As the title of this post says, Satan was the father of Cain. Not Adam. I will prove this with the Word and will tie it into what is happening in the world today.

Eve was beguiled by the serpent, but the serpent wasn’t a snake as is portrayed. Revelation 20:2 reveals the serpent was Satan. After it was revealed to God that Adam and Eve sinned by eating of the tree of knowledge, God said to the serpent that his seed and the woman’s seed would be enemies. Sure Eve gave birth to Cain and Abel both, but Adam only fathered Abel and Satan only fathered Cain, dividing the two. What happened? Cain murdered Abel and was motivated to do so the same way as God predicted to the serpent. Only by faulty traditional doctrine has kept people blind to what’s written here. It should be common knowledge that Cain’s father was the serpent/Satan. Proof of my doctrine lies in 1st John 3:12 where it says that Cain was of that wicked one. In 3:10 it speaks about the children of the devil. Many mistake this as figurative, but it wasn’t. Also, the original Hebrew word for “beguiled” was (naw-shaw), which one of the meanings is “to seduce”.

There were other races with Adam, as I write “How Did Cain Marry A Woman?”, so when Cain went east into the land of Nod and married a woman, a new race was born. That race was called the Kenites. The Kenites were a race of people that settled mostly in Canaan and Midian. Since the Jews and Kenites were closely related by way of Eve, they had the same enemies. Thus on the Israelites trek through the wilderness where they fought their enemies, the Kenites helped being that they had the same enemies. From that moment on, the Kenites were part of the Jews on their way to Israel. Even before then, Moses married a Kenite as it reveals in Judges 1:16 that Moses’ father-in-law was a Kenite. In 1st Chronicles 2:55, the Kenites were appointed to be scribes due to their ability to convince the masses of their interpretation of the law. Over the years, the Kenites went in the way of their father Cain, who went in the way of his father Satan.

In Numbers 24:21-22 proves that Kenites were from Cain. “And he looked on the Kenites, and took up his parable, and said ‘Strong is your dwellingplace, and you put your nest in a rock. Nevertheless the *Kenite* shall be wasted, until Asshur shall carry you away captive.’” While “Kenites” was correctly translated, “Kenite” was not. The original Hebrew word was “Cain”. It should read “Nevertheless the Cain shall be wasted…” This not only proves Kenites were of the line of Cain, but also somehow Kenites survived the flood since this is after the flood of Noah. The line of Cain never broke.

God’s angel Helel committed a great crime in the eyes of God. An unforgiveable crime. Helel wanted power. He wanted to become God. What is commonly written in the translated versions of Isaiah 14:12 as “Lucifer” was actually in the original Hebrew Helel. Lucifer is the Latin translation of Helel, which means “brightness”. There is some wisdom to the translation that the Catholic Church did, being in the next line “son of the morning”. Lucifer in Latin is also “morningstar” which happens to be Venus. That is connected in code to Romans 11. After Helel’s unforgiveable sin, God sentenced him to everlasting punishment but would postpone this because He still needs him. The angels are done making their choice, and a third followed Helel. Our creation however is not done making our choice. God also changed his name from Helel to Satan, which means “adversary” and in some cases in the OT means “persecute”. Both important and apt meanings. God needs Satan to weed out from our creation the unfaithful from the faithful. This way, the faithful can keep their free will without fear of becoming future Satans or following future Satans, since Satan is the Great Tempter. He was for the angels, and he will be so for our creation. If God didn’t allow Satan to do this, then either our free will would be taken away or we could be going through this cycle over and over again. Who’s to say this isn’t the first time this choice has been brought to our creation? The reason why Helel/Lucifer is only mentioned one time in the Bible is because that is what he was known as when he committed this crime. Since then, he has been known as Satan. He was known as Satan in the days of Adam as was revealed in Rev. 20:2.

The children of Cain are the children of Satan, and they are power-hungry, convincing, and manipulative. The scribes and Pharisees Jesus scorned were Kenites. Many things the innocent Jews are blamed for are perpetrated by Kenites. The synagogue of Satan that Jesus spoke of in Rev 3:9 will be started by Kenites (people who say they are Jews, but are not). George Soros is a Kenite. Karl Marx was a Kenite. Many “Jews” that hate Jews are Kenites. Many people thought of as power hungry Jews are Kenites that work with subtlety, just as the serpent was. That is why an elitist marxist’s first rule is to hide they are marxists. In marxist literature they not only work with subtlety, but manipulate because they are of their fathers or they are influenced by those who are of their fathers. Satan, the Kenites, and those who have hollowed themselves empty will find the Jews and Christians to be their enemies. This is how it is written and this is how it will be done.

I urge you all to read the previous post “The Ride You’re All Being Taken On”, which really is the first part of this post.

