One of the more confusing plagues written of in Revelation is the plague of the locusts who will have power for five months to torment men, except the 144,000 Israelites who have the seal of God upon their foreheads. The key to solving a good portion of this mystery is who they are led by. Apollyon or Abaddon means “destroyer”, but is really another name for the Devil and Satan. Satan when he fell took a third of the angels of God with him. These locusts are really the fallen angels. Their master is the Destroyer.

Their power will last for five months. Those will be the last five months of this tribulation. They will not kill men, as it’s written men will wish for death due to this torment. Since Satan is the rider of the pale horse (his name is Death), Hell will follow him. Hell will be upon Earth. The fallen (nephilim in Hebrew) will use their powers of persuasion to take advantage of every human weakness, which will be magnified beyond imagination. They will tempt all to bow to their master at a time when everyone will know who he really is. The seventh trump will be blown and the mystery of God will be gone. These five months will be known as the hour of temptation.

God’s true elect will have been taken by that time (read of the church of Philadelphia). I strongly believe that the moment they “die” in the earthquake (Rev. 11:12-13, the same seven thousand reserved by God in Romans 11:4), the spirit of slumber will be lifted just a short time later. It does say the remnant will be frightened and will give glory to God. Remember, Jesus also said in the gospels that God will send His angels to gather His elect from all over Earth.

Of those 144,000 with the seals of God upon their foreheads, many believe they won’t necessarily be Jews. This is folly. They will all be Jews. John listed the tribes, did he not? Why mention them if they weren’t of those tribes. If you notice, the tribe of Dan will be replaced by the tribe of Manasseh. As is written in the Strong’s Concordance, this tribe of Manasseh is the son of Joseph. Joseph will have two tribes that are his descendants because his lot received a double portion for his sons Manasseh and Ephraim. Joseph was the greatest of the twelve sons of Jacob. Why the exclusion of Dan is because they were cursed by Jacob in a prophecy (Genesis 49:17). Each twelve thousand of these tribes will be here during the whole tribulation. They will prepare the way for their Lord’s coming. This plague of the fallen will not affect them in any way at all.

The true plague of the fallen, or locusts is how strong will your faith be then? I know now you can say “I won’t fail”, but obviously many will. The mystery will be gone so all will know what is right and what is wrong, and yet many will make the wrong decision. Don’t just say “yeah, I’ll be okay” and not take advantage of this time of peace to strengthen your faith before Hell falls upon Earth. This plague is to test your resolve. By death alone will you escape this plague, unless you are one of the 144,000 Jews with the seal of God upon their foreheads or are of the elect church of Philadelphia. Are you going to say “it’s not coming” and have it rush upon you like a great, powerful wave that tosses you round about at its will? Are you going to say “I’ll be gone because of the rapture” and then have your faith dashed because you thought you knew God’s word and realize your teachers have failed you? Or are you going to say “I’m going to strengthen myself and will make damn sure I will not fail my Lord God in heaven!”? The hourglass has turned. It’s time to get yourself ready for the hour to come.



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  2. Bob Eberly says:

    Eat the scroll GOD has given us . In other words read, STUDY to show yourself approved. This exam we will all be taking at the end time is not all that difficult but it sure is the most important one ever.
    Don’t worry there won’t be big monsters and the like, because GOD said to Satan touch not my elected,which if you do the above you’ll be safe.

    • Bob Eberly says:

      Again touch not my anointed Which reading and studying GODS word will bring you to being the anointed.

      • Jesse Norman says:

        Not every Christian is of the elect, thus not anointed. Most Christians are not of the elect. Read the page at the top “An Introduction To The Real Election Of Grace”. There are very, very few of the elect.

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