This is a question many ask because of an all too common doctrine espoused by the Catholic Church that is based on nothing that is written. I can’t say 100% that she wasn’t, because it doesn’t say she wasn’t. That’s like saying Jesus was a poor carpenter. Nowhere does it say He was or wasn’t. I can safely say Jesus was not a poor carpenter, and Mary Magdalene was not a prostitute. That would have been an important fact to leave out.

Another related question is “was Jesus married?” No He wasn’t, and I can be conclusive about that. Sure it doesn’t say He wasn’t, but His wedding hasn’t happened yet. Those from our creation who will be judged as faithful will be Jesus’ bride. Jesus wasn’t here to get married, and I’m sure He knew He was not allowed to. Just like it was forbidden for the angels to have relations with human women, Jesus being the Son of God was also forbidden. The nephilim did what they were forbidden to do, as did Satan.

I do find it a bit amusing that those who push the nonsense that Jesus was married are the same people that don’t believe in the Bible, and just fairly recently acknowledged the very existence of Jesus at all. Only after there was too overwhelming evidence did they stop denying Jesus ever existed. Now these people are all of a sudden biblical experts? Please. “Well, you don’t know for certain He wasn’t married”. “What’s wrong with asking questions?” Yes, I do know for certain, and the moment you’re not pretending like you’re not trying to tear down the Bible, you can ask questions to show it actually looks like you’ve read.



  1. penelopyfey says:

    Let me start by just letting you know I come in peace, an insatiable hunger for knowledge and faith drives me. So does curiosity, so please do not take offense in what I ask.
    So do you think, though He was not married, that He did not love as a man does? I believe that He was a messenger, as were some before and some after. Great Lovers and people of power such as Solomon, were messengers. But I also believe in a certain balance, and I want to believe that love, whether between a man and woman, father and son, Mother and daughter, however you want to weave it, is what God wants. Many stories are allegories, a way to pass on teachings with out being punished for heresy, but ultimately, love, of faith and man would prove Godly. So did He love her?

  2. Jesse Norman II says:

    It would take a lot more than that to offend me 🙂 It is written that Jesus was fond of Mary Magdalene. Whether or not He had a male to female attraction towards her is debatable. I do know He wasn’t married. It is also written that God is love.

    A couple of things I would contend with is the stories being allegorical. There may be lessons that are allegorical or certainly applicable in many walks of life, but the stories written of are the way they happened. Jesus was also more than just a Messenger. To prove this, He said on the cross for the wise to figure out “My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken Me?” Most doctrines foolishly have it that it was Jesus’ moment of doubt and pain. What He was really doing was proving He was the Messiah. He was quoting the first part of Psalm 22, which was written around 1000BC. Verse 16 says “For dogs have compassed Me, the assembly of the wicked have inclosed Me, they pierced My hands and My feet.” Some newer translated Bibles changed the word “pierced” to “bound”, but the original King James was correct with the translation. The original Hebrew word there was “aw-ree” which indeed does mean “pierced”. He wasn’t talking to God on the cross. He was pointing out to the wise Psalm 22 was about Him. He died by having His hands and feet pierced, predicted 1000 years beforehand. This is something that can’t be explained away by any of the so-called geniuses of our time.

  3. Zion says:

    Jesus was not Married
    Mary Mag was a prostitute, well caught in the act of adultery.

    ”’ You don’t have to be married to commit adultery.
    ”’ Thinking about having sex with some is committing adultery in your heart.
    “” Fallen angel REBELLED hens the nephilim.
    “”JESUS did NOT sin in any way shape or form, if he did his death was meaningless and we are all going to hell.

  4. Jesse Norman II says:

    Can you show me the scripture where it says Mary Magdelene was either a prostitute or caught in the act of adultery? I obviously agree with you that Jesus never sinned, but the hell part I don’t. What about those God has already judged innocent in Romans 8? I know I am one of them.

  5. The only thing the bible says about Mary Magdalene was that she had 7 devils cast out of her.

    As for Jesus being a carpenter, this was true. Sons were expected to learn the trade of their fathers at an early age.

  6. trevor says:

    please could you help me ,If Cain was the father of Enoch then how could the line of Cain be cursed ,,This has been a real stumbling block ,as I belive in the serpent seed etc ,then I read enoch was Cain son .how can it be if a Godly man come out of Cain s blood line ..thankyou for any help /..

    • Jesse Norman says:

      Those were two different Enochs. There was Enoch, son of Cain, and Enoch, son of Jared, who was of the line of Seth, son of Adam. I wouldn’t worry much about what line is cursed. Even Cain could have pleased God. He just didn’t.

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