UPDATE: This is something I felt I had to write since I have gotten many word searches that lead to this post (and a couple of others) that have me shaking my head. I applaud all who ask questions on their search bars and find my site, so I’ve never taken any person’s word search to task before. I hope I never have to again. This word search though I have to respond to. The word search was “Cain is the father of the Jews”. I can’t stand Jew-haters. Can’t stand them because if they are supposedly Christians, then they ignore so much of the Bible because it does their ability to Jew-hate no good, so it insults my intelligence and my title as a real Christian. The examples I could give run a mile long, which I won’t give here. I have many other times in other posts at my site. You may want to check out “Those Who Hate Jews” pts 1 and 2. This was such an ignorant word search I can’t hold my tongue. It is written so plainly in Genesis 5 that Adam fathered Seth (since Abel died and Cain was banished), and on and on were the lines of the Jews listed. Let me clue you in, those of you who hate Jews and think that Jesus was a lily-white Irish-looking man. Adam in Hebrew means “ruddy complected”. God named Adam “ruddy complected” because of his skin color in Genesis 5. Let’s look at Genesis 5 and on when it comes to the descendants of the ruddy complected. Adam fathered Seth, and from Seth was Enos and from Enos on and on came Enoch. From Enoch on and on and onto Noah. Then from Noah on and on to King David. Then there’s Matthew 1 where it goes from King David and on and on to Jesus. What do you know? Jesus was of the line of the ruddy complected! Jesus was a ruddy complected JEW. Jesus wasn’t an Irish man drinking Guinness in a corner pub, nor was He a German eating liverwurst wearing swastika armbands with tattoos all over with a shaved head. Jesus’ real name was Y’shua or Yeshua, which is a Jewish name that means “God saved”. The English version of Y’shua (when you cut out the Greek) is Joshua. Jesus is the English pronunciation of the Greek version of the Hebrew word Y’shua. He was a ruddy complected JEW! To think otherwise is imbecilic. Just as those who say they are Christians but yet hate Jews and Israel. I have news for you. Not only are you imbecilic, but you are no Christian. Psalm 129:5 “Let them all be confounded and turned back that hate Zion.” Badee badee badee what? Let me repeat that. “Let them all be confounded and turned back that hate Zion.” Of course that does the Jew-hating no good so somebody idiotic will try to parse this conclusive, definitive verse from King David who was also one of the ruddy complected. Continue with your blindness if you will, but don’t you dare call yourself a Christian. Humble yourself and let your moronic hatred go, or you will go…. you know where.

I have just written a page at the top of the site called “Attention Jew-haters:”. I have a couple of things there that can’t be contended with by Jew-haters who read the Bible. I also tell the truth about the origin of the word “Jew” and how the original word wasn’t always only referring to Judeans. I urge everyone to read it. It is one of my most important writings.


  1. oleg says:

    If God knew that so why would he do that? I mean .. if everything is predestined by God… what for… all it

  2. Jesse Norman II says:

    Everything isnt predestined by God, hence why we still have a choice to make. Even after this age and the next, and when the great judgment is over, we will still have free will. God loves us so much that He doesn’t want to take away our free will, at least those of us who are faithful. Those that aren’t after they’ve been given every opportunity under the Sun to be faithful, will be punished everlasting. As it says in Romans 8, only the election of grace are predestined to do anything. In Romans 11, it says that in the last generation that there will only be 7000 that God reserved called the election of grace. That means nearly all of our creation have no destiny other than being forced to make the choice for salvation.

  3. PaulioliRavioli says:

    Now wait just a minute Brother you said Moses married a Kenite? Let me show you something: If you moved to Philadelphia, PA would that change your prodgeny make-up? If you live in a city were Kenites live would that make you a Kenite? If I live in Philadelphia PA dose that make me no longer a Sicilian? I contend that 1 Chronicles Chapter 2 verse 55 is refering to a geographic location not Moses father-in-law being a genetic Kenite. We need to be awful careful with the bible. It looks like you have figured out some pretty neat things, but I think you goofed on the part of Moses father-in-law being a Kenite. Thank you, Humbily, PaulioiRavioli

    • Jesse Norman II says:

      I thank you kindly for your input. Moses when he was banished from Egypt found himself in Midian, which is where his future wife and father-in-law lived. There was no geographical place named after the Kenites who were a nomadic tribe. Most, if not all of the Kenites settled in Midian and Canaan. Moses’ wife was a Kenite that lived in Midian. I agree we must be careful when it comes to the Bible, which is why I always am. I think my other posts will show that. God bless.

      • Teresa R. says:

        Judges 1:16 clearly reads: “And the children of the Ken’ ite, Moses’ father-in-law, went up out of the cityof palm trees with the children of Judah into the wilderness of Judah which lieth in the south of A’-rad;and they went and dwelt among the people.” God’s word clearly states that Moses married a Kenite.

      • steve says:

        It is easy to get the Bloodlines all Mixed Up if you don’t do enough research…. Jethro/aka.Reuel (father in law of moses) was ONLY Kenite by LOCATION (Jericho=city of Palm Trees/the Kenites Land), and was NOT a Kenite, but in fact was a “MIDIAN PRIEST” (Exodus ch.2 vs.16).. And to be a “Midian Priest” you Had to be of That Bloodline. Midian is “ABRAHAM’S SON” from his 2nd Wife KETURAH (Genesis ch.25 vs.1-3), NOTHING to do with Kenites.

        Also: OTHNIEL is CALEBS NEPHEW (Judges ch.1 vs.13) by way of: “Calebs Father was Jephunneh (Numbers ch.13),” and “Kenaz (Othniels Father) was Calebs YOUNGER BROTHER,” making Othniel, Calebs NEPHEW (Judges ch.1 vs.13).

        This Bloodline (Israelites), is of The “Man” Adam=ready complected/White etc….the TRUE ISRAELITES, who the Truth would come through ( In Hebrew dic…Link: to [PAGE: ) …119 ‘adam aw-dam’ to show blood (in the face), i.e. flush or turn rosy:–be (dyed, made) red (ruddy).

        It is in Fact, the Kenites=sons of CAIN/Satan Child, who CLAIM to be JEWS, but LIE, and are of the Synagogue/SPERM/BLOODLINE/GENEALOGY etc. of Satan (Revelation ch.2-9 ch.3-9)(Mathew ch.13)(Numbers ch.24), and you can Read in: (1Chronicles ch.2 vs.55) – where they (Kenites) were “SCRIBES” for the Tribe of Judah, and ONLY Judaen BY LOCATION, NOT BLOOD. They (Kenites) have Crept in EVERYWHERE (Jude ch.1 – certain men crept in Unawares, Godless men, Denying our ONLY LORD GOD ALMIGHTY).

