So much for again disgraced Harold Camping’s prediction that the world would end on May 21st at around 6pm. Camping is a Christian radio owner from Oakland, Ca so I guess he meant west coast time. Well that was six hours ago and no one vanished into thin air or the world didn’t end. Camping made a similar prediction back in 1994 which also never came true. This time though he was more adamant saying “there’s no way the world won’t end this time”. I’m paraphrasing of course but doing it accurately. I can tell this Camping is a great student of the Bible and has worked hard at tracing back to the original Hebrew Old and Greek New Testaments. Yes, I’m mocking him. Anyone that has studied the Greek NT at all would know that the phrase “end of the world” was mistranslated. The word “world” in the original Greek was “αίων” (ah-KHEE-own) which is their word for “age”, not world. The Greek word for world is “κοσμος” (κos-mohs). When Jesus returns, that ends this age. That is why after His return there is written of another time afterward in full detail in Revelation 20.

I absolutely hate these mammon-serving so-called preachers that degrade God’s Word and those that believe in Him and His Word. There are so many of these imbeciles around that are supposedly our shepherds that it’s nearly impossible to be taken seriously by those that look at these people to paint a broad brush for all Christians. These people must be scorned and left for dead in a figurative sense. No more time, money, or attention. That my friends is up to you though. When I was a teenager, I saw such ridiculous scandals from prominent Christians that I found it difficult to believe there was really a God to allow such things. I always knew there was a God, who He was, who the Son was, and that the Bible was genuinely His word. I knew these things but I was a professed atheist, much thanks to the idiots I saw in my teenage years. I saw the PTL scandal with Jimmy and Tammy Faye Bakker. He robbed his ministry and had countless affairs and there was even rumors of homosexuality within his inner circle. He went to prison, but now he’s “reformed” and serving mammon once again. Then there was Oral Roberts. He was the king of the sinful preachers. He said that unless he raised $8 million for his university in two months that God was going to take him home. He said this with tears in his eyes. He must have taken a course in method acting. Well he didn’t raise the money within that time, so he came out saying “God has given me more time”. Gee, that’s good of Him. God gave him a couple of more months. Those months went by and Roberts still didn’t have enough money, but wait! God gave Oral another stay on his death sentence. This time Roberts was given six more months. Yeah, that ought to do it. Someone wound up giving him $1.2 million as time was winding down on that deadline. While this was going on, I thought it would have been great if he didn’t reach the amount and then died by mysterious circumstances. That would strengthen people’s faith, eh? Lost people gave him over $8 million. Now his son has been accused of misspending money also. Maybe he can do a remake of the old classic his dad starred in. If that wasn’t all you could stand, there came Jimmy Swaggart. He was caught meeting hookers at a motel. Once the story broke, Swaggart knew he had to put on a better performance than Roberts did, and perform he did. The front row literally drowned in his tears. He killed sixteen people as he said woefully “I have siiiiiiiiiiiinned!” He won the Oscar that year. He promised his parishoners that it would never happen again. Years later, more hookers. Hookers, you can’t stop with just one of them. I won’t even talk about Pat Robertson crediting himself for pushing a hurricane offcourse. Way to go, Pat! Not that his ego wasn’t enough to do that, but he also decided to run for President. That’s what Christian teachers do… run for President! I ought to try that. Those guys are nowhere near the end of the story. There are numerous preachers having affairs, some of them of the homosexual variety. Then there are the priests that think that kids are sex toys with the Catholic hierarchy moving them around silently so they can molest more children. There are more important things than protecting children, such as mammon. Whom do you serve? There was Rev. Wright saying America’s chickens have come home to roost the Sunday after 9/11. You have the worst collection of scum known as the Westboro Baptist Church. God has a special gift for all of them. There are also Christian teachers who teach not to believe what the Bible says, just as predicted by that very same Bible. Then there’s this guy. Imbecile Supreme Chancellor, Idiot-In-Chief, Harold Camping for a second time predicting the end of the world and getting it wrong. If you think I’m hard on these guys, I have news for you. I’m not God. Just wait ’til He does bring them home.

I’m not just hard on these false shepherds, but I’m even more angry at their sheep. It is those people who propel them into the limelight. It is those people that give them money. Being a televangelist is a guarantee for some big cash. Therein lies the dream for the scammers. They see this. All they have to do is know some verses, show some charisma, and make the parishoners feel good about themselves and the money will come rolling. ALL of those people, children aside that have been part of Camping’s audience after 1994 deserve to be deceived. They are as lost as the mockers of Christianity and God are. After making such a prediction that the world would end and getting it wrong, the only decent thing for him to have done was to go away silently. How many of those lost sheep of his will stop listening to him? I wonder if he will lose one listener or dollar. I even bet that he winds up getting more money. Gee, maybe that was his intention the whole time. It worked for Oral Roberts.


The answer for the most part is no, He’s not. It is written that men were given dominion over the animals and that animals were given for meat and other things. There are creatures that are forbidden to eat from to the Jews in the health laws, but the Gentiles don’t have to abide by most of them as it says in Acts 15:20. Having said that, dominion can be abused and hunting for the “sport” of it is wrong. If you kill an animal for sport and do not use any of it except for merely decoration, then it is a sin. Animals were given for meat and other things, but not included is killing for fun. If you hunt and use its meat, skin, or fur, then everything’s fine. God doesn’t take too kindly to those who do not eat meat and try to have moral superiority over those who do. That’s an insult to God since it is His rule that it’s not just okay, but that’s what animals for the most part are here for.

Abusing animals such as what Michael Vick did is incredibly wrong and immoral. People that take part in cockfighting, dogfighting, and other abuses of animals are committing a great sin in the eyes of God. If you have a pet and don’t take care of it, beat it, and abuse it in other ways are also committing a great sin. What does that say about you when an animal is given to you for companionship and yet you mistreat it? I think it says a lot.