Many people think that Revelation is the hardest set of chapters to understand in the entire Bible. Some people say that no one is allowed to understand Revelation. Apocalypse means “reveal”, so why would it be called “revelation” if you weren’t allowed understand it? Here is the most comprehensive blog I’ve written about Revelation.

Jesus speaks against five of the seven churches of Christ. One of those churches He speaks against He threatens to remove altogether. That is the church of Ephesus. How that will be done is it will cease from being a Christian church and become part of the synagogue of Satan. The only two He finds no fault in are the churches of Philadelphia and Smyrna. These churches don’t exist yet. Why I know that is the case is the church of Philadelphia will not be here during the hour of temptation. The church John referred to didn’t exist then. The church of Smyrna will be those who believe the doctrine of the church of Philadelphia to be true. They will be here for the hour of temptation, but their faith will be stronger than those of any other denomination. Remember, for those ‘educated’ ones who think John was speaking about things of his time, Jesus appeared to him and told him what would be at the end.

The church of Ephesus were given ways to test apostles to make sure if they were false to not listen to them. Jesus says they have left their first love and to do their first works. The first love of any Christian is Christ. The first work for any church is to stick to the written Word and to teach it. Next is the church of Smyrna who know those who say are Jews, but are not and found them to be liars. These are Kenites. Jesus says He knows they are not wealthy in the eyes of the world, but He considers them rich for their faith. He tells them they will be tested by Satan, which Jesus referred to in the gospels.

To the church of Pergamos, Jesus said that He knows they are faithful and are in the midst of Satan’s seat, but they have held onto the doctrine of Balaam. Balaam was a prophet who spoke to God, but yet tried to lead Israel astray as Israel was first being established. He also chastized them for believing like the Nicolaitanes (Nicolatians). The Nicolatians were a group of Christians that believed adultery and other abominations were no big deal.

To the church at Thyatira, Jesus said they have followed Jezebel, the prophetess of Ba’al by teaching fornication and to eat foods sacrificed to idols. Jesus said that He will cast them away into a bed with them who commit adultery. This adultery is believing in other gods, namely Satan, who is to come. Even their children will suffer death for their sins, which they refused to repent for. To the church of Sardis, Jesus says their works are not His. He says outside of a few among them, they are dead and defiled their garments.

To the church of Philadelphia, Jesus has nothing but praise for. He said that He has an open door for them no man can shut, because they are the elect and cannot fail. He said they have only a little strength because they are few in number. After this is all over, Jesus will have those of the synagogue of Satan come to worship at their feet, and He will be kept from the hour of temptation that will try the rest of the world. Jesus will brand them with the name of God, the new Jerusalem, and His new name after this is all over. Can’t wait.

To the church in Laodicea, Jesus says their work is neither hot or cold, but lukewarm, and would rather have them be either hot or cold. He said that they are rich in the eyes of men, but their works will not survive the trial by fire. He tells them to buy gold from Him that will stand the test of fire and white raiment. This simply means to fully adopt His ways so they will not be judged against. These are the seven churches.

The four horsemen of the Apocalypse are these: the white horse, the black horse, the red horse, and the pale horse. The rider of the white horse is the Beast. The Beast is the Antichrist human being: a human with the spirit of Satan inside him. He will go forth conquering the world peacefully coming to “save the day”. The rider of the black horse had a pair of balances in his hand. A voice was heard saying “a measure of wheat for a penny and three measures of barley for a penny; see you hurt not the oil and the wine.” This is a plague of great economic woe. A penny is what we would term as a poor working man’s daily wage, as was written in Matthew 20. What it basically says is that it would take a good portion of a working man’s daily wage to be able to buy a loaf of bread. Before thinking this is impossible, think of when the Soviet Union fell. People were lining up to pay the equivilant to $20 for a loaf of bread. Where it says “see you hurt not the oil and the wine” could really have been written anywhere in Revelation. If the price on everything goes up, then so would actual oil and wine, right? Why it’s there is so it gets you to ask “what does that mean then?” What do you do with oil besides cook with it, religiously speaking? You anoint with it. What happens to grape juice during the process of fermentation? Not only does it turn into alcohol, but the impurities come out. What it really says is “see you hurt not the anointed and the pure”. Before casting that doctrine away, consider Psalm 105:15 which says “Touch not Mine anointed, and do My prophets no harm.” Looks like an exact match to me. The rider of the red horse is really like Murphy’s Law. What can go wrong will go wrong. War, famine, pestilence will be more widespread than perhaps ever before in our age. The rider of the red horse really envelopes much of what is continued in Revelation. The rider of the pale horse is Satan himself. The Antichrist human will die in the midst of the Tribulation Period, but he will rise three days later. Satan will give him his life back. Satan will also be here right then or for the last five months. It will be Satan in his angelic flesh. Satan’s name is Death, and Hell will follow him.

