In these days, people on the left try to portray Jesus (whom most don’t believe He was the Christ) as a caring socialist that wanted everyone to be taken care of. They’re pretty slick with it sometimes, too. I do find it odd that people that want Jesus and God out of everything like to co-opt them when they want to promote social justice. I’d wonder why they do that, except I know the reason already.

Socialism was never intended to be fair, just, or successful. It was a plot by a well-known Kenite that many think of as a Jew named Karl Marx to grab power away from the powerful by playing on the minds and hearts of the poor who wanted social justice. Karl Marx was actually a Kenite. I will leave a link below to a previous post that the true student of Christianity and Jewish history should all read. Marx’s disciple Lenin called those that allied with their plot “useful idiots” because those people had no idea what they were getting themselves into. Marx and Lenin and the rest of Marx’s disciples knew that the people would rise up against the rich in an effort to rob Peter to pay Paul. Lenin and the rest used the covetousness of the people against them. In every case the workers revolutions happened, the people became enslaved to the new government. There was Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, and Pol Pot that used marxism as a way to get enough allies to bring them into power. You know the consequences from there. Hitler is thought of as a right-winger, and he was for Europe in a sense. He wouldn’t be seen as a right-winger in America. Nazi stands for “national socialism” (national sozialismus), which can not be argued as a right-wing cause in America. Hitler used the anxiety of the working class to promote his power and also used their hatred for the Jews to nearly commit genocide. Stalin did very much the same thing after Lenin.

Being that a Kenite birthed the idea for socialism, which has led to the deaths of millions, I am very comfortable and confident to say Jesus would have no such part in socialism. I know the left would say “didn’t Jesus want to give to the poor? Wasn’t He against the rich?” Yes, to both questions but that is certainly twisting Him and history to prove oneself correct. They’re also counting on the fact that you wouldn’t know any better. They want you to be ignorant of the fact that socialism wasn’t intended to be fair, but they also aren’t wise to the fact that back in the old Jewish days money that was given to the poor went directly to the poor. Money didn’t go to programs intent on being wasted and stolen under the guise of helping the poor. You think Jesus was mad at the money changers inside the Temple? How do you think He’d be in Washington DC? Hasn’t no one ever taken into account that in socialist countries the number of the poor always rose? That the poor stayed poor and the rich after fighting the revolution for a time decided that they better play ball with the top people in the revolution and stayed rich? Jesus was against the rich because the rich, generally speaking, loved money more than anything else including God and one another. Kings, Emperors, and those that took advantage of capitalism opened the door for the idea of socialism to be the battle cry for those they treaded upon. America is no different. In the early 20th century, the great entrepreneurs took advantage of the workers and the capitalist system. There were no checks and balances. The rich for the most part could care less about those that helped them attain their wealth. Now capitalism is struggling with its last breaths to fight global socialism. Some are already giving in to the upcoming revolution since they know more money is coming, which is why some of them have said they are for being taxed more to “do their fair share”. If they spoke loosely, their forked tongues would reveal them for what they truly are.

There is not just a law, but a commandmant that says “you shall not covet your neighbor’s possessions”. Maybe the most telling bit of proof lies in the book of Job. Job was one of the richest men in the world and God was more proud of him than anyone else at the time. After God allowed Satan to tear Job’s life asunder, three of Job’s friends came to him and berated him instead of consoling him. Eliphaz used the typical socialist accusation towards Job saying he took the clothes off the naked and wouldn’t feed the hungry. Doesn’t that sound like what socialists accuse the rich of doing? If Job was around now, he would be despised and accused by socialists and they might even use God’s word against him, yet he was righteous in the eyes of God. That should say it all about whether or not Jesus was a socialist. That answer is definitely NO.

Capitalism, kept in check and not abused, is the greatest way to promote freedom. If there wasn’t any sinful covetousness, the idea of socialism would die a fast, violent death. If there wasn’t any sinful covetousness, there would be no abusers of capitalism either. It was fear of kings and those that wanted power that had the Founders write the Constitution. The Constitution limited powers of the government to stay out of the way of people and was the ultimate recipe for success. America, by way of the Constitution became the richest and most powerful nation on Earth while those that used and wanted socialism stayed or became oppressed. People in europe fled the birthplace of socialism and went to a capitalist country for opportunity for them and their children. I’ll put the Constitution by the Founding Fathers up against the Kenite idea of socialism and it’s numerous examples of failure any day of the week.




  1. oleg says:

    Very interesting article … Yes, under socialism, everyone was poor … I agree, but was not rich men! … There was no class hatred, which leads to a revolution …. Socialism in Russia, died due to lack of money and corruption + arms race against the NATO … that we have in Russia now? “… we have a corrupt government that is leading Russia to death

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