      • Jesse Norman says:

        What law/rule was there that in order to be a Midianite priest that they had to be of that bloodline? The only law concerning such a thing came after Moses’ father-in-law became a priest from God to Moses. I did leave out another mistranslation in this post similar to the one in Numbers 24 that is quite conclusive that Moses’ father-in-law was indeed a Kenite by blood. Before I get to that, will just one person tell me how one would be known as a Kenite by location since they were nomadic. There was NO land named after Kenites. As is written correctly translated in Numbers 4:11 “Now Heber the Cain, which was of the children of Hobab, the father-in-law of Moses, had separated himself from the Kenites and pitched his tent unto the plain of Zaanaim, which is by Kedesh.” I’ll leave it at that.

      • steve says:

        Jethro/aka.Reuel is talking below in the third verse….read the last eight words…. and I might add…if you study names in God’s word you’ll see they will more likely represent who they really are…”Reuel” means “friend of God”…It’s doubtful that he was a Kenite… and God will even change the names of people to show there true colors….A prime example of this was when Saul, who was known for persecuting Christians, became known as Paul, the disciple of Jesus.

        Exod 18:1-3
        1 When Jethro, the priest of Midian, Moses’ father in law, heard of all that God had done for Moses, and for Israel his people, and that the LORD had brought Israel out of Egypt;

        2 Then Jethro, Moses’ father in law, took Zipporah, Moses’ wife, after he had sent her back,

        3 And her two sons; of which the name of the one was Gershom; for he said, ‘I have been an alien in a strange land’: (KJV)

        Lexicon :: Strong’s H7467….Reuel or Raguel = “friend of God”; the father-in-law of Moses; also ‘Jethro’;father of Eliasaph, the leader of the tribe of Gad at the time of the census at Sinai; a Benjamite, ancestor of Elah

        Check out the names of people in God’s Word and see if their names add up to who they are….

      • Jesse Norman says:

        Did I get anything wrong in that verse I wrote in my reply? It’s very clear this relationship was by blood descendant. Were there not Kenites that were holy in the Bible? Even Cain was given a chance to do good works by God, but he chose the wrong path. Being a Kenite isn’t a destiny for evil. There is not one Kenite that doesn’t have a soul created by God within them. Those who choose the wrong path have given way to the traits Satan has. I ask all to put what is written above all intuition or thought. Once a person casts away what is written (in this case Numbers 4:11), they cease from achieving more wisdom. God bless.

      • steve says:

        Jesse…I agree!

        In His Service A Watchman For God….steve

      • steve says:

        Jesse…Just to let you know…Numbers 4:11 should be:
        Judges 4:11

        Now Heber the Kenite, which was of the children of Hobab the father in law of Moses, had severed himself from the Kenites, and pitched his tent unto the plain of Zaanaim, which is by Kedesh. KJV

        We all make mistakes….begin each day anew.

        Lamentations 3:22 “It is of the Lord’s mercies that we are not consumed, because His compassions fail not.”

        If God turned us completely over to the Kenites, there wouldn’t be any of us left. But God does protect us, and it is good to thank Him for that protection.

        Lamentations 3:23 “They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness.”

        God’s mercies are fresh every morning of every day.

        Lamentations 3:24 ” “The Lord is my portion,” sayeth my soul; “therefore will I hope in Him.” ”

        The Lord is who feeds and gives strength to our spiritual body ….Start each day anew in Christ

        God Bless….steve

      • Jesse Norman says:

        You’re correct. I still had the mistranslation of Numbers in my head. It happens all the time.

      • steve says:

        Jesse…For Christ to be born of man (Read…become “The Son of man”), there had to be a pure blood line, or pedigree of man, without the mixture of the fallen angels, nor of Satan’s offspring the Kenites, and at the time of Noah….his family was the only pure pedigree of the Adamic bloodline remaining on earth. All mankind became polluted in mixture by the fallen angles (Read…That was the reason for the flood of Noah), and this corruption before God is called violence in Genesis 6:11; “The earth also was corrupt before God, and the earth was filled with violence.”. This pedigree is what was protected by God through the flood.

        Genesis 10 gives us the generations from Noah, through Shem to the parentage of Abraham, and you can study Abraham’s righteousness in the fourth chapter of Romans.

        Satan has tried to destroy the blood line whereby the Christ child, Jesus would be born in many ways, but Satan and his angles did not get their job done. Even today Satan is trying to destroy us. If one stays in God’s Word we will not be destroyed by Satans deceit and violence.

        Peace through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ….steve

      • Jesse Norman says:

        Kenites certainly survived the flood somehow, or else they wouldn’t exist after the flood. God was not trying to stop the spread of Satan’s seed with the flood or else the flood would have taken them also. Satan wasn’t trying to defile the line of Adam. He was wanting to help bring about the conflict in having sex with Eve. This is the same reason he used Mohamad by staking claim to the seed of Abraham, thus the land of Israel. Satan was going to corrupt this age at some point because somebody was going to eat from the tree of knowledge. Jesus is the foundation of this world, so this means He was destined to live and die for the remission of sins before sin was brought to this age.

        Satan’s line were the Kenites and they survived the flood or else they would not be written of after the flood. The flood came to remove the descendants of other angels who fell after the fall of Helel/Satan and the third that fell with them.

        I do not like to go tit-for-tat while discussing disagreements here at my site because those discussions are endless. I ask a question or point out something written that can’t be explained away and I leave it there, like I did by pointing out Judges 4:11. You haven’t tried to explain that away, yet I pointed it out with the correct translation.

