At the turn of the year, I said to my friends that this year would be the year of the great divide. What I meant by that is that the line of right and wrong; the line of good and evil would be so clear that it should be inescapable to make the choice for all humanity. This is nowhere near the final decision, but depending on where you fall with this decision it will either help you or impede you with the ultimate decision. I’ve written a few posts on George Soros and I know what he’s thinking and what he has planned. I knew this would be the year when he would begin the collapse. I have to say that I didn’t think it would begin this quickly and so conclusively. Before the first two months of the year came and went, there were overthrows in Tunisia and Egypt with Libya and other Arab nations soon to follow. After Libya and Syria is done, Saudi Arabia will be next. This was all planned for a specific time just as this for years by those wanting worldwide revolution and a New World Order. To make way for a New World Order the composers of the revolution knew the world must first burn before reforming it. Change couldn’t come if things were great or good or even mediocre. Only from turmoil can the world reform. Change also couldn’t come if the most powerful nation on Earth was still standing. That nation might only strengthen if the rest of the world fell since businesses and persons would then flock to this nation with their ideas and capital. This is what most of this blog will be about. The orchestrated tearing down of this nation.

The United States by way of the U.S. Constitution, became the most powerful and richest nation on Earth. No other nation came up with a constitution who’s intention was to limit the power of government. The idea of self-governance was a unique experiment to America alone. People from all around the world saw the freedom and opportunity America had to offer, so this nation became a nation of immigrants. Freedom and opportunity go hand-in-hand. Not everyone saw this as a great thing.

For decades, those that didn’t learn the lesson of Nimrod and the Tower of Babel wanted to change the world into a worldwide socialistic government without borders. They came up with ideas on how to do this and the one thing that stood in their way was the United States because of the Constitution. By far most of these people are atheists who have hollowed themselves out and rendered their souls silent. Because of this, they became vulnerable to the one who’s fall came because of his desire for power. Since then, he has owned them whether they’re aware of it or not.

Saul Alinsky was a devout marxist and wrote a very strategic book on how to take over power. Alinsky was an admitted atheistic hater of Israel. Something seemingly inherent amongst marxists. Alinsky and his ilk knew that the system of America must collapse in a variety of ways in order for those organized to take advantage of. President Obama, the Clintons, and many on the left see Alinsky as their martyr who dedicated his book “Rules For Radicals” to Lucifer for being the first radical to carve out his own kingdom.

For decades, those that wanted worldwide revolution have infiltrated every facet of our daily lives including the media, government, educational system, and even pop culture. Most are just mentally and spiritually weak people who think revolution would be a good thing without looking at the results of the vast history of workers revolutions. There have been and are numerous members of the US government that have intently spent too much money to collapse the system. It has especially come to fruition the past decade, but the idea was hatched long ago by people such as James Cloward and Frances Fox Piven. Even they got their idea from what happened with the workers revolutions in Russia and Europe.

George Soros has in the past given money to politicians and media members in other countries to push forth spending programs the nations could not afford. At that same very time he would bet against that nation’s currency. He did this not only to make money, but also gain power and learn for his biggest target – the United States. The people under Soros have spent this country and many states and municipalities within it to the point of collapse. At the same very time, he is betting against the dollar. Soros has made himself rich and powerful with his group called the Quantum Fund by hedging against nations he is manipulating. All of these social programs that are pushed by those who receive his funding are aimed at collapsing the system and to also use for subversion. Those who try to take away these programs or reform them to avoid certain collapse will be mocked and scorned by the media he controls. He has talked about how much fun he has had overthrowing regimes through subversive activities. He said that when those things happen that many people wind up being unintentionally hurt in the process. How unintentional would that be to use people to implode sitting regimes and then calling it “fun”?

I wrote early on election day in “George Soros: Author of the Future Collapse of America” that the election results would mean nothing. America is in such huge debt, purposely and pre-ordained, that any new hit to our economy would spell the end of this nation as we know it. Unemployment is a friend to Soros and his acolytes because those people are potential revolutionary “useful idiots” that just might violently call for change without giving one thought into what they will be about to give birth to. Since election day’s results were in favor of republicans, it gave Soros and his media an enemy to target.

Many states are on the verge of collapse as well. Whether or not Soros knew the people would turn towards conservatives during this last election cycle, he was definitely prepared. Soros’ allies, the union hierarchy are now sowing the first seeds of revolution. Soros as he has done in other nations has paid members of the media to push forth a certain agenda even when ratings are abysmal and circulations are at record low numbers.

As I said, I knew 2011 would be the year of the great divide. Revolutions are taking place in the Arab world with international socialists behind the movement. The collusion is undeniable. The revolutions in the Arab world got favorable press. The same will happen here to a point with George Soros at the helm. He has scoured the sewers looking for the worst humanity has to offer to do his dirty work. He will continue the scouring. To this point, he has worked with Islamic terrorist sympathizers, murderers, anarchists, and even an accused pedaphile. He doesn’t care what they’ve done. All he cares about is if they hate America and are willing to do his bidding, all designed to collapse the world and then intimidate, and if they have to, kill people into submission. This is the beginning of the end of this age. It will be the atheists, the Jew-haters and the Christian-haters that will drive the Word to fulfillment.



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  2. Virtress The Goddess says:


  3. marilyn says:

    Interesting! Must absorb all this, as its facinating & an eye opener! Thank you

  4. I have been studying under someone who teaches the fact that Satan is the father of Cain. It is in black and white if one has use of the manuscripts. Tell it like it is. Satan does his best job in the pulpit. Most Christian’s have no clue and even think that Eve ate an Apple to sin.. I knew something was wrong with that story as a child. Thank you for trying to enlighten people but frankly, I do not think it will do a bit of good. God has probably closed their ears to the truth.

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