I wanted to write a blog about how the Bible says and my interpretation of how the first day of the Great Tribulation Period will be like. It’s the most natural of reactions to think how horrible of a day this will be. We know it’s written it will last for seven years. Only for the elect will that time be less, and as it is written in Romans 11 God has only reserved seven thousand of them for the last generation, so don’t pack your bags or go upon your rooftops waiting for a rapture that isn’t coming. I’ll get more into that later.

What signifies the first day of the Great Tribulation should tell you it will be the opposite of what most would think, and certainly through a reflex, imagine it would be. The Antichrist also confirms a peace covenant that lasts for seven years. It will be the same seven year period. In the midst of the covenant, war will break out and then will truly begin the worst time in this age’s history. The seven year period described in Revelation also is split in the middle with two, three and a half year periods. These seven year periods are the same.

People will be celebrating the first day of the seven year period because we will have a mindset that we have finally evolved into a peaceful species where negotiation can solve everything. It will be like after WWI which was dubbed “the war to end all wars”, except even more people will buy into this one. The setup for a great and terrible fall. Over the next three years tensions will rise and war will break out once again.

Because we are human, the only time peace covenants come about is after war. There will be a war before the Great Tribulation begins, hence the peace covenant the Antichrist will confirm with many. Whether he plays a greater role than just confirming it remains to be seen, but I would say he most likely will. He probably will bring about a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian (probably many others) conflict. As war breaks out midway through the covenant’s intended length, the Antichrist human being will die. He will claim that he is God and will deceive many. He will stand in the Holy place which he ought not. Many of those that put him in power will learn that he has turned on them. As it is written, the Beast (aka the Antichrist, rider of the white horse) will ride the harlot for a period of time. The harlot is Europe, more specifically the revived Roman Empire, then will come his death. Three days later he will seemingly rise, but it will not be him. It will be Satan in his angelic flesh. Satan, the rider of the pale horse will bring Hell with him and so will begin Hell’s reign on Earth which lasts three and a half years.

The first day of the Great Tribulation, some halfwise Christians will be on their rooftops and churches expecting the rapture thinking they get to fly away while the prophets, who are judged innocent before this life started, have to be here. Nevermind Ezekiel 13:20 which warns false teachers who teach their flock how to fly. Nevermind the original Greek in Luke 21:36 says “…to flee out from all these things…”. Nevermind it is written that the mystery of God remains until the sounding of the seventh and last trump. If all of a sudden millions of Christians, and only Christians vanish, wouldn’t the mystery be gone? They believe and will believe their whirlwind will come and carry them away from all of this. To their discontent and utter disappointment it will not come. I swear to you it will not come. Where will their faith be after such a disappointment? Perhaps the truly blind will buy the “oh! it’s coming next month; next year; three years from now” and stay at the same church but most will realize they were lied to just to increase donations to their church. Why get on your congregations tail to get ready when you can make them feel good and say “that’s just for the heathens. You’ll be gone and watching the horrors on Earth as you were a bird in flight.” That will make your church money.

The truly wise will know when the first day comes and realize what’s to come. No escaping the time. By God’s will and their openness to hearing Him will allow them to flee from some of the plagues. Some plagues are global, but not all of them. Only by death will one escape them altogether.

When the next war breaks out with Israel with other nations, including Syria, prepare yourselves with all diligence for what’s to come. Let not anyone deceive you and tell you that you will fly away. For many it doesn’t matter what you say to them contrary to their rapture belief. They have so much staked into the belief, not to mention their fear of actually going through it that there’s really nothing you can say to them. Let time be your truth decipherer as will I. Perhaps after they realize no rapture is coming for them will they turn and open their ear to you. Don’t hold your breath though. There’s nothing more magnificent than the will of a human to purposely blind themselves to truth. That goes for believers and nonbelievers alike. God bless.



  1. Bill says:

    Good post. There was a time when I believed in the pre trib rapture but not so much any more. If it happens . . . great, but I don’t expect it. The question I have is, the seven thousand of Romans 11. In context, it is used as an example pertaining to what he was dealing with at the time, not as a statement of prophecy. Wouldn’t you agree?