The harlot is the revived Roman Empire. The Beast will come from the revived Roman Empire as is written in Daniel 2 and 7. The fourth empire to come will break up and reform. That empire was the Roman Empire. The revival of the Roman Empire will start with ten nations. The eleventh will be the one where the Antichrist will come from. If we are in the last days, the revived Roman Empire could only be the European Union. The EU’s eleventh nation was either Portugal or Spain since they came in at the same time. If the EU is this revival, then the Antichrist will come from Spain or Portugal. This is how the Beast will ride the harlot for a period of time. They will put him in power.

The first day of the great Tribulation Period will be the opposite of what most think of it to be. The tribulation will last seven years. Only for the elect will it be less. The Antichrist in Daniel 9 confirms a peace covenant with many nations that will last for seven years. That is no coincidence. The first day of the tribulation will be the day he confirms the covenant. There will be joyous celebration instead of a day of horror like most think. The human race will think they have evolved from a warmongering species and that we can solve any problem through negotiation. During the next few years, tensions will build to a fever pitch and then war will break out once again. Then Hell will be upon Earth. What I mean by “war will break out once again” is our species only comes with peace covenants after war. That’s the way we are. Peace covenants never come from a time of peace, but only from war. There will be a war involving many nations before the confirming of the peace covenant.

Much of what is written in Revelation is written somewhere in the Old Testament in the books of the prophets, especially Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, and the minor prophets. For example, Revelation 18 goes directly with Jeremiah 50-51. Part of the reason why Revelation is so difficult is because it’s so concise. In the older prophetical books, the prophecies are written in greater detail and length. St. John couldn’t do that or Revelation would be one huge book. Also nothing in Revelation has happened yet. Don’t let anyone fool you otherwise. Reveal… do you reveal the past or the future? The reason why most of it is written in the past tense is because St. John was taken to the future, so to him it was the past. Not our past. When he says that he saw those things, it’s because he saw those things. The last few chapters of Revelation deal with what’s written in Ezekiel 40-48, which deals with the next age and beyond. As is written in the original Greek, when Jesus returns that ends this age. Not the world.

When Satan is kicked down to Earth, he comes with those aligned with him. The fallen angels are the plague of locusts that will have power to torment men for five months, outside those with the seal of God in their foreheads (the 144,000 Jews). Their master is Apollyon, which is another name for the Devil. Their nearly uncontentious power will last for five months. Those five months will be the last five months, and will be known as the hour of temptation. How they will torment men will be to spiritually torment men. It will be the sounding of the seventh and last trump that the mystery of God will be finished. All will know who God is. They’ll also know Jesus is the Messiah. They’ll know the Bible is genuinely God’s word. They’ll know who Satan is. Even with knowing all of that and the mystery being finished, men will still fail to a great extent. Every human weakness will be magnified by the plagues, and Satan with his fallen angels will play on those weaknesses brilliantly. Even though men will know it will be wrong, to seemingly save their lives they will lose them by failing God. That will fulfill a prophecy Jesus made that those who will seek to save their lives will lose it, and those who will lose it for His name’s sake will find life everlasting. The plague of the locusts really is about testing one’s resolve and will to hold onto what is right when it will be so difficult to do so. The stronger your faith, the easier it will be. Paul said it best when he said in Romans 8:38-39 “For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come,” “Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” If you hold onto that, you’ll be fine if we are in the last days. If your flight be in winter, meaning too late (a reference when birds fly south), then it’s going to be incredibly difficult. If your flight be on the sabbath day, meaning that period of time right after the covenant is confirmed when most think we have solved all of our problems, then it will be too late to fully prepare for the inevitable time afterward.

Imagine that, even knowing what to do and what not to do many men will still fail even knowing their souls are on the line. I think it says everything about men that it will take the seventh trump before the mystery of God is finished for them. Not any of the other plagues before it coming true like it is written, or the prophets doing miraculous things is good enough for them. It will take the last trump for them. And with them in mind, when it is all over the Song of Moses will be sung which in part shows how the highminded were the real fools. Only a real fool will call a faithful Christian a fool but not consider the Lord that put this creation upon the Earth. The Song of Moses is very apt for the end. Is this the true end? No, it’s not.

