What you’ll need…

1. People easily seduced with promises of power

2. Many people under them that believe socialism was intended to be fair and don’t know history

3. A media willing to go along with the plot no matter what, as long as they get paid

4. Create a crisis, blame others for the crisis, then give solutions to the problems purposely caused

5. Uneducated people on both sides of the aisle and in all walks of life

6. No conscience


I’ll get to what George Soros is ethnically and religiously before I get to those that are easily seduced with tales about power. Soros, real name Gyorgy Schwartz, falls under the biblical category of “those who say they are Jews, but are not” (spoken by Jesus in Rev. 2:9 and 3:9). Don’t let any Jew-hater fool you into believing in such a thing called Khazar Jews. They don’t exist. Psalm 129:5 “Let them all be confounded and pushed back that hate Zion.” Need I say more? Hatred for Jews and Israel causes their confusion. The Bible does not mention anything like Khazar Jews. Not even close. The Bible does mention a group of people that came together with the Jews in Canaan. They are called Kenites. How did they come about? Well they had to be very similar to Jews for three reasons. One, they had the same enemies. When the Jews were on their trek to the Promised Land, they fought their enemies in Canaan. The Kenites helped the Jews. They weren’t being helpful as in nice. They helped because the Kenites had the same enemies as Jews. They were looking for self-preservation. Two, the Jews took the Kenites in to be as one with them after this battle. The Kenites were even appointed to be scribes (1st Chr. 2:55), which are people that were interpreters of the law. Pretty esteemed position for people who aren’t Jews. Three, Moses married one. His wife was a Kenite that lived in Midian. When Moses was banished from Egypt, he found himself in Midian where he would marry the daughter of a Kenite (Judges 1:16).

Adam was not alone when he was created. There were other races with him. If five fingers touch the table at the same time, neither finger could be argued that it wasn’t the first. I know this isn’t something taught, but open your eyes to these things. Adam in the Hebrew means “ruddy complected”. In Genesis 5:2 God named not only him, but THEM “ruddy complected”. Why? Why would God point out his skin color? Also in Gen. 5 is the geneaology from Adam to Seth and on through many generations. There’s also Noah and King David down the line of succession. In Matthew 1, there are generations listed from King David to Jesus. Besides them all being men mentioned, they were also all Jews. Line of the ruddy complected. Sorry to those that think Jesus was pale as a ghost. He was one of the ruddy complected. I know some will talk about Nimrod and the Tower of Babel, but it doesn’t say God changed the people’s skin color from there. Nowhere is that mentioned or even hinted at. It does say that the people were divided and the language confounded there. One of the sins of Nimrod was that he was trying to make everyone in the world the same. If everybody was already the same, then why would he try to make them the same? Why God was so offended was because He chose the Jewish race and wanted to preserve it. That would be the race that would bare His Son, afterall. Cain was able to marry a woman in the land of Nod because there were already other races.

Cain is the key to much of this. Nowhere is it mentioned that Adam fathered Cain. In Genesis 5, the Bible seems to make it a point to say that Adam did not father Cain. Who did? Genesis 3 says that God told the serpent that his seed and the woman’s seed would have enmity towards one another. Did God speak to a snake? Rev. 20:2 says that the serpent was none other than Satan. Satan fathered Cain. This prophecy was only partially fulfilled when Cain killed Abel. He had enmity towards him. Cain was the father of the Kenites, who was the son of Satan. Knowing the traits of Satan will open your mind to the traits of his children, the Kenites.

Satan fell because he was wanting to become God. Satan is power-hungry. He is also manipulative, subtle, and convincing which is how the serpent was described. The Kenites being appointed to be scribes was because they had a gift of convincing the masses of their interpretation of the law. This is why people who weren’t even Jews became an elite part of Jewish society. Another very important trait is the innate enmity towards real Jews and Israel. Also being believers in God and Jesus, the Christians are also targets for their antagonism. Since Satan was power-hungry, then so were his descendants. Over the course of generations, the Kenites put themselves in positions of power in Jewish society. When Jesus lived, he scorned the Kenite scribes and Pharisees calling them “hypocrites” repeatedly. It was also the Kenite scribes and Pharisees that convinced the Jewish crowd to desire Jesus’ crucifixion. That is one great power they have to be able to convince people that Jesus helped to want his death. Don’t blame the Jews. It was destiny that had him be crucified. He did die for OUR sins.

