The book of Job is full of lessons which seem to have been ignored. Everybody knows of the lesson of patience, but that was nowhere near the only thing the book of Job tells us.

Right off the bat, the book of Job in the first couple of chapters destroys the traditional teaching that Satan is in a place called Hell inside the Earth. Satan is not in his prison yet, which is why God had to ask him where he was. If Satan was confined within the Earth, why would God have to ask him where he was? The bottomless pit has not been opened yet. Satan has not been kicked down onto Earth yet by Michael and his angels. Those things have not happened yet. Many prophecies, especially in Revelation were written in the past tense because those prophets were taken to the future. To them it was the past tense. Not us. Satan is the rider of the pale horse. He is named Death and Hell will follow him. Jesus also separated Satan’s realm from those God does not find worthy with the parable of Lazarus and the rich man. The rich man loved his money more than God so after he died he was punished. The only thing that separated them was a gulf. The original Greek word there was “χασμα” (kas-mah), which means “gulf” or “chasm”. That’s all that separated them. While the rich man and those God didn’t find worthy are tormented, they are not with Satan yet. When Satan is let out, he is allowed to try to deceive those that still need to make a choice. Those that are deceived then will try to make war with the saints, but God stops them and ends that age. Then the books are opened and judgment is given. Those that make the wrong choice in the next age will be forever punished. That will be it for them. Just as Satan was allowed to persecute Job, he will be allowed to persecute our creation to weed out the unfaithful from the faithful.

When Jesus returns, that ends this age and this age alone. The phrase “end of the world” was a mistranslation. The original Greek word was “αίων” (ah-KHEE-own), which is their word for “age”. Jesus’ return ends this age and begins a new one, which is explained in Rev. 20. Without knowing this, Rev. 20 cannot be made sense of.

Another lesson is about destiny. So many people of faith come up with cliches that contradict what is written perhaps to make themselves feel better. “Everything happens for a reason”. “It was his/her time to go”. These are contradicted in Job and Romans 8. Job’s so-called friends and teachers told him he must have done something to make those bad things happen to him, even though it was plainly written that God had nothing to do with those bad things that befell upon him. It was Satan. What did Job do to deserve what happened to him? Nothing. Was it his destiny to have those bad things happen to him? No, it wasn’t. Not everything that happens is because God is doing it. That’s a great lesson that the book of Job plainly explains. Sometimes things just happen. That’s life in this human flesh.

Romans 8 also explains that the only people who have a real destiny are the election of grace, or God’s elect. The reason why only they are predestined is because they’ve already been judged and they were judged innocent. That’s right. There are those amongst our creation that were judged before they were even born. Jeremiah gives an example of this in 1:5 where God told him that He knew him before he was in the womb and sanctified him and ordained him to be a prophet. What did Jeremiah do in this human flesh to be named a prophet? Nothing. He was already found to be worthy. Jesus also said “for many are called, but few are chosen”. He didn’t say “few are chosen and the rest are called”.

Every now and then, God will tap everyone on the shoulder. To say that is destiny though is very wrong and lacks understanding. How about making your own plan? If you live your life according to what is written and diligently seek Him, He will reward you. Then He might find enough faith in you to put you on a certain path, but that is still not destiny. You still have choice. As a matter of fact, this whole age is about the ability to keep free will. That is why Satan is not serving his sentence yet. God is allowing Satan to weed out the unfaithful from the faithful so that way in the future those that have free will won’t follow or become future Satans. The angels are done making their choice. Our creation, however are not done. Satan is going along with this because he wants to take as many of us down with him as possible. Satan tempting Job to do the wrong thing is a lesson for us all. Satan persecuted Job just as he will the rest of our creation.

Another important lesson is to not always believe your teachers. If you ask your teachers questions that go against a particular doctrine, don’t nod like bobblehead dolls when they give you an answer that you know doesn’t make sense or sounds right just so you don’t have to wonder about that question any longer. Jobs friends/teachers had no idea what they were talking about and God punished them for speaking for Him in an ill manner. If you speak for God, you better get it right. God dislikes nothing more than those that represent Him to flub up what He says to suit their own purposes. If your teachers teach things that are plainly the opposite of what’s written, then go somewhere else or simply learn on your own. Find some other people who also have nowhere to call “church” and make your own church. I hear some explanations from these so-called teachers when I challenge their doctrine and the nonsense they spew is something I can tell they don’t even buy, nor expect anyone else to buy. If that sounds familiar, then you should find another place or make one of your own. Just because they have a title as teacher of Christianity doesn’t make them right or that God is speaking through them. Jesus speaks against five of the seven churches of Christ. The two He finds no fault in don’t exist yet, as they are written in Revelation 2 and 3. Diligently seek Him. That means asking those questions you know you have and truly try to find the answers. Don’t just say “God works in mysterious ways” so you’re done with it. God isn’t so mysterious once you get to know Him. To do that, one must pursue with all due diligence to understand His Word.