After this age ends, a new one will begin. If you don’t take in Jesus’ return ends this age, Revelation 20 cannot be made sense of. I’ve heard some whacky doctrine about Revelation, like it’s already happened. If it has, I’d love to see this bottomless pit. I’d like to know how late God is on His schedule since it was only supposed to last a thousand years. That’s a thousand years off so far. If you take in that Jesus’ return ends this age and begins a new one, then and only then can Revelation 20 be made sense of. Satan will be in the bottomless pit for a thousand years while Jesus returns with His saints. In the eyes of God, a saint is just a faithful Christian as is written in Ephesians 1:1. Paul addressed his epistle to the saints which are at Ephesus. If there was one saint upon Earth, then anyone who has passed with their faith intact has to be a saint since Jesus said that there is no one on Earth better than the lowest in heaven. Try to explain that away. Not only does Satan stay imprisoned in the bottomless pit and Jesus reigns on Earth for a thousand years, but the “dead” don’t live until the thousand years are up. Another thing traditional teachers can’t explain. As I pointed out earlier, much of what’s written in Revelation is written more in depth in the books of the prophets. The temple written in Ezekiel’s late chapters is not a temple made by men. What temple ever in history ever held anything that can even be termed as “the dead”? After the millennium is over, Satan tries to deceive the world once again. Those who follow him try to make war with the saints, but God stops them and ends that age. Those who follow Satan then will forever be judged against. The books are opened and judgment is given to all. The righteous are given their gifts while the damned receive their damnation. Everyone will know what the right choice will be, just as they will at the end of this age. No excuses. When you know something is right, you better do everything you can to hold onto it. Ultimately, it’s all we have you know. We came into this world with our souls and our souls only, and we will leave with our souls only. You can’t take with you money, jewelry, clothes, houses, cars, playstation 3’s, iPhones, or hdtv’s. All you will have is you and what you’ve done. For the sake of your soul, always strive to do what’s right. Even Christians will have their works tested, and that will be judged upon permanently as well. If you know something is right, then it should be worth everything to you to do it. There maybe more at stake than just your soul and well being. Others can hang in the balance.I hope you have learned something here. God bless.

There are so many questions one can ask about what is written in Revelation that it would be nearly impossible for me to get to here, so I will ask that if you have any questions about Revelation to ask me here. Hopefully I can answer them to your satisfaction.



  1. annie lain says:

    ON COMMENT “do not touch the oil….means OIL FOR FUEL and heating etc. crude oil has many uses not just fuel. i believe this is not to be touched because end-times will play out genesis, the sons of noah, along with ishmael/esau (muslim nations) vs. ISRAEL (isaac and jacob) and all these nations are oil rich. sons of noah list togarmah(turkey), rosh(russia),cush, put(ethiopia/africa) etc….all are oil rich. recall that in noah’s day, only noah survived plus 7 others. so end-times earth are these tribes playing out prophesied roles. muslims were born 1st but god put them into 2nd posiition and though isaac/jacob born 2nd, god put them back into no. 1 position as that was his original plan, though sarai messed it up. then…you factor in THE DEVIL and who he can work thru and u get one huge mess! earth is basically….1 giant dysfunctional family, plenty of sibling rivalry….all conflicts based on birth order….who’s the father vs. who’s the mother. wherever the bloodlines lead….God will allow them to play out….earth will suffer disasters each time demons counter god’s favorites.

    • Jesse Norman II says:

      What about the wine? Why wouldn’t that be touched? Given that it is written “the oil and the wine”, they must be related somehow. I think I explained this pretty well considering Psalm 105:15. No matter how you cut it, if the price on everything goes up, so would actual oil and wine since money will be worth less. Those countries with oil will enjoy the price to go up to increase their power and hold over the rest of the world.

  2. David says:

    In Joel 1:4 is this the 4 stages of the locust army that is in Revelation 9? I believe this to be a spiritual stripping away of God’s word in Joel. If it isn’t the same locust army in Revelation 9 then which stage of it do you believe we are in? Also about the hour of temptation if this is the same army that is coming after the 7th trump for 5 months it says that God will restore the years they have taken away and have his people prophesy which would have to take place before the 7th trump. I’m confused at how it fits. Don’t know if you’ll find this interesting or not but in the companion bible in Bullinger’s notes on revelation 13 he has ISIS wrote in it although I don’t think it’s the same. I feel the thing to watch for about Isis is the security measures they put into place possibly world wide at a global scale leading to a one government.

    • Jesse Norman says:

      Well the plague of locusts in Rev 9 are the fallen, as I am sure you know. It says they will not kill men. The locust army in Joel will be men of violence. It doesn’t seem allegorical, because what they do is prophesied elsewhere. They are two different things roughly at the same time. The locusts in Joel itself is allegorical, but not what is written this army will do. But like the locust, this army will leave nothing fruitful behind it. The fallen are not allowed to kill men, but the army their master brings about can and will.

  3. thunder86 says:

    What about the hour of temptation though the 5 months that the elect will not be here for? The 5th trump talks about the locust army being here for 5 months how can it be listed before the 7th trump but come after it?

    • Jesse Norman says:

      The fifth through the seventh trumps happen close in proximity to one another. As it is written in 8:13, the fifth through seventh trumps are grouped together. They are probably only days apart.

      • thunder86 says:

        If the antichrist comes during the 5th and 6th trump time frame that is supposed to last 7 years for the tribulation before the hour of temptation. How can they be days apart unless antichrist comes before thr 5th trump?