A historical person that many think of as a Jew was really a Kenite. His name was Karl Marx. Years ago I thought of this possibility that he might be a Kenite, so I thought “if he was a Kenite, what could be his hidden agenda behind socialism?” Kenites are good at hiding their true intentions, like Satan was with Eve. It wasn’t long before I realized it. To play on the hearts and minds of the poor so they could propel Marx and his top tier friends to become powerful. “Workers of the world unite…(under me)”. Marx never saw those days, but Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, and Mao certainly used his idea. This is where the preparation for those that think that socialism was meant to be fair and don’t know history comes from. Let’s look at Hitler for example, but the same gameplan pretty much is used all over. Hitler used the anxiety of the working class to propel him to power. Unions played a great role in this. The angry poor threatened the rich and the corporations so they could get their fair share. I hope this is ringing a bell within the United States right now. The angry masses were controlled by a few who articulated their anger on their ascendency. After fighting the revolutionaries for a while, the rich and the corporations finally gave in to Hitler. Once this happened, Hitler didn’t need the poor and the unions anymore. Hitler had the power of the rich behind him. When the union heads said “hey, where’s our share!”, Hitler had them killed. If you think this is unique to Germany, you’re mistaken. If you also believe that we are done with this plot, then you don’t pay attention to the news.

Soros is the great Kenite of our time. He has collapsed currencies and been the mastermind behind revolutions in the past. He’s been learning, practicing, and building up his assets so he can do the same here. He’s almost finished. Soros is manipulating the dollar and the markets as we speak. Even the announcement of the US’s AAA bond rating being lowered should raise suspicions about Soros’ possible involvement. It seems that someone last month bet nearly a billion dollars that the US would lose its AAA bond rating, but the odds were 10:1 of that happening. Who would take such a risky bet, unless he was sure of the outcome? Soros did very much the same thing in 1992 with the British sterling. He made reportedly close to a billion dollars then too. Before I knew of this news story, I wrote a blog saying that Soros told David Beers (head of S&P) to lower the bond rating. I had to write an update to it and left a link to one of the stories.

Soros isn’t doing anything here in America that he didn’t do before in other countries. He’s also a student of history. Gather the working class who covet the things the rich have and the union heads to bring about revolution and propel him and his elite buddies to power. Not the US, but the whole world. Soros has said in the past that the United States was in the way of forming a New World Order. Power-hungry. Does this make you ask why he’s donating so much money towards the democrats? The democrats represent the working class. They know of Soros’ history, but their stupidity is on Soros’ side. Being hollow, they love the idea of tearing down America, since many hate it so much, and bringing about something new. They might actually believe this is for the good of all humanity. At either rate, they know their rewards will come after this nation collapses and the NWO forms.

The people under them will do the dirty work in the revolution. Soros is causing financial problems and will blame others for them, then pose solutions to the problems he caused. The poor and the hollow “anarchists” were to be divided in certain groups where they could be lead by someone that can speak for them, but all they really do is work for Soros. The union leadership would fall under this umbrella as well. Once the collapse comes, go out into the streets and demonstrate mob rule. Go after and threaten the rich, and those “too stupid to learn what’s best for society”. Blame them for the horrible conditions. Blame the Tea Party people like S&P and Obama did, which doesn’t make any sense if you’re not a zombie follower of the Soros-paid media. Just to clarify, Obama spent way too much money intently not to get results, but to send us closer to the edge. If there were no Tea Party people or a conservative uprising focusing on spending, then he would have simply spent us into oblivion. Obama and Soros both knew that spending so much money would cause an uprising in America. Blame them for the bond rating being lowered even though Soros told Beers to do it, and made over a billion dollars in that little bet he made. Makes you wonder why no one in the television media talked about this bet a month ago. They know who their master is.