  2. Jesse Norman II says:

    What he was speaking about was very much encoded. What I mean by that is when he reiterated the conversation between God and Elijah, he wanted to clarify in another mystery that those people weren’t on Earth at the time that didn’t bow their knee to Ba’al. How does God reserve or hold back someone from His point of view? Paul did state on his own right after that there was a remnant according to the election of grace. Then he said that these people were not chosen for any work they have done in their lives, or else it wouldn’t be called grace. Faith is a gift, but also a work because faith can be built. Being faithful is a good work. Being unfaithful is a bad work. Those God reserved didn’t show their faith in this life in order to be chosen. Refer to Jeremiah 1:4-5. Paul was brilliant in telling those with eyes and ears that there was something much more to the picture of Ba’al than a pagan god in this age, and when this failure of faith happened. Our souls are much older than our bodies, my friend. Thanks for the compliment.

  3. David says:

    The dragon is satan’s soul inside the human flesh beast? Is the false prophet a completely different person? I’m having trouble reading where you see the beast dies and comes back to life. It says rev 13:3 he saw one of the heads was wounded (key word i’m looking at is One), but latter it says the heads are 7 hills and 7 kings So when I read thru this i’m reading it as one of the kings receive the wound either it be a person and the beast heals them or part of his political system fails and he fixes it. Can you please explain that better to me? Chapter 14 in revelation talks about 144,000 being redeemed from earth and they are firstfruits, is this the Jews from the 12 tribes that are sealed and are they being taken out of the tribulation at some point? I hate saying rapture because that’s false but for them yes is that what it’s saying? Ok first half of tribulation the holy city will be tread under foot for 3 1/2 years by gentiles what exactly does this mean and is antichrist here? 2nd half of tribulation satan is in spirit and false prophet shows up. Then 7th trump and the 5 months begin. When do people start taking the mark before or after the 5 month reign? I know i’m not one of the elect because the bible doesn’t come easy to me but I do honestly believe I understand enough that at some point hopefully right away that i’ll know something isn’t right with this guy and he’s false there’s to many clues especially when they make an image for him it’s a give away but what would life be like for someone such as myself? Life will go on everyone will think he’s god and were devil worshipers, will we go to federal prison? At what point will he claim to be god, the whole 7 years? or just 5 months? Will people that refuse to follow be rounded up by military force, will they destroy our homes and rape women? Seems like if people stood there trial at the start of 7 years for 10 days then put to death that he would kill thru them all by the end of the 7 years and no one would be left by the 5 months. Maybe some of my question are pointless about what will happen, I don’t really care to die and lose this life because we get to be with God once again but I worry about my family and if we will have to suffer before we die, I understand that’s not the important part but I would feel better if I knew. Just to add my dad was a disaster prepper as I grew up I started to be somewhat until I started to read the bible almost daily which started in April this year now i’m about to get rid of a couple 5 gallon buckets of rice (which would be all of them) to have more space in one of my rooms.

    • Jesse Norman says:

      There’s too many questions to answer here now. I’m not feeling well. I’ll get to them at another time. Hopefully I can get to most of them.

    • Jesse Norman says:

      The dragon is Satan, period. Rev. 12:9 & 20:2 doesn’t hint at human flesh. The dragon gave the beast its power (Rev 13:2). The False Prophet is a man who supposedly represents Christianity, because he has horns like a lamb, but speaks as the Devil. ‘Lamb’ shows he will represent Christ in the eyes of the world until people truly of faith can make out what he’s doing.

      It’s true that it says one of the seven heads were wounded as if it were dead, and each head represented a king, but you stopped there and didn’t go further. It says the world marvelled at the beast after this. The beast would be one of those kings, and if the Dragon gave him his life back, the world would marvel at the beast. As far as the political system goes, I don’t know who is teaching this because someone else brought this up to me, but I asked him “how is a political system put in the lake of fire?” After the next age, it is written Satan will be put in the lake of fire where the Beast and False Prophet already are (Rev 20:10).

      Those Jews/ Israelites are sealed, and they will be the only ones not tormented by the plague of locusts. This indicates they will be on earth during the hour of temptation.

      One must keep in mind Jerusalem is a city divided into quarters. Now I do believe the whole city will be trodden down, because the Antichrist will be there, and he is a Gentile. He is here now. These are the latter days. If they were not, I wouldn’t be alive now. I believe once Jerusalem- all of Jerusalem came under control of the Israelites in 1967, that began the the final generation.

      I don’t agree Satan is in spirit in the last five months, or the False Prophet suddenly shows up. Satan is bound by an angel after Christ’s return, which shows he will be here in the flesh. The False Prophet could be well known for years as a Christian representive before he starts speaking for Satan.

