I have been saying for more than a year that there are people who are not only ready for a collapse to take advantage of, but are making it happen to begin with. One of those people is named George Soros. Why do I suspect him? I’ve been writing about what kind of monster this guy is for a long time, so I have laid out many times what he’s done and what he said he wants done. This won’t be his first rodeo. Do you know why Yugoslavia doesn’t exist anymore? Soros. He collapsed their currency for capital and practice. Czechoslovakia doesn’t exist anymore also because of Soros. He’s a convicted felon in France for manipulating its currency. He helped bankrupt the Soviet Union. He is known as the man who broke the bank of England for betting against the British sterling. He nearly collapsed Spain as well. In asian countries, he funded and gave ideas for regime change through subversive activities and found it fun. Those are his words. You add those things up and some of his statements, such as:

“The United States is in the way of forming a New World Order.”
“The United States should stop fighting the orderly decline of the dollar.”
“The days of America being the power of the world are coming to an end.”

…then you should get the picture of why he started funding certain politicians from mostly a certain political party to push this country to the edge. He’s up to no good.

He’s not doing anything here that he hasn’t found success in other countries. He’s paying off politicians and media members/corporations to push forth a narrative that he wants the American people to be told. Not just for collapse, but for the preparation for after the collapse. It is the “after the collapse” that is at the heart of his plot. He’s counting on Americans to turn into ravenous wolves coveting the things the rich have at a fever pitch. Those people that do turn into ravenous wolves will have sold their soul and will get nothing in return. As with every marxist revolution, they’ll get nothing and not like it, but won’t be able to do anything about it.

Karl Marx came up with the idea of socialism, but me knowing that Marx was a Kenite, I knew there was a hidden agenda. Most people to this day believe he came up with the idea for social justice and fairness. Of course they ignore the other things he wanted, such as controlling the press and outlawing religion. They also ignore the simple fact that there isn’t one piece of history when marxist revolutions came that they instituted fairness or social justice. A Kenite is a race of people that are great at lying. They’re more comfortable lying than telling the truth. They think they are Jews, but are not (Rev. 2:9, 3:9). I have written a lot about Kenites of late, so I urge you to look at my site. I go into great depth about them, including Karl Marx and the great Kenite of our time, George Soros.

While the media Soros has in his pocket will give a certain narrative, the politicians are the ones that outline the story. They are the lawmakers, afterall. Almost everything they do or don’t do now, there is a Soros-driven reason for it. Now knowing Soros’ history, why would so many politicians take money from him and his seemingly unending “philanthropic” organizations? Kenites are very convincing, for one, but at the true heart of things is they have no inner core. No conscience. They aren’t naive to his past. I seriously doubt they are naive to his intentions. To help take down America and bring about a socialistic world government will come with its perks. Why he mostly only funds the democrats is because they represent the working class. That is what happens in every marxist revolution. Get the representatives of the working class on your side, politician and union, to amass enough people to intimidate the “haves” into submission. See, socialism was an idea simply to get those who coveted the things the rich had and have them push from underneath the elite revolutionaries to power that speak for them. In every instance though, once those elite revolutionaries came to power, the people that propelled them got nothing. They were now slaves to the very government they voluntarily asked for. In Nazi Germany, the union leaders that help propelled Hitler to power dared to ask afterward “where’s our share?” He had them killed. Hitler didn’t need the working class anymore. He now had the rich corporations with him. The rich and the corporations fight the revolution for a while, but when they know they can’t fight such a huge hatred by the people on strings, they give in. The outline for this story is already being laid out here now.

President Obama has had Soros at the White House on at least eight occasions. President Obama went to a “hate America” church for twenty years. Please don’t fall for that “he didn’t know” excuse. He went there for twenty years on the average of twice a month… his words. Those videos we all saw were done by the church he went to. He wrote a book based on Reverend Wright’s sermons called “Audacity Of Hope”, which was the title of one of Wright’s sermons. For that book, Obama said he studied Wright’s sermons and writings intently. You don’t think he saw those videos? The Sunday after 9/11, Wright gave that famous sermon where he said “America’s chickens have come home to roost.” Sure he might not have been there, but it was so outrageous that it made the New York Times. Obama went there for more than six years afterward. Oprah also went to that church, but left after two years because she was offended at what she heard. When the videos first came out, Obama said Wright was “taken out of context”. Of course there is no way to put a positive context onto what he said on those videos. He knew, alright? Anyone that doesn’t believe Obama knew what Wright was saying is simply sticking their heads in the sand.