        One last thing, I do read. I read a lot. I’ve studied the Bible for nearly eighteen years with a Strong’s Concordance. I have read the book of Enoch also, which goes into laborious detail of what angels had relations with women which caused God to bring about the flood, and Satan’s seed was not even hinted as being part of the reason for the flood. It was the descendants of other angels that God was trying to get rid of.

      • steve says:

        Jesse…This will be the last comments I make……I never made any statement on Numbers 24:22 because I have no disagreement with you on that….The Kenites are the descendants of Cain…Cain was from the sexual union between Satan and Eve in the Garden of Eden, when Eve was wholly seduced by Satan. and as far as Noah’s flood is concerned…Genesis 6:19 And of every living thing OF ALL FLESH, two of every sort shalt thou bring into the ark, to keep them alive with thee; they shall be male and female….

        FLESH: OT:1320
        basar (baw-sawr’); from OT:1319; flesh (from its freshness); by extension, BODY, PERSON; also (by euphem.) the PUDENDA of a man:
        KJV – body, [fat, lean] flesh [-ed], kin, [man-] kind, nakednessself, skin.

        Two Kenites…male and female.. were taken aboard the ark along with the sixth day creation of Genesis one that formed the races…The ethnos….nations of the world…i.e. Gentile nations…another study for another time.

        And like I said…These Nethilims had to be destroyed, with a clean start for the blood line that already existed, to survive. Why do I state this? Because God’s plan required it to assure the proper birth for the coming Messiah….I can prove this in God’s WORD but this is not the right format to do so.

        This an other study that I’m not going to get into but, I will say this… the Kenites were spared because they were the negative part of God’s plan…You see…everyone has freewill to choose if they will follow God or satan and that includes his satan’s children.

        And Lastly…I apologize if you thought that I meant that you don’t study…I can plainly see that you do…I only meant that, as a blanket statement, WE ALL need to search out God’s Word for understanding.

        God Bless….steve

      • Jesse Norman says:

        I am very well aware of the measures that God took in making sure Christ was born, but I believe it was equally a matter of the corruption of this age and protecting the line of David to the Christ. As I have written a couple of times here, God’s laws given to the Israelites and the harsh punishments for the breaking of such laws was to hold off Satan’s success in bringing sin and death onto our creation before its due time. Someone was going to eat from the tree of knowledge. It just wasn’t supposed to be Adam and Eve, and it wasn’t supposed to happen then. This is what Satan’s motivation was when he beguiled Eve-to bring sin and death onto this creation before its due time. This is why Moses kept saying about these laws in Deuteronomy before they were about to enter the promised land, “to put the evil away from you”. To do so long enough for the Christ to be born, then it would be time to forgive the sinner.

        I agree wholeheartedly about the Kenites being on the ark, for I have said this also. I also agree God is letting them do what they do, because the end of the age has an appointed time. I do not agree with your sixth day creation doctrine where I’m assuming Adam was made on the “eighth day”, as Pastor Murray teaches. It’s clear (to me anyways) where it says when Adam was created that God was going back to the sixth day and spoke of a specific man. I know it says “there was no man to till the ground”, but that’s because plants were created on the third day when there was no man at all. If there was no man, there would be no man to till the ground. No man created on the sixth day had the ability to till the ground? What would have prevented them?

  4. annie lain says:

    very interesting observations here! i have question for website??? 1 – what is ur opinion of mr. cain. any correlation to cain vs, abel? 2 – many blogs i’ve seen suggest his 999 plans is the 666. they say “if he respects god’s math of 10% tithe, his plan should be 10-10-10. you hear of TOP 10….. etc but never top 9. 9is 1 short of perfect 10. 3- blogs say many think cain is obama just pretend person on republican side but will keep obama policy in place if him elected. 4 – blogs say that he’s the person to keep the rich from paying their share. buffet said for those making $20 million and up in income, taxes should match that level. if $50 million then highe tax, then $1 billion…much higher than those at $20 million level etc. we know, god said “at the end, the rich r gonna throw their gold and silver into the street saying “saving us” but there will be none.

    • Jesse Norman II says:

      I think a lot of people drink too much fear juice, so they look into every little thing and point to it as a sign of the end. I know we are in the end times, but no his tax plan is not a sign of the end. Herman Cain has nothing to do with Cain and Abel. Cain’s descendants were similar to Jews, which is why Moses married one. Those are the people that Jesus said say are Jews, but are not. Herman Cain is about as authentic of a “politician” as I’ve seen. If you know his history, you would know that he’s not some plant. I won’t support any particular person running because I’ve known for a long time that there is no point. Our country and world will collapse very soon no matter who wins. Everyone’s looking into six-six-six in everything, but the Bible indicates that is merely the number of the Antichrist’s name. Six letters in his first name. Six letters also in his middle and last name. Those people you speak of also have confused what a tithe is. A tithe is what is paid to the church. Not to the government through taxes. A tithe and taxes have nothing to do with one another.

  5. Erich Lucien Needs Jr. says:

    I just love jewels like this thank you for sharing and confirming thru scripture. I cried I feel for every one. But GOD knows best. I wish we all could…LOVE EQUALLY.

  6. Pat Davis says:

    The Kenites are the sons of Cain- Eve and Satan had sex, Cain is Eves and Satans child

  7. Brian says:

    The Synagogue of Satan is well known! What if your half Anglo and half jew? Can you go either way? Nicodemus was a kenite who loved and beleived Jesus. Also why is God taking away gender for? The greatest pleasure he gave us eliminated. I know men who wanted to marry and have a family insted they got slaughtered on the battlefield 18-25 yr old! And he wont even make an exception for those who died for him on the battlefield? That does not sit with me! And i hope part of the bible is untrue! I love women my fiance Grandmother sister aunts there so awesome. When a male doesnt want women around i wonder if you know what i mean! Like your page jesse norman the second.

