Of all of the commandments, perhaps “thou shalt not covet” is the most ignored one. In America and all over Europe, people want things that do not belong to them, hence the socialist/marxist/communist movement. Perhaps God knowing the future, He knew that those that disobeyed this important commandment will be the undoing of the world economy some day. It is a European idea to take from the wealthy and give it indirectly to the ones Vladimir Lenin called “useful idiots”, but it has trickled here in the United States to a point of prevalence.

Before I delve too deeply in that direction, I will get to another form of covetousness here in America. America has been the greatest violater of a subsidiary of covetousness called materialism. We are the most materialistic country in the world. We want the big house. The coolest car. The hippest set of gadgets. Clothes as far as the eye could see. Result? Debt and the need to be bailed out of trouble. People don’t think they can lose their job and be swamped by their debt, or too selfish to care. It’s one thing if you can afford these things. It’s a different thing entirely if you can’t, even if you think you can. People line up to pay hundreds for the newest iPhone to replace the iPhone they just bought months ago. Too many people get into such debt that when they do unfortunately lose their jobs, the taxpayer gets the bill. Too many of them don’t care if the taxpayer bails them out because “hey, I pay taxes, too”. This country is in financial trouble at every front, but I guess this is the way it’s supposed to be now.

Karl Marx used the covetousness of people to get behind his movement to rob Peter to supposedly pay Paul. The covetousness of the people in the world today has blinded them to a point where they ignore all of the prior marxist revolutions where the unions and other have nots were fooled time and time again. After the useful idiots did the dirty work for the elite revolutionaries and then voluntarily disarmed themselves, the true intention of marxism was revealed. The haves played ball with the elite revolutionaries, not the have nots. Most of the money was centralized and the people under them only got crumbs. A social pyramid scheme if there ever was one. Marxism couldn’t be done in America many years ago because there was a great difference between the people in Europe and America. The immigrants from Europe fled to America to get out of the noose of overbearing regimes and didn’t want to be taken care of. They saw not only freedom in America, but opportunity. Through centuries of kings and paupers in Europe, having the mindset of having an authoritarian to take care of the populace kept most in Europe. Marx knew that all too well as did the socialist elites in Europe. Those that didn’t want that not only went to America, but became America.

 The elites in America over the years have done a good job of holding the European mindset in high regard while belittling the American way in nearly every aspect of our culture. Condition the populace to accept or want socialism, then destroy the capitalist system so the people need socialism. Far too many in America forget that this country was the one people found refuge and opportunity in. Not Europe. People fled Europe to come here. People have not fled here to go to Europe, even now. If it’s so bad here in America, the easy solution for those elitist people is to leave. They haven’t perhaps to fulfill the very Word they deny.

America will fall and so will the world. Once that happens, sovereignty and opportunity will be a shadowy history. Out of the ashes of the collapsed world economy will arise the New World Order. It will purportedly be a way to have global economic justice at the expense of ideas that made one country superior to the others. America is seen as the great oppressors of the world because its success causes those that don’t have it to covet them. Nevermind it was the adoption of the European philosophy of socialism that kept them in their mire. America had and the rest had not. The sinister idea of bringing America down was a European idea. It was then adopted by elitist Americans intent on getting Paul behind the idea of robbing Peter to use our covetousness against us. This way America will one day collapse so something new can take its place. The same mantra of social justice will be spewed while it will only bring even injustice. The lie of spreading the wealth is believed in again while again most of the money taken will go to the central authority figure, or government. The question you should all be asking is who will be the new authority figures where most of the money will go to? It hasn’t unfolded completely yet, but you’d have to be blind not to see the path ahead. Hear ye! Hear ye! Here comes the riders of the black horse and white horse!


Fox News Channel’s Bill O’Reilly had an interview with Christianphobe Bill Maher, which aired in two parts on September 29th and 30th. Progressives love to marginalize people by making that “phobia” charge, so I’ll play their game with a little bit more integrity. I do believe while they might not fear Christians, they do fear Christian principles because it gets in the way of their objectives. I watched the interview and got pretty much what I thought I was going to get out of O’Reilly and Maher. I do have to say I was a bit shocked at how little faith Bill O’Reilly has. He said that he believed that the Old Testament was more allegorical than literal when arguing with Maher about the flood. I’ll get to that first. What neither man explained was that there is scientific evidence that there was a great flood long ago, and that the legend of the flood is a worldwide one. In China, they have the legend of the flood and a great ship. If it wasn’t written in the Old Testament, there would still be the legend of the flood. They also have possible visual evidence on Mount Ararat something made of wood sticking out of the ice from satellite pictures. Where does the Old Testament say the ark of Noah rested? On Mount Ararat.

