Many wonder who the two witnesses are in the book of Revelation. One surely is Elijah since it is prophesied in Malachi that God will send Elijah before the end. So that conclusively is one of the two witnesses, leaving one to debate upon. Elijah was taken up by a whirlwind into heaven, so he didn’t die. In all of the Bible, he wasn’t the only one to never die. Enoch of Genesis also never died.

In Genesis 5, it lists the generations from Adam to Seth to on and on of the descendants of the Jews. After each person listed, it says they lived so many years and died. That is not the case with Enoch. It says in Genesis 5:24 that Enoch walked with God and he was not (in place of ‘and he died’) for God took him. It doesn’t say anywhere that Enoch is definitely the other witness, but my money is on him.

It says in Revelation that the two witnesses will be in a city known as Sodom in today’s world. The candidates are endless, since many cities could fit the bill. It could be New York, Las Vegas, Washington DC, and those are just the cities in the US. There are many cities around the world that could also fit. It says also that they will be here for 42 months. So which 42 months will it be?

The hour of temptation begins after the sounding of the seventh trump. The mystery of God will be finished. As is written in the plague of the locusts, that will be the last five months of the tribulation period. The locusts, which really are the fallen angels (my post “The Plague of the Locusts” reveals this) have power to torment men for five months. How they will torment men will be to maximize every human weakness when everyone will know that there is a God, who He is, that Jesus is the Messiah, and the Bible is really the word of God. They will make it so hard for men to make the right choice even when they know their souls are on the line. Jesus prophesied that those that look to save their lives will lose them. Those that lose them for His sake will find life everlasting. That is for the hour of temptation. Those fallen angels, known as nephilim, will not kill men. They aren’t allowed to. They will seemingly have the answers for this creation to survive the worst period of time in this age’s history.

The two witnesses will begin their time here with five months left in the first half of the tribulation, since the tribulation is divided in two. The first half is the reign of the Antichrist human being, also known as the Beast and the rider of the white horse. The second half will be the reign of Satan in his angelic flesh after the death of Antichrist. The deaths of the two witnesses will happen when there is five months left in the second half, and the overall Tribulation Period. Five months before the end of this age comes.

Before then it is impossible for them as well as the prophets of this generation to die. If any man tries to hurt the two witnesses, God commands them to have fire come out of their mouths and consume the assailant to death. Only after their time is up can they be killed. Once killed, the people of this world will celebrate their deaths. No more of the two witnesses spewing against the sins of this creation. No more hurt feelings. The prophets of this generation, known as God’s elect and the election of grace cannot die either. Seven thousand are reserved in the last generation, and seven thousand will at the same time be taken. Not one more. Not one less. When the two dead witnesses hear “come up here”, they will be taken up into heaven. In that same hour, the seven thousand reserved will also be taken and a great earthquake will come. The remnant will be frightened and will give glory to God. Why? Because the mystery of God will be gone. They will realize who the two witnesses and the seven thousand were. That will be the end of the church of Philadelphia and will begin the reign of the church of Smyrna as those aligned with God. Only the church of Philadelphia will not be here for the hour of temptation. Tsk tsk on those folly hearts that believe they get to fly away via the rapture.




  1. Elijah says:

    You’re wrong about me being one of the two witnesses. May the Lord rebuke you for speaking without understanding.

    Elijah (me) comes before the two witnesses begin their testimony. The two witnesses are witnesses of Elijah. Don’t you understand what the great and dreadful day of the Lord is? The great and dreadful day of the Lord starts when the two witnesses begin their testimony.

    How do I know these things? Because I am Elijah and I will give power unto my two witnesses. I am as Lot in the days of Lot and when I am taken out of the way, AMERICA WILL BECOME DESOLATE.

  2. Jesse Norman II says:

    Thanks for revealing yourself and your role to me, Elijah. I was wondering when it would be so. I thought that you would reveal yourself to me away from the internet. I didn’t realize Elijah needed to make himself known from a wifi hotspot, but we all learn new things everyday.

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