For those worrying if I will go on some peyote-laced fantasy ride like the one in the movie “The Last Temptation Of Christ”, you need not to worry here. I will only use God’s words spoken through the Holy Spirit and out of the pen of one of His elect. You’ll get nothing less from me.

As is written in Matthew 4:1, the spirit came upon Jesus to go to the wilderness to be tempted after He fasts forty days and forty nights. That was the purpose of His trip. This is significant because it shows He indeed had the ability to sin. Many traditional teachers teach that Jesus didn’t have the ability to sin. That is shortchanging the strength our Messiah showed by never sinning. How could He die for the sins of this creation if God “cheated” and didn’t give Him the ability to sin? That’s a heavy price to pay and God wouldn’t cheat. Don’t shortchange your Christ like that with that belief.

Satan came to Jesus and offered Him food since He was fasting, but Jesus stood strong even though He was very hungry. Then Satan put Jesus up on a pinnacle high off the ground and said to have Jesus call on the angels to save Him so He doesn’t fall and get hurt. I’m sure Jesus was afraid at the height, but again He stood fast and told Satan not to tempt the Lord. Then Satan broke out all the stops and offered Jesus all of the kingdoms of the world if He only bowed to him. Jesus told Satan to get away from Him for He can only serve the Lord His God. Even though He was weakened from the fast and Satan offered Him all of the kingdoms of the world, Jesus didn’t fail. Praise Jesus for His diligence!

The question you should be asking yourself at some point is what if Jesus did fall? What if e did bow to Satan? Another question you can ask is why Satan would try to make Jesus fall? Satan has already been sentenced to death. Because of that, he was hoping that Jesus would fall. The Lamb of our creation and the best of us all. If He fell Satan could have told God that our creation wouldn’t be worth His trouble or love. He was also perhaps hoping from Jesus’ failure that God would rescind that sentence He put upon Satan. That is one of the possibilities of what God would have done if Jesus failed. The other only possibility I know of would be to end this age and start another one again. To start this whole thing all over, that would have dastardly consequences. How many chances do you think our Lord would give our creation after that?

Jesus temptation came out of His excruciatingly painful and humiliating death. He knew with one word He could escape anymore pain. He could have escaped before one drop of spit hit Him, or one punch to His face, or one strike of the spiked metal balls, or one hit of a spike into His hands and feet. If instead of saying “Let this cup pass from Me, not as I will but You will” and said “I can’t do this. Come get Me.”, He would have not felt any pain, but He went through so much. Satan made sure His death was as barbaric and humiliating as possible in hopes the best of us would fail. Instead, Satan failed. Something he will be forced to endure more of. Satan’s test of Him putting Jesus on the pinnacle revealed to him what chances he would have if Jesus’ pains were great enough.

Because of Jesus’ strength, Satan failed. Jesus was crucified as was written a thousand years before His life (Psalm 22), and died for the sins of this creation. He defeated Death and provided our creation with a way to everlasting life. That is why everyone must go through Jesus to have everlasting life. Either in this age or the next one, those who need to make a choice will have to make that choice. It was the sins of this creation that even made it necessary for God to put His spirit into One of our creation and die innocently. Our creation owes so much to our God and our Christ. Give them their just due. Praise them and everyday keep them in your thoughts. Keep the sabbath holy for it is ours to strengthen our bond to Him. Praise be to the King of kings, our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Ruler of our creation.



  1. Christianity says:

    Paul, an apostle of Christ Jesus by the command of God our Savior and of Christ Jesus our hope, 2. Christianity

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