Maher also brought up that the OT in Deuteronomy says to stone your neighbor for working on the sabbath day. As O’Reilly said after the airing of the interview, Maher was incorrect with his accusation. Leave it to an atheist to know the word of God. God did say a man will be put to death for not keeping the sabbath (actually written in Leviticus), but as I wrote in my last blog “God’s Tolerance In The Old Testament”, His strict laws were for the Jews only. Moses repeated many laws in Deuteronomy just before the Jews entered into Israel and repeatedly said after many of them either “because God has made Himself known to you alone” or to “put the evil away from you”. What he meant by putting the evil away from the Jews was to keep the influence of Satan out of their cities once they inhabited Israel. When God created Adam and Eve, He also created the “tree of knowledge”. He did so for a reason. He forbad them to ever eat from it. God’s intention was that someone else would eat from it many years later, or else He wouldn’t have created it. The serpent was really Satan (Rev 12:9, 20:2), and his purpose of beguiling Eve was to bring onto our creation sin and death before its due time. Someone at some point would have eaten from that tree. Because sin and death were brought in before their time, to save Israel and our creation as long as possible, God made some harsh rules and standards for the Jews. It was only to them He gave proof of His existence. For that, they had a much higher standard. By the time Jesus lived, the influence of Satan was upon the whole Earth. It was so rampant that men were about to stone a woman for infidelity when they too had committed sins worthy of death. That’s why Jesus said after probably writing their sins in the dirt “let he who is without sin cast the first stone”. They left quickly and let the woman alone. Jesus also correctly pointed out that the sabbath was there for man, not God.

Politically speaking, Maher said on O’Reilly’s show and has tons of other times that Americans (especially those that abide by the Constitution) are moronic. He just typifies many socialists/marxists. He has said that the Constitution is outdated and has outlived its purpose. Mostly the Constitution deals with powers limiting the government, especially the federal government. The great thing about the Founding Fathers is that they seized power from the British and made the unheard of gesture of saying “we don’t want it”. Not only didn’t they want that power, but they didn’t want anyone else to have it either. People who believe in that must be dumb, eh? Why are conservative Americans thought of as morons and socialists thought of as geniuses, but all the evidence is on the side of the morons? Why are Christians thought of as hateful people but people like Bill Maher are thought of as brutally honest intellectuals? Come on, Bill, name me a socialist state that didn’t get run into the ground and freedoms weren’t taken away? Bet you can’t do it, but conservatives are dumb.

To Bill Maher, here is something I have yet to see any atheist explain away or tear down with ANY integrity. Jesus said on the cross “My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?”, in which he was quoting the first part of Psalm 22:1. Verse 16 says, “For dogs have compassed me; the assembly of the wicked have inclosed me; they pierced my hands and my feet.” This was written around 1000BC. I’d love an explanation. I don’t want to hear about mistranslations or that the authors of the KJV made it look that way. The reason is the word “pierced” in the original Hebrew is the word “aw-ree” which does indeed mean “pierced”, and if the authors wrote the KJV (instead of apostles) and made up what Jesus said to make it look like he’s the Messiah, then their own doctrine is wrong and disputes with what they wrote. The New Testament was originally written in Greek, then the Catholic Church translated it into Latin with the Vulgate. The King James Version is the English version of the Vulgate. The doctrine of the Catholic Church as to why Jesus said that on the cross is that it was His moment of doubt and pain, not quoting the first part of Psalm 22:1. That means they couldn’t have written that themselves to make it look like Jesus was the Messiah since their doctrine was that He spoke to God on the cross. Why what He said on the cross wasn’t a sin was because He wasn’t speaking to God, but instead quoting Psalm 22 proving He was the Christ. Yes, explain that away, Mr. Maher.

To Bill O’Reilly, you better do some more homework about the Bible because it was clear that you were uncomfortable talking about your knowledge of it. “The OT is full of allegory”…? Come on, man. Because O’Reilly wasn’t secure about his faith and knowledge of the Bible, Maher made him look like a fool in that exchange. O’Reilly’s answer to Maher was at the best super-flimsy. I hate it when people speak of the Bible (on both sides) and they make it clear they know very little or nothing about what’s actually written or certainly don’t have a good grasp of the doctrine thereof. If they speak in favor of it but do it in an unsubstantial way, then all Christians look the fool compared to someone who has a hateful look upon Christianity but has pertinent questions about their beliefs. My advice to those that don’t know the Word well, don’t argue with those that want to tear it down. Don’t quote it if you don’t know it.