Welcome to my site. This is a site mostly aimed at the more advanced student who have come across questions that traditional and denominational teaching either don’t have answers for, or the answers they give are so weak that you can tell they don’t even believe it themselves. I try to seek questions that many would run into and then use scripture to explain what is written while tracing things back to the original Hebrew and Greek when necessary. Many times, this indeed is a necessity. I will use and only use God’s word. I won’t invent any word of my own or some word of denominational doctrine to explain anything away. You won’t get anything here but the word of God. That is my guarantee to you.

The Old Testament was originally written in Hebrew and the New originally written in Greek. The KJV is the best English translated Bible I know of, but there are many flaws still in it. When you read my posts, you will see there are some mistakes in the KJV, but not as many as the newer translations I’ve seen. Many times in the newer translations, it seems they would rather look like they’ve done work in updating the Bible than to just update it. They took words written in the KJV that were perfectly fine in the original Hebrew and Greek and then changed them for the sake of changing them which totally loses the correct meaning.

I use a Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance to understand the original words, and have used it for over a decade now. It’s the second most important book written unless you know Hebrew and Greek. It has every single word written in the KJV, everytime each words shows up, catalogues them and references them to the Hebrew and Greek dictionaries in the back for a pure word of God. No mistranslations. No preaching. No excuses. Unless you know Hebrew and Greek and have both testaments in those languages, then I highly recommend the Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance to you. Just by using this book with a KJV Bible, many questions will be answered. The Strong’s also bypasses the Latin Vulgate, which the King James is based on. This is something that is lost on too many people that the Bible wasn’t originally written in Latin. The Vulgate was the Catholic Church’s translation of the Old and New Testaments, and they did not hide their doctrine while translating them. Because of faulty doctrine, many words and even names were mistranslated. No such thing with a Strong’s.

I do not belong to any denomination and I do not go to church. I’m not against going to church, but I recommend to all to read on your own. I do fine on my own using my trusty Strong’s. All must be willing to ask questions that do come up in your mind from time to time. You all know what I mean. Even if you don’t want to think about those questions, you have them. Do not push them away. Challenge denominational, common knowledge, and traditional doctrine. Challenge yourself. There are answers out there. Not some half-witted explanations that they’re not even expecting you to buy. I mean real answers. I hope I am helping with that.

In recent months, the volume of visits has gone up significantly. For what my site is, being rather unique, I am humbled at this. I would love more questions and comments, but maybe I’m doing a good job of explaining these subjects. I hope that’s the case. Thanks to WordPress, I can see what word searches lead you to finding my site. Some really impress me quite a bit. Many come by simply being inquisitve enough to ask what is the difference between Lucifer and Satan on your searches. Some searches shows true diligence with a keen, perceptive eye for the word. Some even show me that it takes a special soul in order for them to put the certain words they have used.

All in all, I thank you for coming to my site. If I’m doing a good job, then spread it around. I always welcome questions as long as they’re asked respectfully. Even if the questions you have aren’t from anything I’ve written, I am ready to answer them. One thing good about the internet, you can ask me questions anonymously. I make sure the answers I give and the posts I write about bear my name. I’ve worked hard in understanding the word of God and I’m proud to put my name on it. Thanks for stopping by and you’re welcome to subscribe.


2 comments on “MY THANKS TO YOU

  1. David says:

    I found something new and wanted your opinion on it if it’s true or not. Bible code. In Genesis and Exodus if you count every 50th letter and put it together it will spell Torah. Then in Numbers and Deuteronomy every 50th letter will spell Torah backwards. Then in Leviticus putting together every 7th letter will spell YHWH. Looked into it a bit but wanting to know your thoughts or if this is something false written on the internet.

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