      The Antichrist will claim he is god when the abomination of desolation happens, and given that it is in the middle of the seven years that he causes the peace to cease, he will probably proclaim this just before the first half is over.

      If you are one of the elect, God will take care of you. The elect are the oil and the wine in the plague of the rider of the black horse. If the price of things go up, so would actual oil and wine. The elect are immuned to most things, especially from an economic point of view because that plague will be an economic one. I wouldn’t worry about who is going to do what. Whether you are one of the elect, continue to walk down the path. Worry about yourself now so you can then worry about others and are able to help them. You can’t help them if you aren’t fully prepared for it.

    • Jesse Norman says:

      Lastly, these trials do not start at the seven years because no one of the church of Philadelphia is put on trial. They will start at the beginning of the hour of temptation- the last five months.

      • David says:

        Thank you I guess you couldn’t put a political system in the lake of fire. I believe it was Murray that taught this. You always bring good points to clear things. What does it mean when it talks about they behold the beast that was, and is not, and yet is? What’s the first and biggest clue you are looking for into spotting him so that you know not to follow him? Thank you again.

      • Jesse Norman says:

        It could be that is when they see he is dead. He was, is not, yet will have his life restored. The Antichrist will come from Spain (if the time is now), according to Daniel chapters 2 and 7. I have a good idea who it is. Either way, I am not worried about being fooled by him. I won’t be. Glad to help. It’s my job.

  4. David says:

    Can you explain about the millennium kingdom to me? I understand that it’s a thousands years and I understood it as a teaching for those that never had a chance or oppertintiy to hear the word of God or about Jesus and took the mark because if that but the 7th trump reveals the mystery of God so there’s no need for the millennium. Thank you.

    • Jesse Norman says:

      In this generation, the choice will be forced upon all. Those who fail during the hour of temptation do not get a chance during the millennium. They will know who God is and fail, so they will have had their chance. The choice at the end of the millennium will be for prior generations and those who did not endure the hour of temptation.

  5. David says:

    Question about the trumpets. It is known Satan comes at the 6th trump but when I read thru them it seems he gets kicked out to earth on the 5th one so which one is it? Also thinking about the time line if we are talking about Satan coming on the 5th trump to earth it says he has 5 months in the 5th trump. Could you clear this up for me? Which trumpet is he coming in? Thank you.

    • Jesse Norman says:

      Satan doesn’t arrive at the sixth trump. The sixth trump has to do with eastern nations who cross the Euphrates. The four angels could be overseeing four nations and set them loose. Their army was two hundred million. The sixth seal has the Euphrates dry up to allow the kings of the east to cross. If you look at China with their population, they can make up many of that two hundred million man army. The sixth trump and seal are very much intertwined.

  6. David says:

    When the bible talks about Israel in the New Testament is it talking about the literally state Israel or is it talking about people? I’ve seen in Ephesians where it talks about adoption of sons also in Galatians and Romans. I’m reading that as God wants us all as his sons. So when he refers to Israel in Revelation is he referring to the state or any true follower of God. If that is the case could ISIS be the gentiles treading on Israel right now by killing Christians everywhere?

    • Jesse Norman says:

      In Revelation, Israel is the land, such as in chapter 12 because it says the woman flees to the wilderness, giving the location. The adoption is the future Christians of Israel and Gentile Christians becoming one people under one God through His Son Jesus Christ. Israel in the Bible never represents Gentile Christians. Israel is either the nation, meaning the people, or the land of Israel. The Gentiles treading Israel is really the whole world coming against Israel, likely to take land away and giving it to Palestinians. There would have to be a humanitarian mission in order to commit this evil. ISIS is just a sign of things to come.

  7. David says:

    Daniel 9:26 From what I understand the prince they are talking about in this verse is satan and is going to come from the race of people that destroyed the holy temple. Correct me if I’m wrong but I think the Babylonians destroyed it the first time and the second time was the Romans. Looking at the maps of that time would the antichrist have to geographically come from that location or just be of that race of people? I thought satan would be a very popular person claiming to be a Jew but not one like a kenite. I think I remember you saying on here that he would come from Spain which is part of the old Roman Empire but how did you narrow it down that far?