      • Jesse Norman says:

        The Antichrist and Satan are two separate entities. This is detailed in 20:10. The Antichrist is here now. His father Satan will be brought down with his fallen with five months left.

  4. thunder86 says:

    Ok that makes more sense looking at it like that I never seen it that way before. The beast does take his deadly wound halfway through tribulation wouldn’t satan put his spirit in him then though with the 42 months left?

    • Jesse Norman says:

      Yes, this is why the seven year trib is divided in half. The Antichrist dies halfway through. The first half is the peace covenant written of in Daniel 9:27. The second half is war.

  5. thunder86 says:

    Two questions, one is the false prophet a different entity of the beast or is he a totally separate person that will be a religious figure? Secondly In Daniel 7:12 after the beast is slain in 7:11 it says those beast will lose their kingdom but will keep their lives for awhile, if satan is destroyed why is his kings still around?

    • Jesse Norman says:

      That fourth beast was a kingdom. The fourth beast there is the Roman Empire. It would be gone for a time, but reform. This is why you may have heard about the prophecy of a reformed Roman Empire. The FP will be the last pope who will work alongside the Antichrist.

  6. David says:

    At what stage in tribulation or possibly not until the hour of temptation do you believe the false prophet will step up to start helping antichrist?

    • Jesse Norman says:

      It could be beforehand, because the Antichrist is already in a position of power to confirm the ‘treaty with many’, which ushers in the tribulation. Hope you’re doing well. I have prayed for you. Take care and God bless you.

  7. David says:

    Thank you very much for the prayers and your time on here answering questions. It means and helps a lot. I’ve gotten much better at reading through the bible on my own while understanding what I’m reading. When rereading different verses that I read previously I catch things that I didn’t see before. The world is an absolute mess and I hope I can get a few more books read and studied out of the bible before it does end. I think things will get worse before hand though. In Isaiah 13:16 this referring to end times about the women ravished, is this spiritual from following antichrist or is this to be taken literally?

    • Jesse Norman says:

      Glad to help. Wait until you start understanding things that seem so simple afterwards that you want to kick yourself. I am sure you have experienced that some, but more is to come. God clouds our judgment, even the elect, to have us prove our dedication. As far as your question goes, it’s literal. Part of Jerusalem will fall into the hands of the wicked. If those in Judea flee to the mountains, they’ll be safer.

  8. David says:

    Don’t see how I missed this before but in Revelation 19:20 we see the beast going into the lake of fire but then in revelation 20:3 you see the dragon going into the bottomless pit. This would have to be clear proof they are two different things because you can’t put the same person in two different places. But my question is since the beast is the antichrist and is human flesh why does he go into the lake of fire? I thought the lake of fire was for souls and that a flesh person couldn’t even live in front of God. It does say in Revelation 19:21 about God slaying the rest (this would have to symbolic somehow because the sword out of his mouth is truth) and the fowls were filled with their flesh. I always figured that this was symbolic because I thought the instant Christ stepped back on earth everything changed to spirit including the animals but maybe this is literal?

    • Jesse Norman says:

      All flesh would become incorruptible flesh when Christ returns. The saints in heaven are the first to put on their new incorruptible flesh, meaning undecaying flesh just before the return. The rest are put in that flesh afterwards. The Antichrist’s flesh will become, or he will be transferred into undecaying flesh, then put in the ocean of lava. Just keep your eyes and mind open, because much wisdom you will receive are things you have read over many times, but it’s not until He allows you to see it that you do see it. God bless.

  9. David says:

    That does make sense to me now. I never read to far into it before when you mentioned the incorruptible flesh but it has it listed twice. The corruptible will change and the mortal will change if it was just talking about everyone going into a spiritually body there would be no need to list it twice. I’m assuming the corruptible is dealing with the spiritual body becoming incorruptible and the mortal is the flesh human body becoming immortal. It’s starting to make a lot more sense now I know you have told me these things forever ago but it takes awhile before it hits me and I realize it myself as I’m reading it on my own. I’ll be honest and say I didn’t believe you over there being a actual hell, I just thought we would be done away with but after seeing this I’m starting to believe that as well although scary. It makes sense that the people after taking the mark knowing the difference during hour of temptation that is it for them it does seal their fate. This is why the temple of God is closed during the 7 vials and they blaspheme God during the plagues because it’s after the 7th trump and they know who the one true God is but cannot die as it’s his last plea with them. The whole reason I found this site from the start is because not all the teachings in other places were adding up for me, sounded good as they read through it but going through it on my own it just never completely added up. We see though after the millennium the ones that still followed satan are thrown into the lake of fire, however at Christ’s return it says he kills the remaining in 19:21. So everyone that goes into the hour of temptation putting on those incorruptible flesh bodies Christ will still have a way to kill them and they do not go into the lake of fire as the ones that follow satan after the thousand years do? Also since no one is dying during the hour of temptation that means all of the church of Smyrna would have to had done died during the tribulation time frame? This could be why we have the 144,000 elect Jews for this time frame, surely it’s volunteers from the first earth age that did not follow satan. I’m not sure what all goes on during that 5 month time frame on satan’s behalf to the people but I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone and I sure do not want to go through it myself.

