I’ve been saying for a while now that there are forces that are driving this creation to the end purposely to gain power. George Soros is the head of this worldly powergrab. Soros knows and was taught that the world must go through horrific things in order to remold it to his liking. This isn’t a moral issue with him. It’s only about power. George Soros claims he is a Jew, but he isn’t. He’s a Kenite. Jesus described such people in Rev. 2:9 and 3:9, even saying in 3:9 that the synagogue of Satan will be started by those who say they are Jewish but are not. The synagogue of Satan… think of that for a moment. Those who say they are Jews but aren’t are called Kenites. They are sons and daughters of Cain who was the son of Satan. Satan was the serpent that beguiled Eve as was revealed in Rev. 20:2. God told the serpent that his seed and the woman’s seed would have enmity towards one another. That’s right, Satan had a child with Eve. Cain was the first of his offspring and he killed Abel. Enmity. After Cain was banished and married a woman of a different race, his descendants became known as Kenites. Most settled in Canaan and Midian. Moses married a Kenite in Midian as was revealed in Judges 1:16. When the Jews went through the wilderness and fought their enemies in Canaan, the Kenites helped. Not that the Kenites were kind to the Jews, but since they were so similar to the Jews they had the same enemies. From that point forth, the Jews took the Kenites along with them. In 1st Chr. 2:55, the Kenites were appointed to be scribes because they had the gift of convincing the masses of their interpretation of the law. Throughout the years, Kenites being power-hungry just as Satan was put themselves in positions of power. “Woe to thee, scribes, Pharisees, hypocrites!…” Remember that line Jesus repeated? He was talking to the Kenites. The reason why the Kenites had a gift of convincing the masses was because the serpent/Satan was subtle and manipulative. They were great at hiding their true intentions. Truth is something they have no respect for. George Soros claims he is Jewish but speaks and acts against the nation of Israel. Enmity. He isn’t the only one. Noam Chomsky, Medea Benjamin, and others claim they are Jews but are not. They are liars. They are Kenites that want a New World Order from which to rule.

Soros was president of the Fabian Socialists Society, which was started by such people like George Bernard Shaw and H. G. Wells. They came up with a stained glass window where they are pictured hammering a heated Earth with another man fanning the flames. The other founding members are pictured below. Above Wells and Shaw is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Deceipt. Show a kindly hand while hiding the evil one. Above the wolf is a caption that reads “Remould It Nearer To The Heart’s Desire”. A picture of this will be below this post. The world must burn and it will soon be burning on purpose by George Soros and those along with him. He’s practiced on other nations for decades, but now has his sights on the United States because as he stated in the past, the United States was in the way of forming a New World Order. It isn’t in the way any longer. Soros has found his wolf in sheep’s clothing, and his name is Barack Obama. This isn’t even worth arguing against because I have everything I need to back up that claim.

The world isn’t burning yet, but it soon will be. Soros has brought about regime change in other nations through subversive activities and found it fun. Those are his words, not mine. It could happen here anytime. Politicians on both sides say that a financial collapse could happen, but we’re a long way off. That is a lie and they know it. The United States will soon collapse on every front economically and it will be nearly instantaneous. It won’t be gradual. In one hour shall the United States fall. The purposeful overspending, the unfunded mandates, and the devaluing of the dollar are teaming together for the perfect financial storm to collapse the country and then the entire world. It is what comes after that will address who you are as a human being.

The federal government and the state goverments will all be broke and there will be no way to pay for those things they promised. City, state, and federal services will be shut down. Checks people need and worked their lives for will not come. Pensions will be gone. It will be utter chaos and designed to get you out in the streets to violently call for change. Will you? Will you violently call for change or will you be those to ask the government to impose martial law to clamp down on the violence? Either way, you will lose. There are people already waiting to go out into the streets just so you would ask the government to become more overbearing. To throw the Constitution out with the rest of the garbage and start with something new. Something that will bring about security for the entire world. That, my friends is what this is all about.

Those who are planning this want normal everyday citizens to go out to the streets and create or participate in violence. They especially want Christians and conservatives to go out there as the media will be eager to catch every frame. When you Christians don’t erupt in violence, they’ll poke you. They’ll prod you. They will instigate with the greatest of ambition to get you to become violent. When you don’t, they will. They will even pose as you Christians and commit violent acts so Christians will be blamed. Don’t fall for it. It’s been done already.

Saul Alinsky is a martyr to far-left radicals such as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. His book “Rules For Radicals” was an instruction guide to defame traditionalists to gain power. This book was also dedicated to Lucifer for being the first radical to carve out a kingdom of his own. Alinsky was a community organizer in Chicago (sound familiar?) that taught his followers to dress as the Klan to pose as the other side to humiliate them and take their power away. Recently Maurice Schwenkler vandalized DNC headquarters in Denver to make it look like people opposed to Obamacare did it during the height of the health care debates in 2009. He was paid by Colorado Citizens Coalition, which is a front for labor organizations, namely SEIU, who gets money from George Soros. He worked for a democratic politican as a canvasser. He is also transgendered. A link to the video of a news report will be below. Alinsky 101.

