Yes he does. I know a lot of unbelievers, so-called believers, and those who profess to be so educated love to nuance tiny bits of information that they come to know and act like they’ve solved an entire mystery, but they ultimately look foolish when the whole picture comes to focus. I’ve heard many on the net who think they know so much say that the Hebrew word “Satan” just means “opponent” or “persecute” and that’s that. Like there is only the definition and not the being. Their desire to prove that their disbelief is founded in the Bible itself shows their ignorance. There are a lot of names of actual people in the Bible that also have a definition. Just because the name has a definition, that doesn’t mean the being doesn’t exist. Jesus’ real name in the Hebrew was Yeshua (or Y’shua), which means “God saved”. There’s a definition and yet Jesus/Yeshua really existed. Even most “educated” atheists now admit that Jesus existed, which they used to put forth that He did not. The land of Israel has a definition from two Hebrew words. Put together, the words mean “God will prevail” or “He shall rule as God”. Mary’s real name “Maria” means “bitter” in Hebrew. My name Jesse in the original Hebrew is pronouned (yee-shah-ee), which means “God exists”. My name has a definition, but I’m also living and breathing. Satan does mean “opponent” and also in other instances in the OT means “persecute”, and yes he exists as an actual physical being. His name wasn’t always Satan.

Some will say his name used to be Lucifer, while again some who think they know so much will say the original Hebrew word there was “Helel”, which means “brightness” or “lightbearer” is all there is to the name. It’s only a definition about a former king of Babylon. I will prove this is nonsense later. It’s true that the original Hebrew word there in Isaiah 14:12 was Helel, which means “brightness”. It’s true that Isaiah was speaking about a king of Babylon, but was this a king of Babylon from the past? Long before God created us, and our souls are much older than our bodies, He created the angels. One of them was named Helel. He was the angel of light. The light bearer. He was also the morning star. Lucifer is the Latin translation of Helel. The Catholic Church translated the Hebrew Old Testament and the Greek New Testament into Latin with the Vulgate. The King James Version is the English version of the Vulgate. There was some wisdom with the Catholic Church translating the word Helel into Lucifer, because it says “Oh Helel/Lucifer, son of the morning…” Lucifer was also the Latin word for the morning star. Pretty good wisdom with the translation, even though I would have personally left it at Helel. Helel committed a great crime in the eyes of God, so God sentenced him to everlasting punishment. God decided to hold off that punishment because He needed Helel still. While the angels pledged their allegiance to Helel’s plot or God, our creation has not fully made that decision yet that God is satisfied with. Good thing for most of us. As I said, our souls are much older than our bodies. God is using Helel to weed out the unfaithful from the faithful in this age, and will again at the end of the next age as well. That is what Rev. 20 is about. The next age. The reason Helel is going along with God’s plan is because his hatred for our creation and the day we were created is unlike anything we have ever seen from man. Imagine the examples of hatred men have showed and think about how he must hate all of us. He wants to take as many of us down with him as he can. He knows there is no way out, so he’ll take his outrage on us since he cannot take it out on God. After God made His decision about what to do with Helel and our creation, He also changed his name to Satan. He used to be the angel of light and the morning star, now he’s the opponent/adversary, and has and will persecute our creation. In some cases in the OT, Satan can mean “persecute”.

Now to the king of Babylon part of this story. True there have been many kings of Babylon, but there will also be one more king of Babylon in the future. In Revelation it reveals that the future king of Babylon will be Satan. Isaiah was talking about the future king of Babylon and explained how he fell when he was an angel of God. It’s actually all pretty simple if you know the original definitions and not decide you know everything when you actually know little. Prophecies throughout the Bible are written in the past tense because those prophets were taken into the future to see those things. Those things they saw were the past to them, not to us. This causes a lot of confusion to even the most educated Christians of all denominations. Again, it’s pretty simple if you’re willing to not blind yourself and examine possibilities as to what certain things can mean.

Revelation 20:2 shows that Satan is a being that will one day be in the bottomless pit. This is probably the biggest prophecy of the future that people have interpreted that was sometime in the past. The bottomless pit was described as something that can be seen, and his stay was supposed to be for a millennium. There isn’t at this time any visible bottomless pit. This prophecy was written two thousand years ago, which means Satan must have been released a thousand years ago if they are correct. Obviously they are not. The bottomless pit will be opened when Satan and the fallen angels (the nephilim) are kicked down to Earth by Michael and his angels.