Obama is doing what Soros wants to take down America, the great oppressors. That is how Obama ironically sees America as do all marxists. What’s so ironic is that this country wound up electing him and has given him so much. There is no question that he is doing things to collapse this country. He is spending money faster than any president in history. If there was no conservative uprising, he would simply spend us into oblivion. He would win there. Since there is a conservative uprising, he can blame them for the collapse once it comes. He wins there too. If you don’t see this plot being set up yet, you soon will.

Laws like the Dodd-Frank law made it difficult for banks to lend, thus meaning they keep their money. Other regulations are keeping people with money from investing into business ventures, so they keep it or play the stock market with little risk. What this does is draw a bigger contrast between the “haves” and the “have nots”. Obama doesn’t want them to hire. Unemployed people can be taken advantage of when they become covetous and hungry. They can become dangerous to the “haves”. They are potential “useful idiots” that can violently call for change without giving one thought into what they are about to give birth to. Ladies and gentlemen, this has happened over and over again but the educators won’t teach you that, but it really can’t be argued. People remember the Iron Curtain. People remember the barbed wire fences. Those people that were on the oppressed side of the Iron Curtain had their future in their hands but they let those that seduced them into believing that they had their best interests at heart have their future. In every case, people got the government they thought they wanted. In every case, they didn’t get what they wanted. That, my friends is socialism.

Soros wants an orderly decline of the dollar, not only because he’s betting against it, which he is, but it makes things tougher on the working class. Our nation spends money it doesn’t have, which makes the dollar worth less. We print more money to help fund the payback of our debt which really makes the dollar worth less. Does that help the working class? Obviously not. Their money isn’t worth as much and they don’t have as much as rich people. Sure some rich people come out saying they are wanting to be taxed more, but none of them actually do it. They could voluntarily donate money to the IRS, but they won’t because they don’t want it to actually be their money. Warren Buffett, the third richest man in the world, keeps saying he wants to be taxed more, but he has actually been fighting the federal government for a decade on taxes with his company Berkshire-Hathaway. His company owes nearly one billion dollars in back taxes. Why is he fighting this if he wants to be taxed more? The Patriotic Millionaires came out saying they were for being taxed more, but most people that were in the original pledge I looked into had DIRECT ties to Soros. They could donate their money to the IRS, and were challenged to do so, but refused. GE, who helped elect Obama through NBC paid no taxes last year. Their CEO Jeffrey Immelt sat less than ten feet away from the First Lady at the Obama speech to the joint session of congress. Immelt is also the head of Obama’s “jobs council”. Obama railed against businesses that ship their jobs overseas, but that’s what Immelt has done by shipping jobs and technology to China. Some technology was taxpayer-funded for NASA. Are these things adding up for you?

One of my best posts “Stay Above The Fray”, I said that it is after the collapse that will address who you are as a person. I really couldn’t have put that better. There are people right now ready to go out into the streets and tear the city streets down that pretend they are representing the working class. Unions will also be out there raising Cain. Young people with no brains and high energy will be very useful to the elite revolutionaries. Those people will be the new generation useful idiots. That isn’t my term for them. That is Lenin’s term for them. Those very same people that propelled him into power. He couldn’t believe they couldn’t see through his rhetoric of “looking out” for them.