    • Jesse Norman II says:

      What does being half-Jew have anything to do with the synagogue of Satan? About how God is eliminating gender, you lost me. Can you explain what you mean about that? Thanks.

      • Orson says:

        jess God bless you watch my post
        study about lucifer you arre right
        about satan and eve but lucifer is
        satan just study it if you have time

  8. Wesley says:

    Jesse, you seem to be sincere and well meaning, but the serpent seed doctrine contradicts scripture. Your given proof scripture, 1 John 3:12, is indeed to be taken figuratively and it is you who are mistaken to think it’s literal. Please consider 1 John 3:9. It says God’s seed abides in all true Christians. Obviously God’s seed is placed in Christians in a holy method, not by physical intercourse as you teach concerning the method of how Satan’s seed was placed in Eve to produce Cain/Kenites. Obviously a figurative interpretation is in order. Also, your mention of the hebrew meaning of “beguiled” is correctly interpreted: ‘morally seduced’, not ‘physically seduced’ as you imply. The problem is Eve sinned when she did EAT of the forbidden fruit. Do you believe she did have sex with the fruit? Friend, the answer is, “No”. I hope you don’t think Satan was the fruit. By the way, how can a woman and a snake (serpent) … you know … have relations? Friend, can you tell me where the Holy Bible says Satan had intercourse with Eve?

    Actually, God’s Word clearly shows Adam is Cain’s father is in Gen 4:1. It teaches Adam knew Eve HIS WIFE and she bore Cain. (Quick side note: please notice there’s no mention of God being upset over Eve’s adultery with Satan. Why not?) As you can see (read) it doesn’t say anything about sex with Satan, or twins, or two different fathers. Adam is Cain’s father. And notice in the very next verse (KJV) it says, “And she AGAIN bare his brother …”. AGAIN (‘again’ meaning happened once more just like the first time) she had intimate relations with her husband and had Abel. Now your interpretation runs into a problem here friend, because if one is to believe Satan is Cain’s biological father (despite Gen 4:1 clearly teaching Adam is the father), then you also have to believe Satan is Abel’s father too because the verse says, “AGAIN”. Otherwise you contradict your position. But we both agree that Adam is Abel’s father. And what about 1 Cor 15:39 friend? This verse teaches man (mankind) has only one kind of flesh. You teach there are two kinds, one of which is fathered by an angelic being eventually producing the Kenites. I’m sure we can agree angels are not human beings. Your teaching contradicts 1 Cor 15:39.

    And your interpretation of currently living Kenites that are descendents from Eve is quite problematic. Aside from its dependence on the Serpent Seed doctrine (refuted above), you have a problem of explaining how they survived the world-wide flood (Gen 6:17, Gen 7:23, Luke 17:27) that killed everyone, except the eight souls safe (1 Pet 3:20, & 2 Pet 2:5) inside Noah’s Ark. That’s very important, please focus on only eight souls surviving God’s destruction. Jesse, there is no direct mention of Kenite people in the ark is there? Additionally, please draw your attenion to what God told Noah in Gen 9:2,3. Every living thing on the earth (which came from the ark, except fish) is given to Noah and his sons (meaning the eight of them: husbands and wives are considered one flesh Gen 2:24, Mark 10:8 Eph 5:31) for FOOD! Surely you don’t believe God would allow Noah to kill and eat Kenites. I look forward to your reply.

    • Jesse Norman II says:

      You did make good points to support your argument. The problem is I didn’t just give one or two things that favor mine that you took to task. Firstly, as I’ve written before, Satan was told that his seed and the woman’s seed would have enmity towards one another. This clearly is not a figurative thing, so who are the seed of the serpent/Satan? God also told Satan what the enmity’s motivation would stem from. He shall bruise your head and you shall bruise his heel. Lo and behold Cain kills Abel because he was tormented by the good works of his brother. Coincidence? I also have written that while Satan was told about his seed that Eve was not told. She’s the one who said she received a child from the Lord. These were not God’s words. I fully believe that the act of having sex with Satan and eating from the tree of knowledge are two separate acts, therefore her having sex with Satan was not against the one rule God made to them. My implication wasn’t really an implication, just a possibility. Then there went the line of Cain. Secondly, Moses married a Kenite, not an Israelite. Moses’ wife was a Kenite (blood) that lived in Midian since that is where Moses wound up. Kenites were a nomadic group that had no real home land, but Moses was allowed to marry one. Thirdly, who are those who say they are Jews but are not? In the OT, Kenites are separated from the Jews identifiably while they lived together in Israel. 1st Chronicles 2:55 shows that Kenites were different than the Israelites. No other people in Israel were identified as anything other than of the tribes of Israel. You didn’t mention any of these in your comment. You do seem like getting to the truth of things written is important to you, but it is at the very least equally important to me. If it were just a couple of things, there is no way I’d make a jump like this and I certainly don’t base my doctrine on someone else’s.
      With the subsequent wisdom based on this conclusion, I realized the motivation of such people as Karl Marx and George Soros: deceitful people who were power-hungry liars that hate Jews. These are those who say they are Jews but are not. They are power-hungry. They are liars. They are convincing and manipulative, all just as Satan’s characteristics were listed as. Thanks for coming.

  9. greg beckelic says:

    do you think satan and the subtle beast in the garden who talked with eve and seduced her were the same or did satan have power over the beast?

  10. greg beckelic says:

    have you ever studied any of william branham the prophets messages?

  11. Dianebr says:

    When I asked God to reveal to me what really happened with Eve and Satan in the garden of Eden and to give me the spirit of discernment, that’s when the rose colored glasses fell off. This is not the forum for the discussion. There are other issues related that I would like to discuss with you since you understand.