Speaking of Job’s friends, another great lesson was whether or not Jesus would be a socialist. Eliphaz the Temanite accused the wealthy Job the same way socialists in the media accuse rich people they don’t like. Eliphaz told Job that God was punishing him because all the things he had took away from those that didn’t have much. He said Job took the clothes off of the naked. He didn’t feed the hungry. He didn’t give water to the thirsty. He made it harder for the widow. Do these sound familiar to you? Eliphaz could be Al Sharpton. Even with these accusations, Job was the most righteous man on Earth according to God Himself. How would Job be portrayed now by the supposedly caring socialists? Yes, there are many lessons to learn from the book of Job.


6 comments on “THE MANY LESSONS OF JOB

  1. Mrs. AL says:

    Well written, Jesse. My compliments. I will only relate an incident based upon your final admonition. My first two years of college were spent in a small, private Lutheran run school. I took a class called “the Old Testament.” I remember distinctly the professor saying something I knew was off the wall. I was too shy to challenge in those days. So I called my Mom and asked her what I should do if I got a question about the matter on a test (I don’t recall the exact text used so won’t try and cite it). The best council she could come up with was to answer the way I knew the proff wanted and leave it at that. Too bad I am not in school now. I would challenge, answer correctly on a test and take my lumps grade-wise if I had to. I know for a fact that the Lord does not mind honest questions. He wants us to learn and learn correctly. He has never failed to provide me with an answer when I have been sincere in my query. And yes, sometimes that answer is, wait.

    • Jesse Norman II says:

      I think just about everybody has memories such as yours. Maybe not to do with Christianity, but a teacher that teaches falsely to their students knowing a student is in a vulnerable position to challenge them. God doesn’t not only mind honest questions, but He wants you to ask them. Can’t go forward with wisdom unless you are willing to ask every question you have with humility and the openness of being able to receive answers you might not like.

  2. Lynda from rual Maine says:

    Lynda From Rual Maine June 24, 2011 5:26

    Another post I can identify with so much. I was raised in the church.When I came to the Lord I was 10yrs. old. I asked , where did satan come from? I was told not to question God.As I got older I wondered why a eternal God would burn people in a hell and never have it end, as I was taught. Just didn’t make sense to me. Then I was teaching Sunday school and I did not want to tell the kids that a snake talked to mother Eve.My pastor told me, God can make a snake talk if he wants to. I also knew the earth was older than 7000 years. So through the years I got into trouble in the church because of questions and answers that did not make sense. I was told I had a rebellious spirit because I just did not accept what the pastors told me. I never made trouble, I just continued to search for the truth. I often wondered why I wasn’t like my friends. Why I wanted to know more. I finally left the church houses for good 12 years ago. I couldn’t take it anymore. I heard a pastor say get a bible concordance, look it up for yourself. I proved to myself finally what really happened in the garden of Eden. And who Cain was, there was no turning back after that. I tried to show others in my church, but got into trouble. It is truely amazing how the bible says their is a spirit of slumber on the church,it is real.When I was younger I used to beg God for the truth. I read that scripture in John that said, if you really search for the truth you will find it. It is not magic. It takes a lot of prayer and work. I think God wants to make sure you are not playing or have the wrong motives. It took time, studying, tears, and rejection from your Christian brothers and sisters you thought loved you.My church told me unless I got with their doctrine I would lose my standing in that church. I couldn’t believe it. But this is the way it is suppose to be at this time in this age. I just hope when the real test comes I will stand as I did when my pastor told me to believe him and not the bible. They said I couldn’t understand it. It was quite a spiritual battle, the church finally turned me over to satan to save me. Well, I left and God helped me. But it was hard and I was afraid at first. I thought they had more power and could hurt me with their prayers. But I am living proof that the Father will help you when things really pile up against you. And that is why I would give my life if I had to, but I won’t serve the fake christ. Thanks Again.

    • Jesse Norman II says:

      I’m sure many can identify with what you’ve said. I didn’t go to church when I was younger. Whoever thought that would be an advantage, but it was even though I think church can be a great thing for people. When I was called to read and study at 25, I didn’t have a lot of of preconceived notions since I was new to the Bible. I’m glad you shared your story. It’s sad, but working through Satan’s clouds has its rewards. Wisdom seems to be an entity on its own.

  3. Mrs T says:

    Hell, where is it, what is it and who goes there. Is it your choice or Gods choice? Is it a little sin here and there or a big one. What happens to the man who abducted raped and murdered the thirteen year old girl. If he repents is he forgiven. This is on my mind today as I try to make sense of the enormity of God. Sometimes I feel very sad and can’t see the point of it all. Is this the power working behind the scenes, are people so very stupid. Or is it the spirit of slumber? My biggest question how do you make a choice if you don’t know you are making one.

    • Jesse Norman II says:

      People if they were more humble would know that they are here to make a choice. This generation the choice will be forced upon them. Then they’ll know. Yes, once people truly repent and ask for forgiveness, they are forgiven. Paul had his hand in the deaths of Christians, but he more than made up for it. All Christians will also have their works tested. Forgiveness and forgetting are two different things. Those people who were harmed will still have their say.

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