This is one of the greatest mysteries of all the Bible, but I must preface the answer to this question by explaining what happened long before the flood. I’ve written in a few posts that there were other races there with Adam. Sure it says Adam was the first man, but it doesn’t mean he was alone. If five fingers touch the table at the same time, no one can argue that either finger wasn’t the first. Adam’s own name gives credence to my assertion. Adam in the Hebrew means “ruddy complected”. Why was God pointing out his skin color? God wasn’t only pointing out Adam’s skin color, but Eve’s as well. In Genesis 5:2, it says God named THEM Adam. If you then look at the rest of Genesis 5 at the generations listed, then you get to Noah to King David, then you look at Matthew 1 at the generations listed from David to Jesus, they were all Jewish. They were all of the ruddy complected race. Many things in the Old Testament are told simply from a Jewish perspective. Adam was not alone, but he was the first Jew. Eve is the mother of all living Jews. Nowhere does it say that God changed the skin of people. Some people believe that happened after Nimrod made the Tower of Babel and God divided the people and confounded the language then, but they assume too much thinking that it meant God also changed their skin. One of the crimes Nimrod committed was that he tried to make everyone that existed the same. This must have been the reason why God confounded the language and divided the people. Now if everyone had the same skin color then, why would he try to make them all the same? God was offended because He wanted to preserve the race of the ruddy complected, because that was the race that would bare His Son.

It is from a point of view of the time that people must also take into account this story of the great flood. Noah was told to build this great ark by the Lord God. He was then told to gather not two of every animal, but two of every kind (actually two of every unclean but seven pairs of every clean kind). This is very important. People assume it was two of every animal, but the only two animals that were listed was the raven and the dove. Two of every kind means that there were also two of every race that existed then that were also to be put on the ark. The original Hebrew word for “kind” actually meant “flesh”. Before God divided the people, all races were in much closer proximity than they are now. Noah gathered two of every race, male and female to come on the ark to start over again.

This is where it gets even more difficult to understand, but if you keep in mind the Jewish point of view of the time, you will have an easier time accepting my doctrine. The great flood wasn’t a worldwide flood. It was a great flood of that region of Earth. Now it says “earth” in the scripture, but that doesn’t mean planet Earth necessarily. We think of earth as in the planet Earth because we’re aware of other planets. Moses didn’t know of any other planets, so to him the word “earth” had a different meaning. The original Hebrew word “erets” really means dirt, or land. He wasn’t thinking of earth as a planet. It was just a word for land. It flooded the whole land, not Earth the planet. Noah was told to gather two of every kind in that region of the world. Every living thing in that region that wasn’t on the ark drowned. Again, one must keep in mind the OT being written from the point of view of that time. Here is another example of the word “earth” which couldn’t possibly mean the whole planet: In Genesis 41:57, it says the KJV that people from all countries came to Egypt for grain, because of the famine. The Hebrew word was mistranslated and didn’t mean “countries” at all, but it was the very same word “erets”, which means land. Also in the previous verse it says the famine was over all the face of the earth, that too was “erets”. Now if Moses meant “erets” as in the planet Earth, it would not make sense at all. People wouldn’t be hearing in China or Japan that Egypt has food or would travel that far to get it, nor would there be enough food for every nation that existed. This was after the story of Nimrod, so the people were separated by the time of the famine and Joseph. This is a very clear case where the word “erets” did not mean our whole planet.

Obviously this isn’t any kind of traditional doctrine, but this is the only answer, and it’s quite easy if you reflect with some patience. As for my doctrine being a bit of a stretch, it would be a much bigger stretch to think Moses meant the planet Earth when he wasn’t aware of any other. The great mysteries of the Bible that plague people often are either from mistranslations or the failure to dissect to the Nth degree what is written while assuming nothing. The mystery of the great flood isn’t anywhere near the only one that falls under that category.

For those that mock about the Jewish/Christian belief in the flood, I have given you a direction and an explanation. Ricky Gervais in a comedy act pointed to this particular mystery on why the Bible was “rubbish”. Well genius who couldn’t come up with something so easy to figure out, I have a clear explanation. I would like some of my own from you, if you may. The legend of the flood is a worldwide one. As I’ve stated before in previous posts, the Chinese have their own legend of a great flood long ago and a ship that carried them to safety. The reason why they have this legend also is because they were there. Well, two of them were anyway. There is also scientific evidence of a great flood in that region of the world in the approximate time the Bible stated there was this flood. Also there are satellite photographs of something that is definitely wooden sticking out of the ice on Mount Ararat. Where did the Bible say the ark of Noah rested? Mount Ararat. While many around the world also have the legend of the flood, only the OT says precisely where it’s at.

How Noah was able to fit all of the animals on the ark was that he brought all of the animals of that region onto it. How they were peaceful to one another isn’t that big of a mystery. It is written in the next age that animals we see as being predator/prey will live peacefully with one another. God put this spell on them during their trip and probably for a time afterward so they can repopulate. Noah couldn’t have fit all of the animals that existed then onto the ark. That would have been impossible. Instead of ignoring that bit of information and sticking your head in the sand, perhaps you should try actually finding an answer to it. The world was a much bigger place back then. The world they knew was quite different than the world we know. The legend of Noah’s ark was told from their perspective. I believe strongly that near the end of this age, the ark of Noah will be revealed to the world. The mystery of God will be finished at the sounding of the seventh and last trump. Perhaps this is one of the shoes that drops. God bless.



  1. Oleg says:

    Hi Jesse! How are you? Long time no see

  2. Oleg says:

    Jesse are you talking about Mount Ararat which is located in Armenia? I think that on that mountain there is no ark… it’s delusion. Though I do not know who benefits, redistribute it such rumors

    • Jesse Norman II says:

      I’m talking about the one in Turkey. I’m doing well. I was thinking about emailing you past few days. Usually I’m on the computer for about ten minutes at a time, unless I write something.

  3. oleg says:

    I’m sorry… I was silent for a long time… just a little time. How are you? I see that you have great success in studying the Bible

    • Jesse Norman II says:

      Doing pretty well. Despite my diseases I am in pretty good shape. I have good muscle tone and I look like I’ not sick at all. I think I have finished all I needed to write, so I’m pleased with what I have accomplished.

      • oleg says:

        I ‘m happy for you Jesse and I wish you luck in your affairs. I’ve always liked your articles. Although sometimes our views do not match. But you are my only friend from America, who opened my eyes to the Bible.

      • Jesse Norman II says:

        Thanks, glad to do so. All of my views about what is written is strictly based on the Bible, which includes socialism. “You shall not covet your neighbor’s things.”

      • oleglosev says:

        Everything should be justly. Of course communism this is utopia but socialism – a reality. In my opinion this is a fair system.

  4. oleglosev says:

    what do you think about socialism?

  5. Phillip Conrad says:

    Hi Jesse I just read your notes on Noah and the ark I think Its a good read it’s very close to what GOD’S been teaching me through his word. I saw a post that you are with some type of ailment, I pray that GOD keeps you as well as posible and sends you strength.

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