French poet Charles Pierre Baudelaire said “the greatest trick the Devil pulled off was convincing the world that he didn’t exist”. Great quote and almost true. The greatest trick Satan played has yet to be played. The greatest trick Satan will ever play will be to convince the world that he has their best interests at heart. That he’s a humanist. That he is our god. That will be the greatest trick the Devil will ever play.



This is a unique take about a person that is written of in the Bible that never had a name, but was a disciple as was Peter and all the rest. He is the unknown Prophet. While there were twelve disciples, Judas possibly replaced this man to fulfill Christ being betrayed to be crucified. He was a prophet nonetheless, and it’s about time to give this man his glory from another man. God has already glorified him, but I wish to as well.

The twelve disciples were to represent the twelve tribes of Israel, but Judas probably wasn’t a Jew. He was probably a Kenite (one of those that Jesus said in Rev. 2:9 and 3:9 that say they are Jews, but are not). I have written a lot about Kenites at my site, especially here lately so I urge you to check them out so you know who the Kenites are and how they came about. Very interesting reading. Jesus probably knew Judas was a Kenite, which is why He knew Judas would betray Him. Kenites have a long history of collaborating with the enemy of the Jews, even though they claim to be Jews themselves. It was done in WWII and will happen again in the future. It’s actually happening right now as some powerful so-called Jews are working with Muslims to take on Israel. The socialist and revolutionary movements in the Arab World are being orchestrated by Kenites.

Who is this mystery man? Mark 9:38 says John approached Jesus saying there was a man casting devils out of men in Jesus’ name. He said that he and the other disciples forbad him because he didn’t follow them. Jesus replied “Forbid him not because he eho is with us is not against us.” Such a small, hidden verse in the Bible means so much to me. This could not be some ordinary man to cast out devils and most likely also healed others in Jesus’ name. He had to have been as Peter or John was. This nameless man was the prophet Judas most likely replaced so Christ could die for our sins.

While he is nameless in the Bible, we will all know him in the next age. We’ll know his name then. Who knows what he was able to do afterward? Who knows if he wound up being named later in the Bible, perhaps in Acts. I have no idea. What I do know was this man was quite special. It is time for man to give him his due. Glory to the unnamed Prophet.


A sage plea from your Christ. See that you not be troubled when things come crashing down around you and this time comes. This might be easier said than done, but there are things we can do when the prophecies of the end start being fulfilled to not be in a state of panic. First, we must all be prepared. Know when the time is nigh at hand. In probably the most conclusive verse that we see as signs of the end of the age was spoken by Jesus when He said “And Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the Gentiles until the Gentiles times be fulfilled.” He gives more signs of the end then says “this generation shall not pass away till all things be fulfilled.” There is a hidden part of that prophecy, and I’ll show you what it is. Jesus was saying oh so very subtly that Jerusalem will come under Jewish control at a different time than Israel would. He could have said “Israel shall be trodden ….” That would have been proven to be a flawful prophecy though, because that generation has come and gone. Israel once again became a nation not controlled by Gentiles in 1948. Most of Jerusalem was not part of Israel at that time. That didn’t happen until 1967 in the Six Day War. I guess that’s one of those verses one can point out to those who don’t believe in the right of Israel and call themselves Christians, since a Gentile is anyone non-Jewish. There is more scripture that pertains to the Jews and Israel that I’ll get to later. Know when the time is nigh, He says. Be prepared. Jesus also said “pray that your flight not be in the winter”. This is a mystery to many as to what he means. Actually it’s so easy you’re going to kick yourself if you didn’t know it already. This was a reference to when birds fly south for the winter. If a bird is prepared, its flight south will come before the cold comes. If it’s not, then that bird is going to feel the cold because it will be too late to fly south. Even if you fly during the winter, you’ll feel the cold.

There are many pieces of advice for the end times, and the NT is filled with pleas to be prepared for it. If you know what’s coming, then you’ll not be tossed about to and fro when it does come. You’ll know what to do for yourself, your family, your friends, and anyone that might need you. You can be their anchor if they need one. Hold them down once the strongest of winds comes. What will be your reward?