    • Jesse Norman says:

      Satan won’t be born into human flesh. The Antichrist will. You have to remember that these are two separate entities working for the same cause. The Antichrist won’t have to be a Jew or Kenite. Just a hint, the Antichrist will come from a line of crusader kings of Israel.

      How I came to Spain was Daniel chapters two and seven put together. The fourth kingdom in Daniel 2 was the Roman empire, which would die but relive. Its reformation is in Daniel 7. If the time is now, and it is, this reformation must be the EU. Spain and Portugal were both the eleventh nation to join the EU. Spain, however, played a big part in the next three nations joining. This is why I say the AC will come from Spain. God bless.

  8. David says:

    Ok it says that there will be 10 horns in Daniel which would be the first 10 EU nations that started one by one. Then in Daniel 7:20 it says another will rise up after those 10 and he will be antichrist so since Spain and Portugal were after the original 10 he would come from them but you believe Spain because of it’s influence of getting 3 more to join. Is that correct? Also it says he will uproot 3 horns and it says that 3 different times in that chapter. In Daniel 7:8 it says 3 of the first horns were plucked up so we should assume that the first 3 nations that joined are going to be cut out of the EU (which I believe) or just any 3 nations cut out of the EU by him? Also does it mean he will do away with that country or just that king since the horns represent a king, seems to suggest both? In revelation 17 it seems to suggest 2 different time periods of leadership we have 7 kings at first then we have 10 kings that will be in power for one hour, hour of temptation is this correct? At the beginning of chapter 13 in Revelation we start out at 7 heads so is it safe to assume that immediately or even right before antichrist takes control and tribulation starts he will cut out 3 countries out of EU? That seems simple to look for hopefully. Always before I thought there would be 10 nations of power across the whole world and only 10 whole countries. God bless.

    • Jesse Norman says:

      Yes, that is why I believe Spain is that nation. Also, the EU has one of its headquarters in Madrid. As for the other things you wrote of, I see it the same way. Maybe, though, he doesn’t force them out. Maybe they will feel compelled to leave. God bless.

  9. David says:

    I haven’t put much search into a time frame and focused more in other areas since not even the angels in heaven know the time of the end but does the bible give any clues as to how long a generation is from God’s point. Seen where Great Britian will be voting whether to leave the EU or not. We should be watching for 3 countries from the original 10 to leave correct? I thought a person being antichrist would put them out but maybe that would be to much a give away on who he is if he does it himself and he’s smarter than that.

    • Jesse Norman says:

      A generation is forty years, since that is how long the Israelites wandered through the wilderness to die off, removing that generation. Yeah, it’s something about Brexit with our President threatening GB if they leave. He is doing what he’s told since the NWO will come from the EU. Interesting times.

      I wouldn’t worry about if he’s too smart to do foolish things. Ignore Pastor Murray when it comes to that, if that is where you’re getting that line. I have heard him say that line more than a few times. The Antichrist’s father is the king of fools. Satan had incredible prominence and security. We’re talking eternity here. What did he do? He cast it all aside to become our god, knowing there was no way he could ultimately win. Knowing God is God and would respond harshly to such an action, and he still did it. Yes, he’s smart, but he’s also a fool. If things are written of him or his son, and I’m not saying this is one of them, no matter how clearly they are written to reveal him for who he is, he will fulfill the word because he must. There will be people taking a physical mark of the beast (for example), despite Murray’s contention. Something has to set them apart in order for them to be able to buy, sell, or trade from those who do not take the mark. Where it says he will subdue three nations could simply be the nation bringing in other nations. That is how I understand it, but I could be wrong. Remember, the Antichrist confirms the seven year covenant after these nations are brought together. The covenant itself will most likely be the NWO. Satan wouldn’t want nations leaving the EU in order to keep it intact to be the groundwork for the NWO. It’s possible three nations might leave but are forced back into it. Hope this helps. God bless.

  10. David says:

    Very true I’ve listen to Murray say that plenty of times but not where I got it from. When I first started studying I figured satan would use scripture with more charisma and more wisdom than any teacher I’ve listened to so far (this is before I found your site) while twisting it. Which lead me to reading on my own so I could see it for myself and I could have a rock solid decision verses just knowing well this pastor said it reads like this. That in turn lead me to your site because other teachings didn’t all add up. Now I see that even in the first earth age people with wisdom and knowledge made a bad choice which is scary to me knowing were in the flesh. But I guess just like satan people are capable of doing foolish things themselves and that’s the answer for it. I shouldn’t give him the credit I previously have. So in Daniel 7 your taking subdue as in he gets 3 to join and not kicking 3 out? I’ve been reading it as 3 gets removed but what I didn’t see before is in verse 24 it does say he does it, so either way whatever it is he will do it himself. I’m assuming your a bit older than me due to your knowledge in a bit more history and news than me. I’m 29 so at the time when spain helped those 3 countries join was there a certain indivual that helped that process? Looks like 3 joined after Spain and Portugal in the same year 1995.

