The answer for the most part is no, He’s not. It is written that men were given dominion over the animals and that animals were given for meat and other things. There are creatures that are forbidden to eat from to the Jews in the health laws, but the Gentiles don’t have to abide by most of them as it says in Acts 15:20. Having said that, dominion can be abused and hunting for the “sport” of it is wrong. If you kill an animal for sport and do not use any of it except for merely decoration, then it is a sin. Animals were given for meat and other things, but not included is killing for fun. If you hunt and use its meat, skin, or fur, then everything’s fine. God doesn’t take too kindly to those who do not eat meat and try to have moral superiority over those who do. That’s an insult to God since it is His rule that it’s not just okay, but that’s what animals for the most part are here for.

Abusing animals such as what Michael Vick did is incredibly wrong and immoral. People that take part in cockfighting, dogfighting, and other abuses of animals are committing a great sin in the eyes of God. If you have a pet and don’t take care of it, beat it, and abuse it in other ways are also committing a great sin. What does that say about you when an animal is given to you for companionship and yet you mistreat it? I think it says a lot.


5 comments on “IS GOD AGAINST HUNTING?

  1. Mrs. AL says:

    I grew up being taught the same lesson, Jesse. Hunting was for gathering food, not merely killing an animal for the sake of killing. I was also taught that eliminating pests in order to preserve, say a garden growing food, was also not wrong.

    btw, have also relocated here at wordpress. Much more user friendly for a ‘puter challenged person such as myself.

    • Jesse Norman II says:

      I saw that you opened one last night and read what you wrote. It was late so I just read it and went to bed. More and more people are coming to wordpress since it’s conservative/Christian friendly. Eliminating pests to preserve a garden and protecting a home is also fine. Good point I left out. I’ll subscribe to your blog. Hope all is well.

      • Mrs. AL says:

        All is well. Can’t say the same for the country but we are doing well and trust you are as well, Jesse.

  2. Zion says:

    No you can hunt. It all good. Torturing and animal is totally different

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