One of the greatest mysteries of the Bible is the number 6-6-6 being the number of the Beast. Actually if you read it and calmly reflect on it, things will become easier to understand. Revelation is written so concisely that it pushes people to try and overthink what is written. Take what is written in bits and reflect on the meaning calmly and you should do well. That is very much the case with the number of the Beast. It’s the number of his name. Six in his first name. Six in his middle name. Six in the last. Six-six-six.

What is the Beast? It is written that in the bottomless pit, the Beast, False Prophet, and Satan are going to be there. That separates each entity. The Antichrist does die in the middle. Satan comes here onto Earth taking his place. The Antichrist, the Beast, and the rider of the white horse are one in the same. The Beast is the Antichrist human being, and he will go forth to conquer the world peacefully coming to save the day. He will have his name fit the number 666.

In Daniel 2 and 7, it describes the fourth and last kingdom to come will be the one the Antichrist will come from. In Daniel 2, the kingdom will break up for a period of time, but then reform. The fourth kingdom to come was the Roman Empire. It will be a reformation of the Roman Empire the Antichrist Beast will come from. The eleventh nation to join this reformation, as is written in Daniel 7 will be the one the Antichrist comes from.

It is Europe and the European mindset that desires for a one world government to come one day. Now on the horizon, even without anything happening with these global warming summits, which they hoped would be a catalyst for the New World Order is the total economic collapse of the entire world. It’s at the door and it’s unavoidable. When this collapse comes, the world will come together and make sure no powerful individual nations will have the power to take down the entire world ever again. Since it is the Europeans that have been pushing for global this and global that, they will be the ones to map out a global government and appoint a world leader. The one quietly waiting in the wings.

It will not be Barack Obama. He doesn’t fit in anyway whatsoever, but his policies will be the undoing of this country and thus the entire world. While most think Bush laid a heavy baton into Obama’s hands, I think in Obama’s eyes Bush laid out the red carpet for his radical agenda. There isn’t anything Obama proposes that isn’t intent on spending money we don’t have. Sure Bush screwed up with all of the spending, so why is the answer for Obama to spend more on pace in two years in the red than Bush did during his full term? That’s a lunatic answer if he truly believes it will help our country. As predicted, Obama passed a $150 billion jobs bill. What was the stimulus package for? The one that we couldn’t read or debate on since it was such an emergency and introduced only 48hrs before the vote and was well over 1000 pages. The one that needed to be passed or unemployment would go over 8%, even though even to this day most of the money has not been spent. Hurry to pass it but delay the spending? The one that is touted by Obama on his Stimulus Success Tour ’10 but no one believes it was a success according to the polls. If it was a success, he wouldn’t need to keep saying it was or go on a tour. If it was a success, then why lie about its success in districts that don’t even exist? If it was a success, then why did we need to pass a jobs bill? Just another excuse to spend money we don’t have to collapse our economy. Some may disagree, and I don’t intend this to be a political post, but I will be proven right. Our country will collapse and so will the world. That I guarantee with all sorrow.

Who are you going to look for when trouble comes? How many of you that think you get to fly away and avoid all of this will have their faith dashed when you realize you are still here? How many of you will then look for better teachers? Teachers that don’t try to make you feel good about yourselves to increase donations to their church. Will you be strong enough to go to a church that will tell YOU where YOU are going wrong? Forget about churches that teach what other people, religions, and lifestyles are doing wrong. Do I point that to every individual? Absolutely not, but I am not for the faint of heart. I am no humanist. As God has bestowed upon me, I am an educator for souls. I want your souls healed. Even Christians will have their works tested. Don’t think that because you called on Jesus to save you that you can’t go back on that pledge. There will be many that believe the rapture is coming that will fall away once they realize it’s not coming. They will be utterly unprepared for what’s to come. They will barely be in a better position than those who wander this world aimlessly about as if there’s nothing to answer for.

I wanted to instruct what the number of the Beast meant, but also wanted to make sure people get more out of what’s coming than they normally hear or read. Isaiah was told to get naked and preach in the streets of Israel signifying that the people of Israel would be taken away captive while taking nothing with them unless they stopped worshipping idols and polluting themselves. Jeremiah also warned them. Israel heard them not and were taken away captive with barely the clothes on their backs. I am warning you of what’s to come. You will NOT escape this period of time. You MAY escape specific plagues by your faith and God’s will, but not the period of time. Israel was warned they will be taken away captive. I am warning you that you will lose your soul if you don’t look within yourselves and strengthen not only yourselves, but one another. It is coming. Look through the peephole and see what’s at the door.