The number two thing to do to be prepared when recognizing the end times are close at hand is to not expect to be raptured up. Forget those “Left Behind” movies because we are all going to be left behind. There will be no rapture. Unless you are totally sold on the rapture doctrine, I will convince you of this. Ezekiel 13:20 warns about false teachers who teach their flock how to fly. The most convincing thing though is the sounding of the last trump. The last trump when it shall sound will end the mystery of God. The LAST trump. Now if all of a sudden millions of Christians, and ONLY Christians suddenly vanish into thin air, wouldn’t the mystery of God be finished? Who would then say “oh, He doesn’t exist”? “Criss Angel did it!” The other noteworthy scriptures rapture believers can point out I can explain away with no problem. It is kind of foolish to think that God’s elect have to be here, and a 144,000 Jews that stay in Israel have to be here, but people who simply believe get to be raptured away? I don’t think so. If you think you get to fly away and then you don’t, how will you be? You will be as unprepared as those you smirk about and look down upon as the heathen. You will be a wingless bird that thought it could fly not south, but towards heaven. Instead you will feel the cold.

The third thing, and perhaps most important is that you MUST stand behind Israel and the Jews. You cannot be a Christian and be against the Jews or Israel. It is impossible. I’ve said in other posts that I don’t want to hear “Zionist” this and “Zionist” that, and neither does our God. If you are against Zion, God will confound you. It’s clear many of you already have been. I get some disturbing word searches about Jews that come to my site from people that call themselves Christians. You are already confounded if you hate the Jews or Israel. Once you go in that direction, you have become your own stumblingblock. Psalm 129:5 “Let them ALL be confounded and pushed back that hate Zion.” Can God be anymore clear? When this is all over, perhaps you can say to Him “Zionist” this and “Zionist” that. I, for some reason, don’t believe you will. Then we get to the Dragon that comes after the woman that beared the man child. The Dragon, as many know, is Satan. The man child, as many know, is Christ. The woman that beared him was Mary. Why would it say that Satan will come after the woman, not the Christ? To come after Christ would be to come after Christians. There’s no question Satan will do this, but it is in the manner that he comes after the woman is what this prophecy is pointing out to. Mary was a Jew. This separates Jew from Christian because of the manner Satan will come after her. Close to the end comes the battle of Armageddon. Many falsely believe this is a time or the event of the end. Far too many don’t pay attention to what it says that it is a place known in the Hebrew tongue as Armageddon. Armageddon comes from two separate Hebrew words. The first one is “har”, which means “mountain”. The second word is Megiddo. Megiddo is in the valley of Jezreel in northern Israel. This battle is also predicted late in the OT (Zech. 12:11). The nations aligned with Satan come and meet for battle on the northern border of Israel. This is how the Dragon comes after the woman that beared the man child. If you are not for the Jews having that land, and the full land of Israel, then you align yourself with Satan. This is something you cannot explain away no matter how you try. I’ve ran into a few Jew-haters that claim to be Christian and I point these things out to them. I beg for them to explain it away, but they don’t even try to. Instead I get old-fashioned Jew-hate talk. Stay confounded.

If you read of what’s to come and you stand behind Israel 100%, then God will reward you with Wisdom. If you diligently seek Him, which means be willing to ask questions you don’t like and be also willing to receive answers you don’t like, then God will reward you with Wisdom. I don’t mean wisdom as in just experience. I mean real Godly Wisdom. The first part of Wisdom is to revere God. It says “fear”, but the proper translation would be “revere”. Fear as in respect, not being scared. If you revere Him, this shows humility. You will only advance in Wisdom with humility. If you think you know everything, then you have hit your ceiling. If you think the doctrine from your denomination is just fine and dandy, you probably have hit your ceiling. If you are unwilling to tear down common knowledge doctrine, then your ceiling is probably upon you. God rewards those that diligently seek Him. That doesn’t just mean going to church every Sunday or reading the Bible incessantly. Nothing wrong with either of those. But ask those questions you know you have. Don’t push them aside and say to yourself “God works in mysterious ways”. That’s lazy and I can tell you He does not like that. There is a big book He had written so things aren’t so mysterious. What purpose would it have if He wanted to remain mysterious? Be willing to look at everything we see as common knowledge fact. I mean everything. In nearly all cases, there is either more to the story or it’s completely wrong. God had the Bible penned by His elect. Those are His words to you. Pretend like you’ve never heard of the Bible before. Pretend you don’t know any of the characters or any of the stories. Be as a child reading the Bible for the very first time without the influence of men. That is God’s Word. Let Him explain Himself to you.

