In Revelation chapters 2 and 3, Jesus speaks about the churches of Christ. In Jesus’ own words, He is very critical of five of those seven churches. The only two He finds no fault in are the churches of Philadelphia and Smyrna. The rest He speaks against. Of those He speaks against, Jesus threatens to remove one of them entirely as being a church of Christ. That is the church of Ephesus. How they will be removed from being a church of Christ is it will become part of the synagogue of Satan.

The reason why Jesus finds no fault in the churches of Philadelphia and Smyrna really are for two separate reasons. The church of Philadelphia are only the election of grace of the last generation. Only they will not be here on Earth in the hour of temptation. God’s elect will have their work to do, and when their jobs are done and the two dead witnesses hear “come up hither”, they will be gone right afterward. The church of Smyrna will teach the true word of God, as will the church of Philadelphia. The church of Smyrna will follow the lead of the church of Philadelphia and will realize those of the church of Philadelphia were sent by God. They will follow their doctrine, which is God’s true word.

When that time comes, it would be good to keep your eyes on those called the election of grace. They will seemingly insult you and your ways. They won’t play pattycake with your sinful nature. The whole world will at times hate these people for saying what they’re doing is wrong, even if it doesn’t seem so to the people of this world. Their feet will be firmly planted and their jobs will have greater responsibility than you can imagine. They are not allowed to fail God, and God will be full of anger in that day. The world will wish that they’ll be gone and will receive their wish . When they are gone, this world will ruin the day of their hatred against the church of Philadelphia.

This will be the time when the power of Satan and the fallen angels will be at their greatest. For five months they will torment men by twisting God’s word to sound appealing to the sinner to sin. The fallen and the time will tempt men to do the wrong thing when each and everyone on Earth will know it will be the wrong thing. With no counter given by the church of Philadelphia, God’s true elect, it will be extremely difficult to keep faithful when every human weakness is magnified many times over. Satan and the fallen will know every human weakness to take advantage of. They’ll feel they have no other choice but to accept him to save their lives, but as Jesus puts it, “Those who look to save their lives will lose them and those who lose them for My sake will find life everlasting.”

The church of Smyna, Jesus says in Rev. 2:10 that they will be imprisoned by Satan to be tested for ten days, but then they will offer testimony where they are to have no forethought about what they will say. Where it says they will offer testimony is in the gospels when Jesus would prophecy of Christians becoming imprisoned and even killed after their testimony.

When one church will become part of the synagogue of Satan, the churches of Philadelphia and Smyrna will have its detractors and persecutors. For those of the future church of Smyrna, stay strong and keep your faith. Look to the church of Philadelphia and you will not go wrong. When those five months come, Smyrna will grow beyond leaps and bounds. The ones who are willing to stick to their principles and what they know is right will turn to you and create one great fellowship. To the future members of the church of Philadelphia… I don’t need to say a thing about keeping your strength. You cannot fail. God bless the future churches of Philadelphia and Smyrna.

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  1. DAVID MILLER says:


    • Jody Miller says:

      I Know of one. The Shepherds Chapel in Gravette Arkansas. They Broadcast World Wide. They have a You Tube Channel as well as their Website. Pastor Murray teaches Gods Word Chapter by Chapter, Verse by Verse, and Explains in both Hebrew and Greek; meanings of Gods Words to help us understand. This? Is the Only Church that I Know, that DOES Teach Gods Word thoroughly. I have been to many Churches but Not One of them Reads from the Holy Bible; Chapter by Chapter Verse by Verse. Until .. I was led to the Shepherds Chapel.

  2. Jesse Norman II says:

    I wish I knew. There aren’t many churches that teach about the present day being the end time without teaching also the rapture doctrine. I guess it’s a way to get more money to make people feel good by thinking they get to fly away before the bad stuff happens, while the “foolish ones” that had their eyes closed have to endure it. My eyes are wide open and I know I will be here, and so will they whether they like it or not. My suggestion is to find enough people in your area that do not believe in the rapture and gather together for your own church. If there are two of you, you have yourself a Christian church. Don’t worry about where you are in your learning. Use a Bible and get yourself a Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance and study your tail off. God bless and have a merry Christmas.