    • Jesse Norman says:

      I appreciate everything you just said. I knew early into our conversations that I was dealing with someone wise, and not just because you were receptive, but because of the questions you asked. As far as how long it took you to understand or even remember, this was His doing. Remember, all wisdom comes from God. He decides whether you understand these advanced points of wisdom, and when you do.

      Only the saints are put into undecaying flesh as the hour of temptation comes, except the 144000 Israelites. The saints that are dead are put into that flesh first. Then the saints which are taken with the two witnesses will be. The death is also a spiritual one, because judgment has been passed upon them. Those who omit their names from the book of life, and those whose names were never put in there will be fully aware throughout all eternity. Once those who take the mark receive it, their destiny is set in stone. There is no plea coming for them. People also do die during the hour, as is written of those in the church of Smyrna. There also is the war at the very end where people will die. Thanks again for your words. I truly have prayed to God to bless you with wisdom. I see a bright future for you. Greater wisdom is coming shortly. God bless.

  10. David says:

    Question on why God puts the beast in the lake of fire. It’s clearly written he does so and I agree with everything here but if God takes satan’s soul out of the beast (antichrist) why would he want to put the souless flesh body satan was in, in the lake of fire? The flesh body is nothing, when the spirit leaves it you lose your conscious, so why would God take a pointless flesh body and keep it around to make it suffer? I’m sure it’s my lack of not having read the whole bible yet nor the whole book of enoch yet. Is it possible the beast is a nephilim and that has something to do with it? Also the angels that came down during Genesis they won’t be here for tribulation correct? It will only be those 1/3 that followed him in the first earth age?

    • Jesse Norman says:

      The beast is truly one of our creation, but he is the most dedicated soul to his father, Satan. He will be the most true to Satan, not only in committing evil, but being the most easy to control. Satan’s soul isn’t fully inside the beast, but it will seem so. The beast was the most wicked of us in the last age, so he was appointed to be the beast in this age. Maybe I should have clarified that more in this post (and others), and for that I apologize. All who are not in the book of life have the spirit of Satan within them, not the actual soul. Some will commit evil in this fashion, some in another fashion, and some in others. The beast will basically be Satan’s second body, unlike the others. I hope I clarified this for you. God bless.

      • David says:

        Yes it does thank you. No need to appoligize on the clarification I love the way you teach and present your website. It may not seem like it to you or to someone else reading this but the way you write it, it’s like you guide along to where I still feel as though I made an accomplishment when I see it for myself. Example would be something I realized today you said forever ago that some people did such wicked things in the prior life they are basically already judged, not your exact wording. It was something I put in the back of my mind and today I was thinking of scriptures in Revelation and started thinking about the ones that followed satan in the first earth age and came to the realization that if we’re here in this age to choose God or evil but yet people in the 1st earth age having knowledge still chose him, well of course their doomed they already made that choice. That’s just one example. Yes I prolly wouldn’t have thought of it unless you helped but the way you explain it, it still leaves it open for me to find it on my own. May not make sense to others but I enjoy the way you do it. One last thing I was thinking of today you started this website I’m guessing around 2008 here it is 2015 and you still answer questions in just a few short hours, that’s dedication after 7 years. Just realized your first post was in April, April was the month 2 years ago I started my serious bible study of wanting to know the absolute truth.

      • Jesse Norman says:

        It’s great that you wrote all of this. I do make sure I teach in a certain way, like leading a horse to water, not that you’re a horse 🙂 As I said, wisdom comes from God and God alone. He decides when a person “gets it” when He feels they are ready. I am undeniably an instrument by giving explanation or background, but He decides when you understand. If you weren’t proven to be ready to hear, you would not hear. He would not let you hear. With your hunger for truth, He gives you each piece of wisdom you receive. I see great things ahead of you and great servitude. You are the wisest one I have seen here, and it’s not because you wind up agreeing with me. It is the questions you have always asked. From the beginning, I could tell you were hungry for the truth. I feel one day not too long from now, you are going to figure everything out. There is an end to all this. You’re not quite there yet, but He will decide that. You may even see details of the last life like He did with me. Even before I fully figured all of this out, I saw it in bits and pieces. It’s yet another piece of wisdom that seems to have been staring at you right in the face. Everything this age is based upon comes from what we did in the last age. I will leave it there. God bless. A teacher likes to know his teaching is appreciated. Stay hungry.

      • Jesse Norman says:

        One last thing. Make sure you thank Him in His Son’s name for each piece of wisdom you receive. It’s His doing- from His Word, to His servants, to His revelations.