Once the collapse is long gone and the dust settles, Soros and his elitist friends will be the power of the whole world. Those that propelled them will ask “hey, where’s our fair share?!” So many people will think that we have finally figured everything out as a species once the New World Order comes. Like we’ve evolved into a new species. That won’t last. Those people that don’t know history and were called by Lenin “useful idiots” will realize they’ve been on a ride. We all have, but this was something they fought for. This great Kenite idea of fairness and world socialism was nothing but a scheme by the Great Kenite, George Soros. They’ll get nothing like they do in every socialist revolution, but they didn’t learn that. They think they’re the smart ones and those Tea Party people are hateful morons that don’t know any better. Imagine the looks on their faces when epiphany comes and their dreams of a socialist Utopia disappear.



  1. Hardnox says:

    Thank you for writing that. It was a good essay and you bring up some good points not known to me before. Soros has been the puppet master for a while. He has had lots of practice.

    • Jesse Norman II says:

      The most important thing I wrote wasn’t his practice, but what he is. If you don’t know he’s a Kenite, you won’t know the truth behind his motives or where this is going. Rev. 3:9 says the synagogue of Satan will be started by those who say they are Jews, but are not. The synagogue of Satan will be the religion of the world government. This isn’t the first time a Kenite will try to bring the world together. Soros’ father, Tivadar, promoted Esperanto to become the language of the whole world. Soros in Esperanto means “to soar”. Karl Marx also is one of those people.

  2. Bill says:

    If I’m not mistaken, Genesis 4:1 tells us Adam fathered Cain.

    • Jesse Norman II says:

      That’s only an assumption. The way it is written is that Eve had twins, while Adam fathered one and the serpent fathered the other. As I pointed out, God told the serpent that his seed and the woman’s seed would have enmity to one another. Also look at the predicted manner of the enmity. Cain killed Abel for the same kind of enmity that God predicted. Both times the geneaology of Adam is given, there is no mention of Cain. Some might say “because he was banished, that’s why”, but Cain would have still been listed as being in the bloodline of Adam if he was.

      • How do you get twins from the reading of Gen4:1?? 1″ And Adam knew Eve his wife : and she conceived ,and bare Cain,and said, I have gotten a man from the LORD. ( A man ,as you can see it is singular not plural)
        2 And she again bare his brotherAbel…
        Now that tells me there were two separate birthings and that they were both of the same parents Please tell me where you got twins ans different fathers from that??

      • Jesse Norman II says:

        Because it didn’t say Adam knew her again before the birth of Abel. While the serpent was told that his seed and the woman’s seed would have enmity to one another, it doesn’t say she was told. She probably thought that Adam fathered both. If I’m wrong, then who are the children of the serpent? Who are the children of Satan? Rev. 20:2 says the serpent was Satan. Have you considered 1st John 3? He describes the children of the Devil , and he says they are of Cain, and Cain was of that Wicked One. If you can explain those things away, then I’m all ears.

      • thesellerofpurple says:

        Okay a little late reply, LOL, but I really wanted to post on this regarding Cain being fathered by satan. God is spirit, I believe that those verses you mention relate to spiritual origin. —Rom 2:29 But he is a Jew, which is one INWARDLY

        When Jesus said to the Jews who did not believe Him that they are not “children of Abraham” but “children of the devil” this apparently relates to spiritual origin and He denies them as Jews before God (or, in spirit), so comparing it to Cain being called “of the wicked one”, it does not prove anything yet about his biological origin, just about spiritual origin and actions accordingly because that is what is of interest to the Holy Spirit, the separation of sheep and goats. Or like when Jesus says in the gospel of John, that He knows where He is coming from, because He is sent by God. Because one is either God’s or satan’s messenger/angel. This is spiritual origin (or family). God further proves that He in the Spirit regards things like this when Jesus says for disciples and all those who obey commandments to be His family.

