There are many instances in the OT that can be interpreted to say that God will bring His people back to the land of their fathers. Some can interpret that as something that already happened when they were captive in Babylon and then returned. There are some things written however that cannot be argued against about the people of Israel rightfully having that land, which I will get to.

God sent forth His prophets, namely Isaiah and Jeremiah to warn the people of Israel to stop their sin of unfaithfulness and repent or else they will be taken away. He also threatened in the minor prophets that He will pour out a new spirit amongst the Gentiles, which will provoke them to jealousy. A Gentile is anyone non-Jewish. The people of Israel heard not any of His warnings and so they were taken to Babylon. They did return, but when God sent His Messiah, Israel heard Him not. The Gentiles turned their ear to Christ with a new spirit. Israel was blinded to an extent, but with a promise that He will pour His spirit back onto them before the end.

One verse that cannot be argued against was spoken by Jesus Himself. Luke 21:24 says in the last days, Jerusalem will be trodden down of the Gentiles until the Gentiles times be fulfilled. If you believe in Jesus, you aimless Christians that don’t believe that land belongs to the Jews, then explain that verse from the lips of Jesus? Not only does Israel belong to the Jews, but so does Jerusalem specifically. That is significant since Israel and Jerusalem weren’t established Jewish territories at the same time. Israel became a nation once again held by the Jews in 1948, after 2500 years (on the third day). Jerusalem was taken by the Jews in the Six Day War in 1967. Since a Gentile is anyone non-Jewish, I don’t want to hear from aimless Christians that Israel doesn’t belong to the Jews.

Another thing that’s written is Revelation 12:24 that Satan will come after the woman that beared the man child. The man child of course is Jesus. The woman was Israel, because she has a crown of twelve stars. Each star represents a tribe of Israel. Some may believe that the woman is the Church. No, Satan will go after the Jews and he will go after them in Israel. How has not any of these great theologians from either of these churches and denominations seemingly not take into account the battle of Armageddon on this subject? Armageddon has to do with a place, not a time. Armageddon comes from the word “Megiddo”. Megiddo is in the valley of Jezreel in northern Israel. The nations aligned with Satan will come and meet for war at Megiddo. It is written this will be done, right? Why? That’s where the Jews are.

Just because God made a long lasting but temporary separation of His people (and they will always be His people), it doesn’t mean that He gave that land to anyone else. A great prophecy of Israel’s re-establishment lies in Hosea. Hosea was a prophet who was of those taken into Assyria. He was telling the northern tribes that if they return to Him, He will forgive them and bring them back. Hosea 6:2 “After two days He will revive us. On the third day He will raise us up, and we shall live in His sight.” As it is written, a day to God is as a thousand years to us. After 2500 years, Israel was re-established, just as Hosea the prophet predicted. There’s no explaining that one away. It doesn’t say anywhere that Arabs can come in and take over the land. As a matter of fact, God made a law for the Jews to not give any of their inheritance to any other nation because God has already given them their lot. The Arabs had their lot, which dwarfs Israel, but because they saw Jerusalem as one of their fifty holy sites, they decided to come in since there were not nearly as many Jews there as was before. The Jews being destined to take back their land and the Arabs coming into a land that wasn’t theirs is what is causing all of the problems. But, perhaps that too was already destined to happen.

If any Christian does not believe that Israel does belong to the Jews, then their Christian faith is in dire straits. If you cannot read Luke 21:24, Revelation 12: 14, and Revelation 16:12-16 … particularly Luke 21:24 since it’s Jesus’ own words, and not take to heart that land belongs to the Jews, then your faith can be taken away by very weak means. For those that look at the Jews and think they still have something coming for any particular reason, then look in the mirror. Perhaps you’ll be one of those zombies coming after the woman that beared the man child in Megiddo.



  1. I just wrote a post, and you deleted it. you are obviously a false teacher.

  2. the assyrians took the ten northern tribes, then the babylonians took judea and benjamin. Jerusalem belongs to God himself, and the rest of us who are in the new heaven and the new earth. not just the jews. you may be one of those who in revelation it states do not know who the pretender jew’s are.

    • Modest says:

      The so called JewISH people…

      • Jesse Norman says:

        Modest, I refer you to my post “New Policy At My Site”, as to why I am not approving your comments in full form, except to be able to reply. You are the personification of stupidity. You are a dullard and a simpleton. As a matter of fact, on an IQ chart, you look up to dullards, simpletons, and cretins. I don’t know how many times I have to tell you and demonstrate to you that I don’t want you commenting here before something seeps into that carbon fiber cranium of yours. Stay away!!!!

  3. this will be my last post. any of you real christians outthere please listen to me and stay away from this blog , this person Jessie norman is either a false teacher, or he does not have all of his facts straight. beware of this blog

    • Jesse Norman II says:

      I never deleted anything. Obviously you have a problem reading. I specifically asked that you be patient with my replies. I have to approve comments because I want to make sure there is no cussing, etc. Sometimes it takes time for me to approve them. You have shown no patience, If I am considered to be a false teacher by you because it took me at most a few hours to approve your comments, then it shows your lack of patience will keep your ceiling low.

    • Jesse Norman II says:

      Oh James, I just wrote a new post that completely and utterly blows up your beliefs and 100% backs mine. It’s called “Does ‘Jews’ Mean All Israel?” There’s absolutely no explaining away what I have written there. I even mention you in it. Come back, James!

  4. David says:

    Question on Hosea 6:2. I believe it was written roughly around 750 B.C. so if we started there and counted 3,000 years the 3rd day would be beyond 2750 A.D. wouldn’t it?

    • Jesse Norman says:

      No, the first day Hosea wrote this (or said) began the first millennial day. 250AD (roughly) would begin the second day, and 1250 would begin the third day. You have to include when Hosea prophesied this and count that as the first day.

      • David says:

        Ok now I have a better understanding of it. To me this prophecy is awesome. My faith sometimes has declined just because of the way the world is. Considering this though with what Hosea wrote would be meaningless without what Peter wrote explaining a thousand years is a day with the Lord. Two people that never meet, lived so far apart but yet kept the same exact message intact to me is amazing. It does make me somewhat angry at today’s church’s for not teaching things like this to build people up. Is North Korea anywhere in the bible? I haven’t put anything together with them but they could cause the United States to collapse starting the hard times on people.

      • Jesse Norman says:

        Yes, it’s a great prophecy. North Korea isn’t specifically written as far as I can see, but could and probably be among the kings of the east.

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