

We’ve had a handful of terrorist attacks upon the United States. Israel has them happen nearly on a constant basis. The enemies of Israel nearly encompass them as well as being within their border. Hamas and Hezbollah both exist for one reason: to kill or force out every Jew and bring about a sole Palestinian state. Their purpose is to erase the existence of Israel. In the recently handed over territory of Gaza they elected Hamas to run their government. Syria pushes its will upon Lebanon to also threaten Israel with the help of Iran. Iran’s puppet leader calls for the destruction of Israel whenever a mic is put in front of his face. Whenever Israel responds to a threat or attack, the world unites against Israel for protecting itself. With this latest incursion by the Israeli government, the world unites in protest. A Muslim woman at a protest in Fort Lauderdale was videotaped shouting to Jews “go back to the oven”. This is becoming more and more acceptable. That old hatred hasn’t gone away. Instead it has festered like a bomb clocking down to zero. Anyone can stick their head in the sand and not hear the hatred, but it doesn’t mean it’s not there. Within our country that hatred exists. We won’t let it happen again? We’ll stop it before it starts? Open your eyes. It’s starting now.


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