  12. 1john 3v10, as you interpreted that those that are not righteous are cains decendants. If i am righteous and my brother is not, does it mean my brother is of cain?

  13. Orson says:

    good study only satan did not fall
    he was not lucifer he did not fall
    lucifer mesans morning star watch
    revelation 2-28 lucifer was adam
    he is the one who fell .satan was
    evil from the begining watch john
    8-44 so he could not have fall
    he was already

    • Jesse Norman II says:

      The original Hebrew word for Lucifer was Helel, which means “lightbearer, brightness”. Adam in the Hebrew means “ruddy complected”. Those are two separate entities. After Helel’s crime, God changed his name to Satan, which means “adversary” and in some references in the OT means “persecute”. He used to be the lightbearer, the morning star. Now he’s the adversary and has and will persecute our creation. Since the existence of Satan he was evil. Adam was not one of the stars of God.

  14. Miche says:

    hello Jesse I find my self reading a lot of your post. I was wandering about the RFID if I may have your input and if are you taking it? any comment will appreciate again or for?

    • Jesse Norman II says:

      It is yet another danger to privacy. It’s funny that right-wing governments are the ones accused of being too authoritarian, but it’s always marxist governments that invade privacy. Another example of marxists who accuse their enemies of the same things they intend to do themselves. By design, it is marxist governments that keep tabs on their people because they are Godless people who have a god complex. I won’t be getting one, but taking one isn’t necessarily the mark of the beast, although once that comes it may be of similar form.

  15. trish says:

    The jews that Christ talks about in rev 2:9 are the canaanite and edomites. The so called “jews”. These imposters stole the nickname from the people of the tribe of Judah. Jesus was from Judah, the kingly tribe. And God’s chosen people are the anglo saxon scandinavian german and kindred peoples that crossed the caucus mountains into europe and settled great britain and ireland and eventually America. The birthright was passed on to Joseph’s sons Ephraim and Manasseh which is Great Britain and America. Not the sand trap, Israel, in the middle east.

    • Jesse Norman II says:

      Trish, I just wrote a post that there is no way to it can explained away. It’s called “Does ‘Jews’ Mean All Israel?” You can’t argue against it. In Esther, Benjamites are specifically called Jews. Wake up before it’s too late.

  16. Resty says:

    If Satan is the father of Cain :
    1. What would stop Satan to fathered more sons since he can easily transform into a manlike being.?..
    2. Then Cain , suppose to be Satan’s seed , should have been bruised in the head by Abel , not other way around . .( Gen.3:15)
    3. Eve then on the birth of Cain in Genesis 4:1 ( being aware what had happened between her and serpent ) will declare that she had gotten a man from the Serpent or Satan instead of saying from God.
    4.Then all Cain’s descendants are evil and have sinned , and all Seth’s descendants were righteous and cannot sin . ( Romans 3:23 ) . All have sinned brothers ……

    • Jesse Norman II says:

      1. God still has power over Satan. He has forbidden him from doing so.
      2. Cain was bruised in the head. He was tormented by the good work of his brother. That is how Abel’s heel was bruised.
      3. The serpent was told. Eve was not, besides only God can create a soul..
      4. Adam and Eve brought sin onto our creation. This isn’t up for debate.

  17. gb says:

    to change the subject.Are we under the old testament or the new? I have a guestion about marriage. If a man spreads his skirt over a women , are they married, do they have to have a licenses.

    • Jesse Norman says:

      Well we would be under the New. In the old days, it wasn’t feasible to depend on a rabbi to always be there to marry a couple. In the eyes of God, if two make a covenant of marriage then they are married. One must keep in mind the “rendering unto Caesar” line in making sure the state recognizes the couple as married barring extreme circumstances in hostile countries. It is also important in this day and age that other people recognize the couple as being married also to avoid accusations of living sinfully. Getting married in a public way is the best way to go.

  18. gb says:

    Yes, this is what I believe also, I mostly believe what you teach, I have studied with Murray for years, There are things that I don’t understand yet. What are the elect suppose to do here, waiting for christ return. I try to teach others about things they should know, most the time it falls on deaf ears. I have one friend that sees things the same way I do. It is lonely. It seems like your life is on hold. Most people are worldly and don’t want to believe anything.I don’t go to a church now, Can’t find one that teaches anything
    of value . Is it wrong not to worship with others. I know there are others out there that have the truth.

    • Jesse Norman says:

      Nope, I am in that same boat. What you write about I know very well. Be patient and prepare yourself for things to happen very quickly. I wrote a post pretty recently called “The Sacrifice of God’s Elect”. Check it out. God bless.

  19. Big Phil says:

    I have been studing the bible since about 1990. I have to tell you thank for speaking the truth. Allthough a lot of people are blind to these truth’s in the written WORD of GOD. To others who may read this note, be challenged pick up the BIBLE and read GOD’S word. And when you read WORD my you be blessed with understanding.
    To all keep studing GOD’S WORD.

    • Jesse Norman says:

      You’re welcome and thank you. You’re correct. A person has to read God’s Word without the influence of men. My last post “The Quest For Wisdom” explains this clearly.

  20. Lomosi says:

    Preach on

  21. Aiden Evony says:

    absolutely fascinating material – both arguments are incredible and i suspect this has been at the heart of debate since it was written – i am half-jew and half anglo-christian – i have gone through a period of atheism, but consider myself a pan-theist and to some degree a deist – but really trying to wrap my mind around “the truth”. I recently discovered my wife had a “romance” which precipitated our pending divorce – trying to attain a spiritual understanding of it all, her, myself, and how someone like me who follows the “rules” ends up like this – I am questioning everything I ever knew – and to think I ended up here on this blog – wow. I do not know what I believe at this very moment in time – thank you for the research and I would like to see more

  22. James E King says:

    yes thank you.

