For centuries, that is a question that has plagued mankind. Are we ready for the end of the world? Are we in the latter days? In this blog I’m going to detail prophecies for you to use to help you with this question.

Prophets of doom have been around for centuries, telling their flock to get ready for Armageddon. Only until now though can these predictions really be intelligently made while using what is written in the Bible. Jesus Himself said when the people of Israel thought He was going to save them from Roman rule that Jerusalem will be under the control of the Gentiles until their time is fulfilled. After the time of the Gentiles, Israel and specifically Jerusalem would belong to the Israelites once again. He gave more signs of the end and said “this generation shall not pass till all things be fulfilled”. Jerusalem came under control of the Israelites in 1967.

Israel is the biggest component and indicator of the end times, but there isn’t going to be any “end of the world” stuff. When the disciples came to Jesus asking for signs of His return and the end of the world, that word “world” was mistranslated from the original Greek. If you’ve read my blogs before, you know I make this point often, but I feel it’s necessary to always clear this up. The Greek word for “world” is cosmos, but in Matthew 24:3 the word there is actually “αίων” (ah-KHEE-own) which means age, not world.  As a matter of fact, everytime the phrase “end of the world” shows up in the NT, the original Greek word was “αίων”. When Jesus returns, that ends this age. Armageddon isn’t the last worldly battle before the end of the world because there won’t be any end of the world. Read Revelation 20 keeping in mind all the while that when Jesus returns that He ends this age only, and it will finally make sense for you. No one can make sense of Revelation 20 unless you have that knowledge.

There also is the prediction of times. Jesus said that after He dies, that He would rise on the third day. That He did. It is also written that to God, a thousand years is one day (2nd Peter 3:8, Psalm 90:4 ). In the eyes of God, Jesus lived two days ago and will rise on the third day. It’s been very close to two thousand years, afterall since His life and death. The rise being the millennial age as is written in the original Greek where He reigns on Earth with His saints (Rev. 20). Also since God created this age, it’s been close to six days in His sight. On the seventh day He rests. This is my very strong held belief that we indeed are in the latter days, but not yet in the tribulation period.

In my gut since childhood, I always had it in me to know that not only would I see the end, but play a major role in it. That I will have a job to do. After answering my call when I turned 25, God put that in my mind always to motivate me. I even told people before I read that I felt that these evil things upon us will rise to a climax and something will happen in my lifetime to change everything. I’ve always known this. It took my dedicated reading and studying to find the proof.


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