All of these horrible things that will surely come is to form a New World Order, which will be disguised as “world fairness”. Soros, the great Kenite of our time is very power-hungry, as Kenites are genetically. Soros was taught and knows that in order to remold the world into his liking, it must go through horrific things. Heat up the Earth and then pound it into what he wants it to look like. Soros was the president of the Fabian Socialists Society in college. The founding members of the Fabian Society came up with a stained glass window where two of the members were hammering a heated Earth with a caption above them saying “Remould It Nearer To The Heart’s Desire”. Between the men (H.G. Wells and George Bernard Shaw) and the caption is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. This is why the Soros media picked Obama and attacked Hillary relentlessly during the 2008 primaries. Obama was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Hillary was not.

During the course of the next several months, congress will commit suicide. The members of congress are wanting to render itself impotent. There can be no congress as we know it if there is to be a New World Order. The Super-Committees most likely were formed to highlight the impotence of congress. The dems want stalemate to garner dislike for the entire body. Laws and proposals are brought forth purposely to not be passed while our nation teeters on the edge. What will happen is that the conservatives will be to blame, namely the Tea Party people. Soros has done this in other nations. Cause problems, blame the wrong people for the problems, then pose solutions to the problems he purposely caused. This is the most important part of his strategy. Mark my words, Obama’s rhetoric will become more and more heated as the months come. I could have predicted his speech to the joint session of congress nearly in verbatim and knew the tone. He’s setting up the villains for the future collapse.

People keep thinking that politics is what Obama’s worried about the most. They haven’t the slightest clue. When his highest adviser David Plouffe said the 2012 election won’t be based on jobs or the economy, conservative pundits laughed him to scorn. They said “what planet is he on?” Maybe Plouffe knows something they don’t know. Did they ever think of that? Politics is just the fuel for the engine.

Of all my posts I’ve done on Soros, this is the one that would anger him most. It is this post though that outlines nearly his whole plot and how certain people will become the villains. How congress will render itself extinct. And most importantly, what comes after. Over the next year and a half, we will live out my prediction. God bless.

Note: To look up what I have written about Kenites, type “Kenites” in the search bar in the right-hand column.


7 comments on “THE COMING 2012 COLLAPSE

  1. pepperhawk says:

    You are exactly right about this whole scenario. I hate to say this but this is just what I thought would happen before Obama was even elected, having researched his background and who his associates were. It is a horrible shame that so few people did their homework on this guy. Now, we are going to go down.

    There are those of us who know what the set up is and won’t riot in the streets, but like you said Obama and Soros will have their radicals to do it and all will be blamed on the Tea Party as it is now. And, like you said, as they weeks and months go by, the rhetoric will become more heated and the stage will be set for the fall.

    We’re beyond the tipping point now. It’s just a matter of time when the fall happens. Those of us old enough to know history and to see how Marxism felled other countries understand this, but a lot of Americans have been so dumbed down in the school system they have no idea what is happening.

    There were those of us who tried to warn people but we were shoved away as if we were insane. No doubt you were one also warning people. They didn’t listen and they didn’t believe it. Shame on them. Now we all suffer and we all lose our country.

    All I can say is God help us.

    • Jesse Norman II says:

      My summation is that even though Obama is pushing us faster to the edge, and now we’ve been over it for some months now, he’s just a puppet. He’s out to take America down for ideology, but his reward as he thinks it will be public adoration from the entire world. I’ve said this for a long time, he needs public adoration like a junkie needs a fix. He needs to be loved by the public. I guarantee that Soros promised him a job after Obama finishes collapsing this world, but he won’t get it. I think we all knew who and what Obama was well before he was elected. It’s only by denial that had people not believe it.

      We were destined to collapse anyway. Obama is just a bandaid that is pulled off faster than if someone from the GOP had won. Our country and the entire world was destined to collapse at a time near this by the Bible. Obama just gave the collapse a running start. Really, Obama is nothing.

  2. oleglosev says:

    You correctly seeing the situation. But as a former resident of the USSR I want to say in defense of socialism: “not so terrible hell as it is painted”. If it were not traitors in the power of the soviet union could be build a socialism. Is there anything in the world committed political system? I think that is not. Perfect political system in the world can’t be, because there are no ideal people. IN the USSR there was free education, medicine, and there was no unemployment, people were confident in its future.