  11. David says:

    Will do. I have prayed to God almost every night for as far back as I can remember. But I don’t pray in Christ’s name. Only recently I have started to think to do that and should probably start. I’m guessing if you say in Christ’s name amen you are giving credit and faith to him being here dying on the cross.

    • Jesse Norman says:

      You definitely should. Christ was the first among God’s creation. Through Him all things were created. Without God using Him as this creation’s sacrifice for past sins, this age would not be possible as a chance for those to find their way back home, including those you love. Without Christ’s future sacrifice, permanent judgment would have already come. Who knows how few among us would enjoy everlasting life? He fulfilled God’s purpose to die for our creation’s past and current sins. Through Him we and our loved ones exist. Through Him we and our loved ones enjoy eternal victory. I’m not lecturing. I’m praising. Give Him His just due.

  12. David says:

    Where are the 1/3 souls that followed satan in the first earth age as far as before they are born? Revelation 11:7 says the beast that comes out of the bottomless pit… this verse would give more proof to the fact that the antichrist is different than satan because we know satan is in Heaven behind Christ not in the bottomless pit. I’m asking though if the souls that followed satan if they are currently in the bottomless pit waiting to be born of woman and put in flesh bodies. From that verse it seems the antichrist is or as of now was in the bottomless pit while he waited to come here. Also do you think God reserved that 1/3 to be born now or has he spread them out? I heard before that some souls stood in the middle confused choosing neither in the first earth age is this in the bible anywhere? I remember hearing it once but never seen it for myself. I may be over thinking this but I find it interesting in Romans it talks about an image of baal and again in Revelation the false phrophet will have them worship an image. If satan was able to get people to follow him while they were in the spirit with wisdom he will have them in the flesh effortlessly. When the new world order comes about do you think your website will be taken down? If not during the first half as there may not be a one world religion until the second half?

    • Jesse Norman says:

      Those angels, nor any other are to be born in human flesh. I know some believe all of us used to be angels, but I do not, and I use the second fall of some angels as the basis to back this up. To believe we used to be angels, we have to believe God gave at least many of us angels another chance during this age. The second fall happened in this age, involving Azazel, Semjaza, and others conspiring to marry human women. God has them reserved for judgment. No chance to get out of their damnation. The first fall had the angels follow Helel and his plot to become the new God. Wasn’t the reason for the first fall much worse than the reason for the second one? So why would God give us a second chance but not Azazel or Semjaza who did something not as bad as the angels from the first fall.

      In the previous age, we were men. We were always separate from the angels. When God said “Let us make men in our image”, He was subtly saying, “This time, let us make men in our image”. We already had a name, “man”, because we already existed. In the last age, and maybe you will be the only one now to get this, some amongst our creation were part of the congregation in Isaiah 14:13. They were amongst the first to see Helel call himself “the new god”. Not one amongst us used to be an angel.

      I am sure there will be things taken down during the NWO. Despite the expressed desire to bring fairness around, these people only want to control everyone. They will control what people hear and say, so maybe it will be taken down even beforehand. They will need to be fascist, despite supposedly being against it.

  13. David says:

    What do you think about the first trump? I’ve looked into this for a long time and I believe it specifically has to do with Israel. It seems impossible for every single blade of grass on earth to burn up and people with animals not all die in a fire that could do this. I was thinking it had to do specifically with the EU nations but that still seemed to big. The book of Joel does get into the pastures being burned up. I wonder if all first 4 trumpets happen specifically with the land of Israel as a judgement for them from God while the antichrist uses it as a way to make a false claim against Israel. Maybe the antichrist will even falsely take credit for those 4 trumpets.

    • Jesse Norman says:

      Seems like the first trump was what also happened during Moses’ time. Probably a meteor shower. The Antichrist will probably say his god and father is bringing many of the plagues, or disassociate the plagues from what is written in the Bible with help from the media. Israel will be the center for many plagues. Trees could probably withstand that kind of plague while grass couldn’t.

  14. David says:

    What is leviathan? I first read about it in the book of Enoch. In Isaiah 27:1 it seems to be talking about Satan. Psalms 74:14 suggest multi headed same as Revelation beast but it says it was given as meat to the people. Thank you.

    • Jesse Norman says:

      Leviathan, according to the Hebrew, is a serpent, but could be anything very big that lives or is in the sea. It could be a crocodile. Isaiah 27:1 was referring to Satan. I believe Psalm 74:14 was just referring to a mythical creature- a figure of speech.