For the people of Israel and the Jews throughout the world, you have a friend in me. Your enemy is my enemy. Your friends are my friends. When this is all over, we will enjoy Truth and Peace. Those that aren’t Christians will have your eyes opened. God will pour out His spirit on His people in this generation. He did promise you that He will look to and be received by the Gentiles. How did He do this, you should ask yourselves? Anyway, I stand 100% behind the land of Israel. When Israel shall take great steps to protect herself, I will not fret or waiver in my support of Zion. When the world and even my country turns its back on you, I will fight all the harder for you. I will not be silent in my support. I urge all Christians to also make this pledge, even the Arab ones. There is the Word despite bloodline allegiances. Will you align with your brother, or will you align with the Lord that you supposedly believe in? God will prevail.


What you’ll need…

1. People easily seduced with promises of power

2. Many people under them that believe socialism was intended to be fair and don’t know history

3. A media willing to go along with the plot no matter what, as long as they get paid

4. Create a crisis, blame others for the crisis, then give solutions to the problems purposely caused

5. Uneducated people on both sides of the aisle and in all walks of life

6. No conscience


I’ll get to what George Soros is ethnically and religiously before I get to those that are easily seduced with tales about power. Soros, real name Gyorgy Schwartz, falls under the biblical category of “those who say they are Jews, but are not” (spoken by Jesus in Rev. 2:9 and 3:9). Don’t let any Jew-hater fool you into believing in such a thing called Khazar Jews. They don’t exist. Psalm 129:5 “Let them all be confounded and pushed back that hate Zion.” Need I say more? Hatred for Jews and Israel causes their confusion. The Bible does not mention anything like Khazar Jews. Not even close. The Bible does mention a group of people that came together with the Jews in Canaan. They are called Kenites. How did they come about? Well they had to be very similar to Jews for three reasons. One, they had the same enemies. When the Jews were on their trek to the Promised Land, they fought their enemies in Canaan. The Kenites helped the Jews. They weren’t being helpful as in nice. They helped because the Kenites had the same enemies as Jews. They were looking for self-preservation. Two, the Jews took the Kenites in to be as one with them after this battle. The Kenites were even appointed to be scribes (1st Chr. 2:55), which are people that were interpreters of the law. Pretty esteemed position for people who aren’t Jews. Three, Moses married one. His wife was a Kenite that lived in Midian. When Moses was banished from Egypt, he found himself in Midian where he would marry the daughter of a Kenite (Judges 1:16).

Adam was not alone when he was created. There were other races with him. If five fingers touch the table at the same time, neither finger could be argued that it wasn’t the first. I know this isn’t something taught, but open your eyes to these things. Adam in the Hebrew means “ruddy complected”. In Genesis 5:2 God named not only him, but THEM “ruddy complected”. Why? Why would God point out his skin color? Also in Gen. 5 is the geneaology from Adam to Seth and on through many generations. There’s also Noah and King David down the line of succession. In Matthew 1, there are generations listed from King David to Jesus. Besides them all being men mentioned, they were also all Jews. Line of the ruddy complected. Sorry to those that think Jesus was pale as a ghost. He was one of the ruddy complected. I know some will talk about Nimrod and the Tower of Babel, but it doesn’t say God changed the people’s skin color from there. Nowhere is that mentioned or even hinted at. It does say that the people were divided and the language confounded there. One of the sins of Nimrod was that he was trying to make everyone in the world the same. If everybody was already the same, then why would he try to make them the same? Why God was so offended was because He chose the Jewish race and wanted to preserve it. That would be the race that would bare His Son, afterall. Cain was able to marry a woman in the land of Nod because there were already other races.

Cain is the key to much of this. Nowhere is it mentioned that Adam fathered Cain. In Genesis 5, the Bible seems to make it a point to say that Adam did not father Cain. Who did? Genesis 3 says that God told the serpent that his seed and the woman’s seed would have enmity towards one another. Did God speak to a snake? Rev. 20:2 says that the serpent was none other than Satan. Satan fathered Cain. This prophecy was only partially fulfilled when Cain killed Abel. He had enmity towards him. Cain was the father of the Kenites, who was the son of Satan. Knowing the traits of Satan will open your mind to the traits of his children, the Kenites.

