A question both humanists and actual inquisitive people like to ask is why would a good God create Satan? This question usually comes from those who wish not to believe that there is a God and looks for excuses not to humble themselves and look into the wisdom that there has to be a God to have created all of this.

The truth is God created many angels, one of them named Helel. In the KJV the word “Lucifer” in the original Hebrew isn’t pronounced anywhere near Lucifer at all. It’s pronounced Helel, and it means “brightness” or “lightbearer”. Helel was one of God’s most treasured angels. Lucifer was the translated name of Helel from Hebrew into Latin. There was some wisdom to the Catholic Church translating the name because of the next few words “son of the morning”. Lucifer was also the Latin word for the morning star. God gave His angels free will, which is key to understanding how Helel fell and shows how much God loved His angels by letting them and also our creation have free will.

Afyer Helel fell, God changed his name to Satan, which means “opponent, adversary” and in some cases it can mean “persecute”. See, he used to be the angel of light, the morningstar. Now he’s the opponent and has and will persecute our creation. See, God didn’t create Satan. God created Helel. It was Helel who created Satan.


2 comments on “DID GOD CREATE SATAN?

  1. Heller says:

    Oh, how lovely,here you just proved that satan and helel/lucifer are the same whereas in other post (idiotic if you ask me since there is no clear answer) says the oposite

    • Jesse Norman says:

      I made it very clear in the other post that it was the same entity, but he had different names at different times. It’s conclusive to me, sorry it’s not for you.

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