  23. Dee says:

    Wow… !!! Amazing…. Jesse, I am a very spiritual person that found myself being drawn away from the Catholic Church several years ago. I believe very strongly in the Almighty Father and our Lord Jesus Christ and after reading your post here today, I have become even stronger about my belief in Cain being the son of Satin. A very dear friend of mine spoke to me on this exact subject a few months back and also discussed the Kenites – take over of the Jews and how the ones that profess to being a true Jew, scorn other Jews whom believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. These are the children of Cain. Those children, as you have stated are power-hungry, convincing, and manipulative. And it’s scary to think that so many people are blind sided to these wolves in sheep clothing.

    My dear friend also described the biblical beginnings of the development of different race in the bible, and I’m not quite sure whether I’m comfortable with this. Could you please give me an understanding of what you know on the creation of different races in the bible.

    I look forward to reading more of your post.


    • Jesse Norman says:

      Well, the Bible isn’t very descriptive of the other races being created. The word “adam” does mean “ruddy complected”, and in Genesis 5:2 it says God called their name Adam, plural. The creation of other races, not so much divisions of the descendants isn’t very clearly written. We do come to the story of Nimrod in Genesis 10:8-10, Genesis 11:1-9. We see that his kingdom was called Babel in the tenth chapter while in the eleventh we see how it came about. People seem to think that this is where God made different races, but I don’t see it that way. I see there was a reason why God felt He had to divide the people and confound the language. It is well accepted to the Jews that Nimrod tried to make everyone the same, and I agree with them. That would fit the reason why God had to divide the people. If Nimrod tried to make everyone the same, perhaps to rule over them all, it would only be because there were already different races. If there was one race, why would he try to make them the same? Thanks for the compliment. May God bless your journey towards wisdom.

      • Bridgett says:

        I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog. I also agree that Satan is Cains father. However I believe that on the sixth earth day creation God created other races. Other people where here on Earth years before Adam and Eve.. Gen 1:26-27

      • Jesse Norman says:

        A lot of people see it that way, including Pastor Murray and his students, but looking at what’s written when Adam was created, it looks pretty clear (to me anyway) that the Bible was going back to the sixth day creation and spoke of a specific man God created. It says plants were created on the supposed eighth day (I speak from Murray’s point of view), which were already created on the third day. It seems pretty clear Adam was created on the sixth day, but wasn’t spoken of specifically until after the seven days of creation were finished being written. That’s just how I see it. Thanks for coming.

  24. John Brown says:

    One person I don’t think is credited with being a Kenite probably was, Maragret Sanger. Since Kenites like to pretend to be Jews, she was pale/light skinned with dark hair and dark eyes, her name means “blood”, and she certainly was bloody with wanting to kill the “empty” or “useless” eaters with abortion, she certainly lived up to the role of a Kenite.

  25. Dan Shively says:

    Thanks for this website Jesse. “Serpent seed” seems to strengthen other areas of the bible, i.e. Isaiah 14, Ezekiel 28, “Moses lifting up the brass serpent”. Can’t we say though that today the serpent’s genetics are distributed throughout all of mankind. Some races may have a higher concentration of those genetics than others, but generally we all need to overcome those genetics. So when John says that the brass serpent in the wilderness was representative of the Son of Man, how does this analogy make sense? I think it’s because Yeshua had to overcome his own serpentine genetics. Also, we have Him saying things like “If your eye offends you, pluck it out”. In otherwords, do what you have to in dealing with your own individual serpentine genetics.

    • Jesse Norman says:

      I do believe that many throughout the tribes of Israel have that genetic blood, as well as other nations and races. Being that Kenites were with Israel for most of this time, it would be a foregone conclusion that there was some mixing, not to condemn Israel. This line is not just a bloodline, but a spiritual line also, for God knows where to put souls into certain flesh. As for Jesus telling us if our eye/hand offends us… this has nothing to do with our bloodlines. This is simply our human tendency to sin. Before there were Kenites and even before Adam and Eve, our creation was destined to sin. The tree of knowledge of good and evil was eventually going to be eaten from at some point, and since Jesus is the foundation of this world, He was destined to live and die for sin before sin came about. Thanks for the compliment.

      • FamousJames says:

        Do this scripture refer to what you are saying. Read Romans 8:29,30 That YHWH foreknow, He also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the first born among many brethren. Moreover whom he did predestinate, them he also called and whom he called, them he also justified and whom he justified them he also glorified. Jesus said with man this is impossible, But with YHWH all things are Possible.

    • John Brown says:

      > I think it’s because Yeshua had to overcome his own serpentine genetics.

      I think that is probably not the best statement to make concerning Jesus.

      The whole point of Noah’s flood (perfect in his generations) and how Israel was not to intermarry, was to have the Levite priest line clean along with the Judah king line to prevent what you -think- happened. It did not happen. Mary had the pure bloodlines of Judah and Levite.

      We can not say who has what DNA of the serpent, only the angels can sort them out. Though we can certainly draw a good guess by their actions alone. If you have some insight, you can tell just by talking to them.

      Some countries have a much higher concentration then others, such as Kenya, that wanted to be named that after THEIR oral traditions. In spoken Hebrew Kenya means Cain (ken) our God (Yah). The Kenites (in Kenya they call them and Obama “afro-arabs”) invaded the Cushites (from Noah’s son Ham who married into the blacks) and then sold them into slavery to their in-laws, the white people that started the USA. Satan’s little joke.

      Jesus tells you who sowed the seed, why, and that the angels will be sorting them out.

