Yes, He does, at least pretty much. He will even use the wicked to carry out His plan. Is a plan destiny? No, it’s not. Only God’s elect have futures set in stone. In Romans 8:28-30, Paul speaks about those God foreknew. Well God knew all of us before we were put into the human flesh. The words “know” and “knew” also mean, and as it is in this case “accepted”. God foreaccepted these people. God foreaccepted Jeremiah (Jeremiah 1:5). These people have been predestinated. And as is written in Romans 11, there aren’t many of them. Read the page above “An Introduction To The Real Election Of Grace” to help with understanding who the elect are.

Everybody has a purpose, which is why we have life. God’s plan is to hopefully bring everyone He can to righteousness through His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ. His plan for people beyond that is hopefully they do good works that bring more people to Him. With parables, Jesus pointed out that there are people who have invitations to become righteous will fail. It’s not enough to say “I believe” and live a life full of sin and breaking every commandment without repentence and still have everlasting life. Jesus scolded representatives of Moses’ law, from scribes to Pharisees saying prostitutes will get into heaven before they do. The reason is because at least prostitutes might be humble enough to repent.

This age itself is the ability to not just have, but keep free will. This is why Satan is allowed to tempt us. The Tempter will weed out from this creation the unfaithful from the faithful. Those who are judged as faithful will not fall for future Satans or become future Satans after the Judgment even with free will. Satan already tempted the angels and a third followed him. After this is over our creation will have free will with no fear of failure.


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