  15. David says:

    Revelation 13 compares the antichrist to 3 beast of the 4 from Daniel. I noticed they are listed in the opposite order from the same beast in Daniel 7 and I believe the reason for this is to Daniel it was future and to John it was the past so he wrote them backwards. From what I understand they are symbolic for Babylon, Persian, Greece. I’m not sure how the antichrist is like them though and I feel it is important. Looking at ancient maps not all these ancient leaders included modern day Spain and those past kingdoms controlled land outside of the first 10 nations to join the EU. So the antichrist’s comparison to them cannot be that he will gain control of all the land they used to have. How will he be like them? Lots going on in the world right now maybe the second seal is about to happen. I still think there’s a bit more time though. I’m looking for Israel to be invaded along with Damascus to be completely destroyed from Isaiah 17 before the antichrist takes control. Another question I have is over the third seal being the economic woe that won’t effect the elect and possibly include some righteous people. How will this be possible to not effect the elect if world wide? Is it because the elect live humble lives and may not have a lot to begin with before all this?

    • Jesse Norman says:

      Well, the difference between how Daniel wrote to John was Daniel was interpreting a vision Nebuchadnezzar saw as opposed to John who actually saw a vision, so it was the past to John. How those nation kingdoms are similar to the Antichrist is they took over Israel, like the Antichrist will. We have time, albeit short. Remember, terrible things befall the world before any seal or plague from the tribulation. The seven year treaty coincides with the seven year tribulation. The treaty will come in order to try to bring the world back to the order from the chaos caused by global socialists. Essentially, those that cause the problems will be the ones to provide the solutions to the problems,or at least give the Antichrist the platform to do it. The elect will be supported financially as well as other things. They will have plenty of money.

  16. David says:

    After the mark is enforced those that completely hold onto their faith won’t be able to buy food and such. In 1 Kings ravens even brought food to Elijah. God made it rain mana to the Israelites. Matthew chapter 6 tells us not to worry about what tomorrow brings. Do you think God will be doing more miracles at this time more than any other time and will feed the people that do not take the mark? Do you also think (outside the elect) the worst of our creation is here today to go through this?

    • Jesse Norman says:

      Yes to all of those. About the mark, this may not necessarily mean buying goods, but doing business. It’s likely people will be able to buy food, but we shall see. Most of the worst from the previous age are alive now, as also most of the prophets are.

  17. David says:

    In Isaiah 65 after verse 17 where God says there’s a new Heaven and Earth this would be in the eternity, 3rd earth age correct? Verse 21 talks about them eating and verse 23 talks about their offspring. Isaiah 61:9 talks about offspring as well. Will people still be having children in the after life when this is all over? In the first earth age we were Neanderthals as in our spirit was inside the flesh of a Neanderthal just as now our spirit is inside these flesh bodies?

    • Jesse Norman says:

      Those amongst our creation who were around in the first age who witnessed Helel and his plot will eventually be judged one way or the other, but the human species will continue for generations on. Our creation was supposed to keep going in the first age, but Helel did what he did. After the judgment, our descendants will repopulate the earth while the just are inside the Temple and the wicked will be in the sea of lava.

  18. David says:

    I’m having a difficult time with this. Death is put into the lake of fire, is death a person / place or just the fact people die as in no more? Will the human species that carry on have a soul and whether they do or not will they die? Isaiah 65:20 suggest they will live 100 hundred years only but how is this possible if there is supposed to be no more death? Also I don’t know for sure if this is correct but before sin there could be no death but yet things died in the first earth age, how is this possible?

    • Jesse Norman says:

      Satan is death, which the plague of the rider of the pale horse illustrates. The human species will have a soul, but maybe not like ours. Things died in the first age, but perhaps we didn’t. If we did, then we had a certain amount of time, so it could mean death before its due time, but I doubt it. There was probably no death for our creation until we bowed our knee to Helel, this creation’s first sin.

  19. David says:

    Do angels have a spirit also, while being an angel is just the flesh body their spirit is inside? The devil is thrown into the lake of fire in 20:10 then latter death is thrown in along with hell. Both must refer to him so I’m wondering if at one point satan’s angelic flesh body is thrown in and then the other is satan’s spirit being thrown in? It seems a spirit has no bodily form.

    • Jesse Norman says:

      You’re misreading or misunderstanding what that verse says. It says the devil, which is Satan, is thrown into the lake of fire where the beast and false prophet are. Satan is not the beast. The human Antichrist is the beast, and at the end of this age he will be thrown into the lake of fire with the false prophet while Satan is thrown into the bottomless pit for a thousand years. After the thousand years are up Satan is released from the bottomless pit to tempt those whose fate has yet to be decided. After he convinces a number of them to battle against the saints, he is thrown into the lake of fire where the beast and false prophet already are. The souls and flesh of angels are inseparable.

  20. David says:

    I have a few different questions. The 5 churches Jesus spoke against will they all be a Christian type church that went astray or will they be all types of religions around the world? I noticed Muslims say allah’s name over their meat which seems to be an issue in more than one church. This could mean future Christian churches adopt this and start doing it. Did these 5 exist at John’s time or are they also simply future? In Romans 11:16 the firstfruit that’s holy, is that the Jews? And for those grafted in does that mean they basically become Jews now? In Genesis 3:14 after Adam and Eve sinned what did God mean when He told satan he would be on his belly eating dust the rest of his life? Satan did not literally go on his belly because in Job he is walking. In Genesis 3:22 God uses the word “us”, is this referring to angels? This could show angels have always known right from wrong. Did we know right from wrong in the first earth age? I always assumed we were in spiritual bodies with God but maybe all of us have always had flesh bodies just a different type.