        The Kenite idea is very interesting. Great blog. 🙂

      • Jesse Norman II says:

        I went from beginning to end; from Genesis to Revelation about the origin and the end of the Kenites. What I mean by that is that the serpent (Satan) had a seed that was clearly not spiritual. God spoke of how the enmity would be and Cain killed Abel motivated by the same enmity God told the serpent he would have. Thank you.

      • thesellerofpurple says:

        Youre welcome. Sadly we dont have exact clue in the scriptures to be sure. We can only bring up verses and discuss them. I wanted to share this pattern i noticed: when Spirit of God speaks of spiritual fatherhood, it is followed by describing actions or fruits of the tree. Examples:
        -if you were Abraham’s children, you would *do the works of Abraham*
        -those *who obey*… are My mother and sister and brother
        -Ye are of your father the devil, and the *lusts of your father ye will do*
        For Cain:
        -Cain, who was of that wicked one, and *slew his brother*

        When informing us of lineage there is no this action emphasis and Bible says something like “and he begotten/bare…” “and he knew his wife…” etc. I was not there when it happened so i cant say for sure (i believe Cain was Adam’s child biologically, but spiritually child of the devil, so i agree that we disagree), but if satan really fathered Cain, wouldnt God plainly tell us like He told us for women baring children to nephilims in Genesis 6?

      • Jesse Norman II says:

        He will tell us in time when such people fulfill the Word as some have predicted. I lay myself down to the judgment of time.

      • thesellerofpurple says:

        Agreed totally! Will be fun to get to know all this stuff and what really happened in history behind what we know. These people will not manage to hide forever and when their works are exposed it wont be fun!!! Thank you for this blog. Soros ruined my country and keeps launching atheist liberal Weltanschauung in media so the pit between most intellectuals and the angry masses gets even deeper. Sick of just watching i know it is just a prelude into something worse the job is not finished

      • Jesse Norman II says:

        Yeah, I wish we could somehow fast forward all or at least some of this and get to it already. You might want to read my latest post if you havent already. You’re welcome to my site.

  3. Leslie says:

    God told Adam and Eve that they could not “touch” the tree…if you look in a concordance, the word “touch” means “naga”, hebrew word lie with a woman…among other definitions…God only wants followers of faith…you can’t use your flesh mind to understand, because that is enmity with must use your spiritual mind..which requires faith

    • Jesse Norman II says:

      I’m aware of this reference, but the root word’s definition is “to touch”. I think the best alternative definition is “to acquire”. I think what I wrote in the post and in the comment section is efficient enough to show Satan fathered Cain. Thanks for the interesting input. It would just strengthen my contention.

  4. jake903 says:

    Look up the word “seed” in a strongs concordance as it is used in the scripture where God put enmity between the seed of the serpent and the seed of the woman.

    You will find that is means “sperma”…a physical seed/offspring, not spiritual, although those souls that are the offspring of the serpent in flesh form earned their position.

    Then look up the word “again” as it is used when “she ahain ” gave birth to Abel. You will find that the word is “continue”. Eve continue ued in labor after birthing Cain and gave birth to Abel.

    They were paternal twins, the serpant was the father of Cain and Adam the father of Abel; and they acted as such, i.e. Cain murdered Abel. Jesus tells the Pharisees that their father was a murderer from the beginning. That was Cain, the son of Satan.

    Look up the word “kenite”, you will find it means “son of Cain”. Most of what the OP posted is correct. The only thing I disagree with is the that Moses’s wife was not a kenites by blood. His wife’s father was a midianite priest. At that time the kenites had not infiltetrated the Jews. Moses father in law and moses future wife lived in the land of the kenites and were therefore called kenites.

    The people that attempted to drive moses future wife away from the watering hole were kenites. The reason they tried to drive Moses’s future wife away from the watering hole was because she was not a kenites by blood.

    • jake903 says:

      I forgot to add, in order to be a priest, Moses’ father in law had to be a Levite.