To debate on whether this could happen here will get you nowhere because it’s going to come anyway. Whether you could believe such a thing could happen here is irrelevant. Time is the great truth decipherer and time will prove me correct because these things have to come to pass. This plot which has been flawlessly executed can end in only one way… collapse. A story as big as this cannot end until its just, due season. After it comes, stay above the fray. Don’t go out into the streets. Don’t feed the frenzy outdoors. Don’t vacuously ask for the government to clamp down to take your freedoms away. After 9/11, we already showed we are willing to give up some freedoms for the feeling of safety and security. That was one event in just a couple of places. What will people be willing to give up when everything around them collapses and the radical youth has been given their working orders? I, too will stay above the fray and I’m starting right now. I won’t think of Soros and his acolytes as enemies with equal power. They are far below me and they will soon be my footstool. Mine and those who find salvation. I will rise above the fray and will do so for the rest of my days. The muck is there for them to play in. It is their sanctuary. You be prepared and don’t say you weren’t warned. If you read this before it happened or after, all you had to do was open your eyes and not think “it can’t happen here”. Whether it can or can’t, it will.


7 comments on “STAY ABOVE THE FRAY

  1. Lynda from rual Maine says:

    June 24,2011
    Wow, What a great commentary or blog. I am so with you. I can see it all coming in my mind’s eye. I have been praying for a leding on what to do as I see things getting ready to spin out of control. Finding this site today is part of my answer. I am surrounded by thoes who just won’t believe thier lives can change overnight, as much as I keep warning.I try to get family members and friends to open their eyes. I have done my homework on Spooky dude Sorors, and his friends. Everything you have stated ,is true. Every day I wake up and say “is this the day”. I am prayfully getting supplies ready. And I am asking the Father to keep His Election healthy and prayed up. It will be us that will keep others around us from falling completely a part because we know what’s coming. I thank God for voices like yours who speak out. May Father bless and keep you. Sometimes it all seems sur-real, do you know what I mean? It’s like I’m living in a Shakespearian tragedy. And some days I just want it to be over and the wonderful time of renewal will be here, with all this pain and suffering finally over. Alas, but we must get through the tough time first. Sorry for my digression. Lynda

    • Jesse Norman II says:

      Thanks for the compliment and no need for an apology. The election of grace are the oil and the wine spoken in the plague of the black horse. This time won’t hurt them since there is no need for them to be tempted. They’ve already been judged. If the price of everything goes up, so would actual oil and wine. You anoint with oil and during the process of fermentation the impurities come out. See you hurt not the anointed and the pure. Maybe that sounds a bit far-fetched, but that’s also what Psalm 105:15 says. “Touch not mine anointed and do my prophets no harm.” Unless you know Soros is a Kenite and know what Kenites are, you won’t know exactly what’s going to happen.

  2. I have read everything you have written here on this site. Never have I ever been so informed, your explaination and clarity has helped me so much. I was able to make peace with my christian faith last year. From a childhood trauma, I lived in fear of doctors and surgery. You helped me get control and find courage to have a complicated surgery last November. It is part of my preparation for the hard times to come. I really dont want to be an emergency in the future, so faith and courage will keep me at the doctors and dentists until bad times hit.
    I wanted to let you know how appreciated you are. Thank You.

  3. Jesse Norman II says:

    Wow. I don’t know what to say. I got goosebumps reading your comment. I do get some compliments for being informative, but never like this. I am more than happy to open eyes to those who come here wanting an answer to their questions. I am very sorry about your health. As you may know I have had issues with my health as well. Your mind can play tricks on you, but using the strength God has given us will get us through these tough times if we’re not afraid to use it. Our rewards for our suffering will far outweigh the suffering, and we keep them forever. You keep up with me here at my site and update me on how you’re doing. I’ll be praying for you. All I thought I was doing here was informing people. I am truly humbled at your comment. We as people can’t give hope from God, but we can highlight it. From the bottom of my heart, God bless you.

  4. Mrs. AL says:

    Armoney and Jesse … now this is what it’s all about for Christians. Kudos to your both for sharing this part of your testimony in the blogosphere. While I don’t claim to speak for the Lord, I will tell you that others will travel this way and be impacted. Keep up the good work, Jesse. Armoney, you and Jesse will be in my prayers also.

    P.S. I got goosebumps reading both your posts!

  5. David says:

    Why do you say in one hour the United States will fall, how did you come to that? Reminds me of Revelation 18 but that is supposed to be when this age ends.

    • Jesse Norman says:

      In order for there to be a New World Order, the United States must first fall. The US has been the target of world government marxists for many years because if the US falls, so will the rest of the world. This will usher in the rider of the white horse. For these marxists, they need for the fall to be swift and catastrophic so the people will be disoriented. I wasn’t quoting what is in Revelation, I was more talking about what is in Isaiah 18:1-3.

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