    • Allen says:

      I’m confused that you celebrate a pagan, solstice holy day..right after proclaiming the works and nature of Christ. He wasn’t born in December..the bible proves this. He was born six weeks parallel to John the what tradition are Christians celebrating? Not one of Gods set aside days, that’s for certain. We cant teach truth if we live lies.

      • Jesse Norman says:

        I have never taught that Jesus was born around Christmas. According to the Gospel, He was born around late September due to the harvest moon. He was however conceived around Christmas, which is the real miracle. As far as the pagan stuff goes, lighten up. We don’t worship decorated trees, and we give gifts to commemorate the gifts given to Jesus by the three wise men.

  3. ALMA says:

    I like your coment sound like you been studying with pastor Arnoldo Murray
    shepherd’ he teaches there is no rapture. that is a man made up story. I am with you guys. stay strong in the word of the LORD.
    GOD bless you all.

    • Jesse Norman II says:

      Actually, I don’t. He gets too many things wrong, such as the rapture and the tribulation lasting five months. I tell people there won’t be any rapture for them because the rapture is only for the elect. I don’t want people expecting something that won’t be coming. It does say the church of Philadelphia won’t be here for the hour of temptation. It does say God will gather His elect from the four winds with the sound of a trumpet. The same trumpet that will say to the two witnesses “come up hither”. The days are shortened for the elect only. Not for anyone else. God bless.

      • thesellerofpurple says:

        What im trying to say is, the hour of temptation may be a class of events and not a fixed point in history. For someone the hour of temptation is holidays if he has weakness for food, for another the hour of temptation is to see a woman in scarce clothes, and so on, but all these events are the hour of temptation. God says He will keep the church of Philadelphia from this hour, aka occassion and it doesnt have to a be historical point when everybody on the planet is tempted at the same time. Just my two coins.

      • Jesse Norman II says:

        I can’t get too far into it, but the hour of temptation is the point from the sounding of the last trump, which is the removal of the mystery of God, to the end of the age when Jesus (Yeshua) returns. The church of Philadelphia won’t be here during that hour because they aren’t here to be tempted.

      • LionLamb says:

        No it says they are KEPT from the hour of temptation not taken out of the world…

      • Jesse Norman says:

        Just how are they kept from the hour then? Don’t say as others do that they are here but simply don’t feel the temptation. The word “hour” was just another word for time. He didn’t say ‘I will keep you from temptation’, but instead ‘the time of temptation’. How won’t they feel temptation, because even the Christ felt temptation to sin, which Hebrews 4:15 clearly illustrates, “For we do not have a High Priest who cannot be touched by our infirmities, but was in all points tempted as we are, yet without sin.” So how, or better yet, why would Christ feel temptation, but the elect, who are far lower, do not? I also see a righteous church, according to Christ, who clearly are here for the time of temptation, which is the church of Smyrna, so how do they get tested while Philadelphia does not? I see Jesus’ own words say that angels gather the elect from the four winds. How does that happen?

      • Zorah Slovensky says:

        No, it says Phildelphia is KEPT from the hour of trial and shall no more go out.

      • Jesse Norman says:

        No it says temptation, but that whole period is a trial. As far as “he shall go no more out” goes, that is for all who overcomes, which is written about every church.

    • David Archie says:

      That who I study with pastor Murray not saying there not other pastor who teaches what the two churches teacher’s but I have not found any so I will stay with Shepherd s chapel

    • Jody Miller says:

      Awesome Alma !! I Also Go to the Shepherds Chapel. They are All that I have found that Does Teach Gods Word Chapter by Chapter Verse by Verse and I love the Questions and Answers at the end of each Study. I love everything about the Shepherds Chapel. And Yes ! No Rapture Theory! We are transformed at a blink of an eye, he does not believe, and Neither do I, that we just “fly away” fly up to Jesus .. No We Don’t. The Holy Bible mentions Nothing of a Rapture. Nor is this word in the KJV Holy Bible.