    • Jesse Norman says:

      Again, thanks for the compliments. I also had an insatiable hunger for the truth. At first I had this calling when I was turning 25, so I started watching Van Impe, but soon realized he was more about using the end time prophecies for money than teaching. The expectation for the rapture I never bought, either. I felt I had a job to do, so I wasn’t going to miss the tribulation. After a couple of years, He really pushed me to study hard. I was studying well before, but this was my second calling to move to another level. I then learned things very fast. It was dizzying it was so fast, and I knew it wasn’t me necessarily learning these things on my own. I knew these things I was learning was coming from Him. After a while, He allowed me to take a break, because there wasn’t much further I could go. I was too impatient to learn much more. I sparcely read for eight years or so, but this one morning as I was waking up, I heard God say to me “Start the church of Philadelphia.” With patience, I redid every doctrine I had ever learned, and soon it all came together for me. I learned more in a few months than I did in the previous eleven years combined. At some point, you will have to go over every doctrine you have ever learned, even the things you are 100% right about, in order to bring every doctrine into one harmonious line. I am 45, by the way. As far as the EU thing happening, I just did research and saw how three nations came in at the same time, and Spain had a hand in it.

      The singular “him” could mean spiritually him, not him personally. Whether these nations have been subdued yet or not, I don’t fully know. I suspect it has, though.

      I just remember Murray using that “he’s smarter than that” line, especially talking about the mark of the beast doctrine. He overthought that, thinking Satan or the Antichrist wouldn’t so overtly fulfill the Word, but they most definitely will.

      Keep your walking, and do not be afraid to leave this world behind, no matter how alone you feel. Time is short, and while I back then could afford it, you cannot. Don’t stop walking. God bless.

      • David says:

        Thank you. I often wondered if you were the first one of the elect to realize it because we’ll you don’t see many who are claiming to be and doing what your doing. The way you write this site as well I didn’t seem to notice at first but it also seems as your trying to get God’s elect to realize they are God’s elect. I have no idea as of yet about myself but out of mercy I do believe God has let me notice 2 things that I wouldn’t have noticed without him. I didn’t even see some things at first no matter how many times I read it and then I just seen it plain as day and have no clue why I didn’t see it before. I always had faith but after that I feel it cannot be rocked or my mind changed on those 2 things. That and I noticed 1 thing completely on my own without help other than most likely from God himself that from my stand point proves the book of Enoch to be legit and my mind cannot be changed from that. Far as actually talking to God though has never happened for me. I believe he simply had some mercy on me and I had to wait maybe a year on those verses before I noticed them so plainly. Thank you again sharing. God bless.

      • Jesse Norman says:

        Yeah, I started this site to help the elect on their journey. The sheep know the voice of the shepherd. God has spoken to me many times, but it’s usually through a feeling that I know is not my own. As for hearing His voice, it’s only been a handful of times, but it was clear as day. I heard it within my right ear. Don’t know why that is. Each time, a feeling like a great epiphany would quickly follow.

  11. David says:

    Reading through some of John’s teaching. I understand there are many antichrists and in 2 John 1:7 it says that a antichrist doesn’t believe Jesus was in the flesh and died on the cross for our sins. So if antichrists have this belief or teaching will The antichrist the beast have the same attribute? He will claim Jesus never died on the cross for our sins? One other thought I want to ask. If not for the fact that the people marvel at the beast because he rose from the dead I would almost say the lie of the great tribulation is (considering the false prophet doesn’t do so called miracles until after the 7th trump) that there is no God and the antichrist will just claim to be a genesis leader self proclaimed god of earth and will be an atheist like George Soros does.

    • Jesse Norman says:

      The Antichrist will claim he is our god and the Christ. Remember, Jesus is our God, too. The Antichrist will have an awakening so he can tear up the Word with creativity. He will probably not fight that Jesus was crucified, but that He wasn’t the Christ and didn’t die for our sins.

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