      Matthew 13 (King James Version)

      30 Let both grow together until the harvest: and in the time of harvest I will say to the reapers, Gather ye together first the tares, and bind them in bundles to burn them: but gather the wheat into my barn.

      —> 35 That it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the prophet, saying, I will open my mouth in parables; I will utter things which have been kept secret from the foundation of the world.

      38 The field is the world; the good seed are the children of the kingdom; but the tares are the children of the wicked one;

      39 The enemy that sowed them is the devil; the harvest is the end of the world; and the reapers are the angels.

      40 As therefore the tares are gathered and burned in the fire; so shall it be in the end of this world.

  26. Dan Shively says:

    Thanks for engaging me. In the genetics of Yeshua, it’s Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, and Bethsheba that have always caused theologians to wonder about His lineage. That being said, I don’t think it impossible that Yahweh would be able to keep Yeshua’s line pure. So I’ll concede that one to you (John).

    Genetics are complex, and so why did Yahweh say that his seed was in Jacob and NOT Esau? Maybe it’s because even brothers don’t inherit an identical set of genes. I guess the reason that Yeshua’s genetics needed to be pure is that some sins are inherited from your ancestors (in the genes). So with Yeshua as the 2nd Adam, He needed to start out “fresh”, just like the original Adam.

    So how about this:

    1. We are all born with freewill and the ability to sin. Many of us are also born with a strong tendency for repeating the sins of our ancestors.

    2. Also, to the degree that we are unfortunate enough to inherit serpentine genetics, we are hellbent upon murder.

    Which raises a question. For a persons today born with some amount of “serpent seed”, or equivalently “a tare”, does this person have a soul and are they capable of being saved?

  27. Dan Shively says:

    Jesse, would you admit that Cain was created at an extreme disadvantage? I mean his dad was Satan after all. I would hope that he could still make the right decisions, but could he really?

    Another tidbit, could the “tree of the knowledge of good and evil” be abstracted a bit to be “the genetic tree of the fallen ones”? Because Gen. 3:23 has the Elohim saying “Behold the man and woman has now become like one of us, having knowledge of good and evil, and now lest they also take of the tree of life…”. I know this is still problematic, since how could the Elohim be the bad guys…? Makes one wonder if they should become a gnostic.

    • Jesse Norman says:

      Yes, Cain could have done good works, for it is written. When Cain became jealous of his brother’s good works, God told him if he did good, then God would be pleased. Satan was the father of Cain’s flesh, not his soul. The tree of knowledge of good and evil is a literal tree, such as the tree of life, as is revealed in the book of Enoch. You might have to look to find that book, but Paul referenced to it in one of his epistles (I believe Romans). It’s the same Enoch God took in Genesis 5.

  28. Dan Shively says:

    I guess various other “Serpent Seeders” hold that the biblical Hebrew is coded in euphemisms. To them, the trees mentioned is Genesis are men (which is bolstered by other places in the bible). That way the tree of knowledge is Satan, and the Tree of Life is Christ. And eating could sometimes mean “partaking of” or even “having sex with”. So I guess it’s not accurate to call you a Serpent Seeder in their sense. You believe in 2 literal trees. Adam and Eve ate of the Tree of Knowledge, and THEN proceeded to have a sexual orgy involving Satan, resulting in her being co-pregnant with Cain and Abel.. That seems to work, and I don’t see any initial problems with it.

    So I’m curious, do you then believe that God was fuming mad at them both primarily for ?:

    a. only eating of the tree.
    b. also having sex with Satan (though this is never mentioned in the Genesis text according to your viewpoint).

    BTW, another good example of this kind of euphemism is mentioned in Proverbs 30:20 where it talks about the adulterous women as “she eats, and wipes her mouth, and says ‘I have done nothing wrong’”. Do you really think it was her mouth she was wiping?

    This level of impreciseness in the actual biblical Hebrew text could either be:

    a. the writers are too embarrassed to express some things literally.
    b. the writers are purposely adding the impreciseness to guard the uninitiated (i.e. babes) from this knowledge.

    I tend to be in the 2nd camp, so I believe the Hebrew is just as imprecise as it needs to be.

    • Jesse Norman says:

      Well I’m not really expressing my belief about two literal trees. I am merely saying one of the greatest prophets ever said clearly these trees were literal. Anyone that disagrees with this is ignorant of the book of Enoch. I don’t know if Eve had sex with Adam and Satan at the same time, because this isn’t written. It’s possible for women to have twins by two different fathers at two, albeit close periods of time.

      The adulterous woman wiping her mouth after eating and saying she did nothing wrong was simply meaning that she removed evidence and denied she ate anything. This wasn’t overtly sexual. The Bible doesn’t really shy away from sexual connotations, so this was just Agur speaking of adulterous women who deny they committed adultery.

  29. FamousJames says:

    I like your post. Continue to give people the truth. I have been studying the seed of Satan and did not realized that YHWH was only talking to Satan regarding the seed between him and the woman Gen 3:14,15. Keep in mind that your studying will run head first into people with 1-60yrs of traditional teaching. The reason why this is so? There are countless of so called Sleeping Preacher preaching to a sleeping people. People are going to church and are Spiritually dead. Thanks for the post.

    Repent… All need to ask Yeshua (Jesus) to be there Lord and SAVIOR.

    Famous James

  30. pasquale says:

    Thanks for the info. If you could assist me in my knowledge of the word I would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and may God bless you

    • Jesse Norman says:

      Thanks for the blessing. I have throughout my site posts where I answer many questions people have as they learn the Word. If there are questions you have, just ask them in the page up above “Unanswered Questions…” and I’ll try to answer them or refer you to a post where I have already answered it. God bless you too.

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