    • Jesse Norman says:

      The five churches are churches in the latter days, prophecy-wise. Some characteristics of these churches were from back when he wrote it, such as Ephesus, where Jesus says He knows they tested those who said they were apostles but found them to be liars. As Jesus kept saying, though, “those who overcome…” Overcome what? The end. All of the churches are denominations of Christian churches. The firstfruits are the Israelites because God first chose them to receive His word and promise. The “grafted” part is when the Israelites and Christians come together in their belief and reward. Satan being on his belly was a figure of speech, which probably means powerless. The plurality of God most likely was Jesus. It could mean angels since Elohiym can mean anyone with great authority, but doubt it. Jesus said in Revelation “I am Alpha and Omega, first and last”. He was saying He was the first creation made by God, and all have been created through Jesus in some way. The angels knew right from wrong. Remember in Enoch, the angels knew that God would be angry for taking human wives. They just didn’t know how angry. God had to bring about the flood and basically start over. I believe we were like Adam and Eve before they ate from the tree. We had one rule also, but ours was “Do not have any other gods.” The breaking of this commandment put us down this path.

  21. David says:

    Seen where Trump made Jerusalem the capitol of Israel. While Obama was president Muslim immigrants were let in everywhere and now they are protesting everywhere. If there’s enough choas and death from this I wonder if the world through the U.N. will come together to limit the power of the United States and give it to the anrichrist. Isaiah prophesied this country would fall, could just be a result of losing political power around the world. This would also put the anrichrist in a position to make a peace treaty and solve the solution between the two holy sites in Jerusalem. You mentioned before in your posts about people preparing themselves for tribulation and it seems the surest way to identify the anrichrist is to know he will deny that Jesus is the Son of God and that He came in the flesh to forgive our sins. I feel a person should do everything they can do to research and prove to themselves that Jesus has already come in the flesh and is the Son of God. Is this the best thing a person can do for themselves?

    • Jesse Norman says:

      Absolutely, and that means not going by what others say of the Bible or Christ, for good or bad. Everyone has access to a Bible in this nation, so there are no excuses. Tear down the Bible if you can, but don’t get to a point only to where your preconceived opinions stay intact. Eventually you will see it can’t be tore down due to the prophecies already being fulfilled. Revelation predicted the world will be against Israel. What do you know? Two thousand years later and the world is against Israel. Revelation also predicts a global government, which we are clearly headed towards, beginning in Europe. Where does Daniel predict the beginning of a global government? Europe. Jesus said God rewards those who diligently seek Him. To do this one must be willing to ask themselves questions that they might not like and receive answers likewise. I tell people I would much rather have the truth of something I’d hate than a lie I would like. I also always get to a point to where there are no explaining things away. I always do because I have an insatiable desire for the truth- not what I want to be true. Everyone has that ability if they so desire.

  22. David says:

    Will satan’s message during the hour of temptation be that God has given up on us and Jesus will not be returning? Matthew 24 talks about evil servants not looking or thinking Jesus has delayed. The parable of the 10 virgins are Christians were 5 of them is not looking or expecting Jesus to come at all. Seems like after the spirit of slumber is gone satan will convince the rest Jesus isn’t coming? Is the original sin biblical? It’s hard to understand how Adam and Eve eating from the Tree of Knowledge would effect everyone’s eyes to sin. Considering there’s nothing new under the sun and if it worked before satan will do it again, is eating from the Tree of Knowledge possibly what satan got our creation to do in the first earth age? I’m thinking the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge are two different trees. Maybe the elect didn’t eat from it and nobody but the angels would’ve known just how angry it would’ve made God. Do you think the Garden of Eden was even here on Earth but in separate place?
    Lastly what do you think satan’s gain from all this is? He realizes he has a death sentence, does he think if he gets enough to fail God will change his mind?

    • Jesse Norman says:

      I’m sure he will express that message, since then the mystery of God will be finished. Something along the line of “He won’t save your lives.” Satan himself, nor the angels will be the ones doing the killing, but their followers will. The original sin wasn’t the original sin, as you well know. That sin was destined to come to pass, but it wasn’t supposed to be then. Adam and Eve brought sin and death too early. The tree of life and tree of knowledge are two different trees. I am certain Enoch saw them when he was taken to heaven the first time. Our true original sin was believing Helel was the new god. The elect are the only ones to not recognize his claim.The garden was on earth, but taken away. I believe Enoch said this also. Satan will still do what he’s told, but his motivation is to bring as many down with him as possible. Again your questions impress me.

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