  4. ALMA says:

    If you Jesse and all that are interested in Bible study chapter by chapter verse by verse. No rapture doctrine, with current events, I recomend to look for shepherd’s chapel on channel 224 on direct tv or in the internet, or find videos on youtube.Real down earth bible study with comon sence, I have learned alot from him GOD continue toBless Him And keep him many years so he can continue to teache this jeneration and the ones to come.

  5. thesellerofpurple says:

    Can you explain how do you mean the church of Philadelphia wont be here?
    Revelation 3:10 Because thou hast kept the word of my patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth.
    It says God will keep them from it but i dont know from where do you get that they wont be on the planet. “And lead us not into temptation”

  6. Ron says:

    When the angels gather the elect, Satan’s tribulation is over. Mark 13:26, Christ comes, vs 27, then the gathering.
    Just because someone is tempted, the opportunity given to them, doesn’t mean that they wrestle with it. Christ was tempted by Satan, but he didn’t wrestle with it at all. He rebuked Satan with the word of God. If you are sealed, Rev 9:4, you know better and want nothing to do with it. The 12 tribes in Egypt were kept from the plagues even though they were there physically. Same as the 5 months.

    • Jesse Norman says:

      This isn’t true. There is clearly a time after the elect are taken, since it is written that the church of Philadelphia are kept from the time of temptation. At the same time the church of Smyrna goes through that time, and they are told by Jesus to endure the suffering and keep their faith, yet they are the other church He didn’t speak against. It also wouldn’t make sense for the angels to gather the elect right at the end since Christ would be returning right then. Why would they need to be gathered then? The plagues of the last five months will certainly be concentrated amongst the wicked. That I agree with.

      • Ron says:

        Where does it state there is clearly a time after the elect are taken.

        If I am understanding your view point, you are saying there is a rapture. We’ll there isn’t.

        When Christ comes, it will be the 7th trump. He is not coming to take the church of Philadelphia and then again for everyone else.

      • Jesse Norman says:

        The seven year tribulation period isn’t the hour of temptation. The hour of temptation is the last five months of this age, as well as the tribulation. I know Pastor Murray taught that the tribulation period was shortened to five months, but that’s folly. John wrote in Revelation that it would last seven years, divided by two, three and a half year periods, and he wrote this well after Jesus spoke about the days being shortened. There will be a rapture, but it will only be for the church of Philadelphia. Again, Jesus said He will keep the church of Philadelphia from the time of temptation, which the word “hour” simply meant time. To say they will be here but not feel the temptation also doesn’t make sense. The temptation is not what Jesus told the church of Philadelphia He would keep them from. To say so is to ignore a very important word He said. I do not add or omit words for my personal doctrine. He said “hour” meaning time. You can’t ignore that.

      • Ron says:

        I should have asked you what you think the hour of temp is??

      • Ron says:

        The 5 month torment is only for those which have not the seal of God on their foreheads. The rest are protected. They cannot be hurt. Rev 9:4

        Rev 3:10 – Tells us Christ will keep thee form the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world….

        This is the verse you keep going back to suggesting that Christ is going to take them off the earth and spare them the trib time.

        Verse 11 tells them to hold that fast (retain in memory, possess) which thou hast, that no man take they crown.

        Verse 12 – Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the Temple of My God….

        If they are not here, what are they overcoming? How would they lose their crown? Why would Smyrna be left, they had favor also? The Father is not a respecter of persons. Rom 2:11.

        I am not ignoring any words Christ said or adding to them. The hour of temptation does mean time or period, the words “keep thee” in the Greek means to guard, watch over. It has nothing to do with taking away from. Christ will guard those during this time. You won’t be flying out.