      • william Van says:


        Also…after Eve gave birth to Cain she “again” gave birth to Abel…Look the word “again” up as used in that specific verse. It means “continued”. Eve continued in labor and gave birth to Abel. They were paternal twins. Satan the father of Cain, Adam the father of Abel.

        They both made their first sacrifice to God at the same time. A first sacrifice happens at a specific age, because they made their first sacrifice at the same time, they were the same age…paternal twins as stated.

    • Jesse Norman says:

      Actually in Judges 4:11 it clearly states in the Hebrew that Moses’ father-in-law was a Kenite by blood, which I have written on a couple of other posts. Remember, only Moses went to Midian where Kenites were, not the Jews. Jethro, also named Hobab was a Midianite priest before God required priests to be of Levite descent and there were no Israelites in Midian before Moses brought them, so there could be no Levitical priests before then. Good studying though.

      • william Van says:

        No it doesn’t. It says he severed himself from the kenites, i.e. he moved out of the land of the kenites to a place near kedesh.

        He was called a kenites because he lived in kenites territory as a citizen. Just like people who live in Texas are called Texans even though they may be Dutch or Danish or German or levite or Hebrew etc.

      • Jesse Norman says:

        I have heard of Texas, but I have never heard of Keniteland.

  5. william van says:

    Read and study more closely; ask God for help. The information is there. I refuse to dig it out for you so you can continue an argument proven in scripture. You seem to fall into this category:

    Luke 8:10

    And he said, Unto you it is given to know the mysteries of the kingdom of God: but to others in parables; that seeing they might not see, and hearing they might not understand.

    Continue to ask God for wisdom. If you are earnest, he will give it to you.

  6. Tammy says:

    What about Genesis 4:1?

    • Jesse Norman says:

      In the original Hebrew in verse 2 where it says “and she again bare his brother Abel”, the word “again” was mistranslated. The original Hebrew really meant “continued”, so Eve had twins. Her saying she had gotten a man from the Lord with Cain was simply that only God can create a soul, so her child fathered by Satan still came from God. Remember in Gen. 3:15 that God told Satan the serpent that He will put enmity between him and the woman, and between his children and the woman’s children, saying “he shall bruise your head and you shall bruise his heel”. Cain was tormented “he shall bruise your head” by the good works if his brother Cain “and you shall bruise his heel”. The heel being of the foot meant action, work. Also Satan was told of his child with Eve, but Eve was not told. All this was to fulfill His purpose. No matter what happens, nor how bad things become, He is in control. For more on this subject, read “The Definitive Work on Kenites, Cain, and the Seed of Satan”.

  7. About 25 years ago my cousin preached all the things you posted. I had a little problem with it as I was young and it was not at all what I had been taught growing up, as it is with most Christians. My cousin went on to be with the Lord and as time went by the things he had taught me began to open up and God began showing me that it was true. I had so many questions. Then a few years ago I discovered the “Shepherds Chapel” Arnold Murray, on tv who taught the same thing as my cousin and you. So many questions were answered almost like a light popped on..It was and is amazing how God has opened his Word up to me and sent me to those that teach his Word with truth and accuracy..Thank you for being bold and standing even when most don’t believe. I had questions about the rapture which is not mentioned in the Bible and why our old bodies would even be needed when Jesus comes back. Now I know its just a trick of satan and I am teaching my children and grandchildren and anyone else that will listen that its not true. Thank you again.

    • Jesse Norman says:

      You’re welcome. I do have to say that I teach things quite differently from Shepherd’s Chapel, but Pastor Murray was a good teacher.

      About our bodies, all, even the wicked, will be put into incorruptible flesh. This doesn’t mean flesh that is unable to break laws, but means flesh that will never decay. In a prophecy written about the Christ in Psalm 16:10, it says “You shall not suffer Your Holy One to see corruption”, meaning the Christ will not be dead long, which He wasn’t. This flesh has an expiration date. The next one won’t. Thanks for the compliments.

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