Satan fell because he was wanting to become God. Satan is power-hungry. He is also manipulative, subtle, and convincing which is how the serpent was described. The Kenites being appointed to be scribes was because they had a gift of convincing the masses of their interpretation of the law. This is why people who weren’t even Jews became an elite part of Jewish society. Another very important trait is the innate enmity towards real Jews and Israel. Also being believers in God and Jesus, the Christians are also targets for their antagonism. Since Satan was power-hungry, then so were his descendants. Over the course of generations, the Kenites put themselves in positions of power in Jewish society. When Jesus lived, he scorned the Kenite scribes and Pharisees calling them “hypocrites” repeatedly. It was also the Kenite scribes and Pharisees that convinced the Jewish crowd to desire Jesus’ crucifixion. That is one great power they have to be able to convince people that Jesus helped to want his death. Don’t blame the Jews. It was destiny that had him be crucified. He did die for OUR sins.

A historical person that many think of as a Jew was really a Kenite. His name was Karl Marx. Years ago I thought of this possibility that he might be a Kenite, so I thought “if he was a Kenite, what could be his hidden agenda behind socialism?” Kenites are good at hiding their true intentions, like Satan was with Eve. It wasn’t long before I realized it. To play on the hearts and minds of the poor so they could propel Marx and his top tier friends to become powerful. “Workers of the world unite…(under me)”. Marx never saw those days, but Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, and Mao certainly used his idea. This is where the preparation for those that think that socialism was meant to be fair and don’t know history comes from. Let’s look at Hitler for example, but the same gameplan pretty much is used all over. Hitler used the anxiety of the working class to propel him to power. Unions played a great role in this. The angry poor threatened the rich and the corporations so they could get their fair share. I hope this is ringing a bell within the United States right now. The angry masses were controlled by a few who articulated their anger on their ascendency. After fighting the revolutionaries for a while, the rich and the corporations finally gave in to Hitler. Once this happened, Hitler didn’t need the poor and the unions anymore. Hitler had the power of the rich behind him. When the union heads said “hey, where’s our share!”, Hitler had them killed. If you think this is unique to Germany, you’re mistaken. If you also believe that we are done with this plot, then you don’t pay attention to the news.

Soros is the great Kenite of our time. He has collapsed currencies and been the mastermind behind revolutions in the past. He’s been learning, practicing, and building up his assets so he can do the same here. He’s almost finished. Soros is manipulating the dollar and the markets as we speak. Even the announcement of the US’s AAA bond rating being lowered should raise suspicions about Soros’ possible involvement. It seems that someone last month bet nearly a billion dollars that the US would lose its AAA bond rating, but the odds were 10:1 of that happening. Who would take such a risky bet, unless he was sure of the outcome? Soros did very much the same thing in 1992 with the British sterling. He made reportedly close to a billion dollars then too. Before I knew of this news story, I wrote a blog saying that Soros told David Beers (head of S&P) to lower the bond rating. I had to write an update to it and left a link to one of the stories.

Soros isn’t doing anything here in America that he didn’t do before in other countries. He’s also a student of history. Gather the working class who covet the things the rich have and the union heads to bring about revolution and propel him and his elite buddies to power. Not the US, but the whole world. Soros has said in the past that the United States was in the way of forming a New World Order. Power-hungry. Does this make you ask why he’s donating so much money towards the democrats? The democrats represent the working class. They know of Soros’ history, but their stupidity is on Soros’ side. Being hollow, they love the idea of tearing down America, since many hate it so much, and bringing about something new. They might actually believe this is for the good of all humanity. At either rate, they know their rewards will come after this nation collapses and the NWO forms.

The people under them will do the dirty work in the revolution. Soros is causing financial problems and will blame others for them, then pose solutions to the problems he caused. The poor and the hollow “anarchists” were to be divided in certain groups where they could be lead by someone that can speak for them, but all they really do is work for Soros. The union leadership would fall under this umbrella as well. Once the collapse comes, go out into the streets and demonstrate mob rule. Go after and threaten the rich, and those “too stupid to learn what’s best for society”. Blame them for the horrible conditions. Blame the Tea Party people like S&P and Obama did, which doesn’t make any sense if you’re not a zombie follower of the Soros-paid media. Just to clarify, Obama spent way too much money intently not to get results, but to send us closer to the edge. If there were no Tea Party people or a conservative uprising focusing on spending, then he would have simply spent us into oblivion. Obama and Soros both knew that spending so much money would cause an uprising in America. Blame them for the bond rating being lowered even though Soros told Beers to do it, and made over a billion dollars in that little bet he made. Makes you wonder why no one in the television media talked about this bet a month ago. They know who their master is.