        The tribulation and the plagues at the end are 2 different events. The vials are not part of the 5 month period where Satan and his fallen angels can torment those without out the seal of God. The Father is not going to punish those who have the seal and are loyal. Why would he punish those who have been loyal to him with the others?? That doesn’t make sense.

        Smyrna is used to give a witness during the reign of Satan. Luke 21:13, It shall turn to you (the religious-political false system run by Satan) for a testimony.They will not be harmed. Not a hair on your head shall perish. Luke 21:18. Why would this happen, because everyone thinks he is the christ but he isn’t. Satan wants them to worship him like most of the world is going to because they think he is the true christ. Through their testimony, many will see their error and repent while they have the opportunity. I believe this trial will be world wide, like the OJ trial was. Even the gainsayers will not be able to resist what they say. Luke 21:15.

        Using Mark 13:27 saying this is when Philadelphia is leaving is out of context. Matt 24, Mark 13 and Luke 21 are all about the same end time events.

        The disciples asked Christ what will the signs be of your coming and the end? He tells of the affliction (trib by Satan) then the days being shortened, (this is the time line, whether it stays 5 months or not) then false christs showing signs and wonders to seduce even the elect, (they must still be here to have Satan attempt to seduce them) (must be supernatural at this point, how else would they be seduced) (only those who think he is the real christ) verse 24 states, after that tribulation, which, Satans, the sun will be darkened…..verse 26, and then shall they see the Son of man coming in the clouds with great power and glory (at the 7th trump) verse 27, and then shall He send His angels and shall gather together His elect from the four winds… (not before the trib, after, He gathers us all together to be with him to start the millennium age)

        The rapture doctrine is another discussion. 2 Thess lays it out very well if it is read totally and not taken apart to fit the rapture.

        If you think you are flying out with the rapture and Father God doesn’t want or need you here during that time, then we will have to agree to disagree.

      • Jesse Norman says:

        The five month torment is certainly for those without the seal, but that is by far most people. Only the 144,000 Israelites will have that seal at that time. As far as the crown goes, was Paul holding onto his crown as he sent Christians to their deaths? Yet, he was most certainly one of the elect. The line “him that overcomes…” is written at the end of the address to each church. He was simply making a general statement, saying any person that overcomes will get a certain thing. Smyrna is left to give testimony during the last five months. Jesus encouraged them to hold onto their faith, even to death after they suffer tribulation for ten days. It is to them He spoke in the gospels of being sent to prison for their faith, but to not have any forethought, for the Holy Spirit will speak for them. Clearly some will die. Of the elect, He said “not a hair of your head will perish”. As far as the meaning of “keep you”, it does say “from” also, does it not? Paul did say that there are those who will be alive being caught up in the air at the sound of a trump. I have looked at the Greek and the translation in the KJV is correct. The church of Philadelphia have their jobs to do. Once it is over, they are taken from this earth and the mystery of God is finished, thus begins the hour of temptation. They’ll go through most of it, but won’t see the hour. This is where I will leave the discussion. Time will answer the mystery. Thanks for stopping by.

  7. Kim Tucker says:

    Jesse Norman ll , where can you be followed at?
    Many questions to ask.


  8. Donovan says:

    the one and only reason Yeshua approved of two of the seven churches is because they teach who the kennites are . which happens to be the seed of the first murderer ” the serpent” ( CAIN)

    • Jesse Norman says:

      And which two churches do that? Having an opinion is one thing but ignoring words when describing these churches is another. The church of Philadelphia was chosen because they did not deny His name. Many won’t deny His name but won’t be part of this church, either. As Romans 8:30 says, God’s elect were judged innocent before they were born. They did this by not denying His name. It’s clear, to me anyway, that the church of Philadelphia was chosen before this age, since it says they have the key of David which no man can alter. Philadelphia is made up only of the elect of this last generation.

  9. Lawrence Taylor says:

    what doctrine did the church’s Smyrna, and Philadelphia teach

    • Jesse Norman says:

      Those churches listed in Revelation did not exist yet. There were churches established in those cities, but what is written of them in Revelation are in the latter days.

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