This is a question many ask because of an all too common doctrine espoused by the Catholic Church that is based on nothing that is written. I can’t say 100% that she wasn’t, because it doesn’t say she wasn’t. That’s like saying Jesus was a poor carpenter. Nowhere does it say He was or wasn’t. I can safely say Jesus was not a poor carpenter, and Mary Magdalene was not a prostitute. That would have been an important fact to leave out.

Another related question is “was Jesus married?” No He wasn’t, and I can be conclusive about that. Sure it doesn’t say He wasn’t, but His wedding hasn’t happened yet. Those from our creation who will be judged as faithful will be Jesus’ bride. Jesus wasn’t here to get married, and I’m sure He knew He was not allowed to. Just like it was forbidden for the angels to have relations with human women, Jesus being the Son of God was also forbidden. The nephilim did what they were forbidden to do, as did Satan.

I do find it a bit amusing that those who push the nonsense that Jesus was married are the same people that don’t believe in the Bible, and just fairly recently acknowledged the very existence of Jesus at all. Only after there was too overwhelming evidence did they stop denying Jesus ever existed. Now these people are all of a sudden biblical experts? Please. “Well, you don’t know for certain He wasn’t married”. “What’s wrong with asking questions?” Yes, I do know for certain, and the moment you’re not pretending like you’re not trying to tear down the Bible, you can ask questions to show it actually looks like you’ve read.