Once the collapse is long gone and the dust settles, Soros and his elitist friends will be the power of the whole world. Those that propelled them will ask “hey, where’s our fair share?!” So many people will think that we have finally figured everything out as a species once the New World Order comes. Like we’ve evolved into a new species. That won’t last. Those people that don’t know history and were called by Lenin “useful idiots” will realize they’ve been on a ride. We all have, but this was something they fought for. This great Kenite idea of fairness and world socialism was nothing but a scheme by the Great Kenite, George Soros. They’ll get nothing like they do in every socialist revolution, but they didn’t learn that. They think they’re the smart ones and those Tea Party people are hateful morons that don’t know any better. Imagine the looks on their faces when epiphany comes and their dreams of a socialist Utopia disappear.


There are a lot of people who say that they think God is okay with them smoking a little weed here and there. I heard musician Carlos Santana profess his love for the Virgin Mary and in almost the same sentence also speak of his love for marijuana. Why not profess his love for God or Jesus? I don’t understand the fascination of making Mary a deity. I don’t. “Mary, Mother of God.” She wasn’t the mother of God, and she wasn’t always a virgin. She had other children. She was an incredible and incredibly blessed woman. Anyway, smoking marijuana to get high is wrong. It’s biblically wrong. “Would God create evil things? Wouldn’t He want us to smoke it?” It’s not evil unless our intentions of using them are evil. In the NT, the original word for “witchcraft” and some instances of “sorcery” was the Greek word “φαρμακεια” (far-mah-kaya). That is where we get our words “pharmacy” and “drugs” from. Back during that time, people would take things to see visions. It wasn’t just to cast spells and have a bubbling cauldron. It is also written many times that being a drunkard is a great sin. Can’t compare drinking alcohol to taking drugs, unless the purpose of drinking alcohol is to get drunk. When people take drugs for “recreation” (like its playing a ball game or something), the whole purpose is to get high. That is where the sin is. It’s in the mindset of wanting to escape and not be in control. Being in control is another thing the Bible preaches as to why being a drunkard is a sin.

If one uses certain things like marijuana for truly medical reasons, then there’s no problem with it. If nothing else works and you have certain afflictions, then go ahead. You MUST be honest about your affliction though. If your affliction is recognized by the government, it doesn’t mean God will also. If your affliction is “I’m a bit bummed”, you’re committing a sin.

There are some things like meth where the whole intention is to get high and become zombies. Bringing several things into one concoction… yeah, that’s a great sin. That doesn’t only go for drugs that the cartels and street pushers control. There are also prescription drugs. There are things that are designed by the drug companies to separate one’s soul from one’s mind. I don’t want to hear about depression or anything of the sort. Boo hoo. Life is hard. It’s intended to be pretty hard, but we brought it on ourselves. God put us in these human bodies to give us another chance. A chance He didn’t have to give. Our souls are much older than our bodies, and as it says in Romans 8, some of us, albeit very few, have already been judged and were judged innocent. The number of them is very low, which is why Paul spoke about seven thousand in the context of the election of grace in Romans 11. How does God reserve to Himself a person from His point of view? That being known, that must mean this creation has brought onto ourselves these horrible things we go through. His elect have also been toughened like metal. I have been toughened as well, and for much of the time knowing my afflictions aren’t because of anything I did. I have been judged innocent before my birth, but yet I’ve gone through horrible things. I was born with a disabling renal affliction. It’s chronic even. Yet, I’m not out there wanting to escape. I’m taking it for Him and ultimately for you. If I took drugs that separated my soul from my thoughts, I couldn’t represent Him at all.

If someone has a chemical imbalance, then drugs that help out with that are okay. Remember always that we have brought these things onto ourselves. Before you think about how horrible God is, think about what He could have done. He could have already rewarded His elect and not have them go through these things and many among us would be damned forever. Given this fact, I would do my best to fight my addictions if I were one of those who had them. Time is growing short and the choice will be forced upon all. If you think things are tough now, how are you going to react to the time to come? How will you be when those drugs you love and think you need are taken away, and I also mean the prescription ones? Just because it’s prescription, it doesn’t mean God is okay with it. Keep your chins up and gird up your loins. The Bible tells and warns us to do this to face the time we will have to face. Let your heart not be troubled, for these things must first come to pass before the return of our Lord. God bless.