    • Jesse Norman II says:

      There are no perfect political systems because people aren’t perfect. You are right about that. What we both have in our countries is quasi socialism mixed with crony capitalism. In both cases, the government gives favors to the rich that ally with them. Just like Warren Buffett and GE here. GE didn’t pay any taxes last year since they helped elect Obama. Not once has Obama verbally attacked GE. In both our cases, the government was the problem. Not the businesses. Capitalism is the best way to promote liberty and freedom. People came here to America from all over the world because there was opportunity. No one went to the Soviet Union for opportunity. People were trying to escape the Soviet Union. Nothing is ever free. Somebody had to pay for it. Another consequence of socialism or quasi socialism is that the country eventually runs out of money. Even if the rich are taxed to death, the country would run out of money. The Soviet Union was destined to collapse. That was a lesson Soros learned, which is why he is pushing socialism throughout the world. Socialism also keeps the same people rich while not allowing anyone else to. This is one of the great hidden agendas for socialism. At that point, the rich would have gotten on the side of the elite revolutionaries. No more people becoming rich takes away the ability to fund a future revolt. In the future, the useful idiots will kill the rich that won’t go along with the elite revolutionaries’ plot. Those useful idiots will be committing suicide. At some point they are going to realize they’ve been had, but those that could fund a revolt would have been killed by their own hand. This is an important part of Soros’ plot. No future revolt after the people realize they’ve been had. It is also important that people obey the commandment “You shall not covet your neighbor’s possessions.” When people disobey this commandment, they open themselves up to be deceived and seduced by people with a God complex whose hidden agenda is to rule the land. God knew very well the future of mankind.

  3. Hello my Friend,
    I hope the holidays have been good for you. I found some ref. to my particular problem, however I can not find enough scripture to help.
    Can you please do a lesson on the problem with pride as described by obadiah.
    How about God’s choice of a national spokesman, Tebow.
    The Faithful know prayer for strength and endurance is in this
    kids heart and how utterly ignorant are the confounded.
    Thank you

    • Jesse Norman II says:

      You’ve got a good mind, my friend. If this prophecy wasn’t directed at America solely, it was relatively. The pride spoken by Obadiah was about a nation that found itself to be invincible, just as we feel we are. God is hardest on those He gives much to. He gave us this land in the West as a timely spillover for population in the East. How we handled that was terrible, but this was land that was meant to be shared by all who wished to find refuge from their oppressive kingdoms in the East. We have fallen by the wayside as Israel had many years ago. It will be finished once we fully turn our back on Israel. We must all understand as a people and a government, Israel doesn’t have to be on our side. We have to be on theirs. This is how as a nation we shall be judged either for or against.

      Gotta root for that Tebow kid. If God has given him this task, then he’s running away with it well. If he’s doing this on his own from the beginning, then God showed enough trust in him to hand him this task. At either rate, he’s doing a great job at representing the Lord. His good works away from the football field seem infallible in the league of glorification and temptation. On the football field, it seems like a wonderful story where good eventually triumphs at the end with seemingly terrible odds.

      How Tebow is related to what I wrote about America is the parable Jesus talked about with the three people who were given talents of gold. Two did well with what they were given while the one did nothing with it. This wasn’t about what a person does with their money. This was about two people who were selected to do things before they were born and one who was given a task after they supposedly became a Christian. People are divided into three types: the chosen, the called, and those who are here to save their own butts. The chosen is the person who was given five talents. There is no way they can fail, because God will force them to do their jobs if it comes down to it. The called are people who are given jobs to do, but God isn’t forcing them to. It’s up to them, although it would be hard for them to fail. This is the person who was given two talents. Lastly, the person who was given one talent was someone that became a Christian in their life but did nothing with it. Their works did not help bring more people to Christianity, so what could have been theirs will be shared by the chosen and the called who do their jobs. To whom much is given, much is expected. The people of America have been given much as well. If we turn our backs on Israel, our punishment will be just. God bless.

  4. Mary says:

    Oh my, looking at the picture, I see the 10 kings at the bottom, and the alter (or whatever it is) there’s 11. hmmmmmm interesting!

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