Yes, it is. This debate is one that makes me scratch my head because the debate somehow is turned into “women’s rights”. I don’t know how this falls under women’s rights being that there is another being involved. I also thought that the Declaration of Independence states that life is a right, although I’ve never heard that particular case being presented. One of the great things about women is that they see the better side of things naturally. How does the unborn all of a sudden simply become a fetus in their eyes? I’m generalizing of course. I guess even that term presents its problems since all one would have to do is ask “what is it a fetus of?” Everyone was a fetus at some point in their lives. I’m very adamant when it comes to the plight of women, but abortion isn’t a woman’s right in my eyes. If you could ask that fetus if it wants to be killed and it was able to respond, do you think it would say “yes”? No matter how you look at it, you are destroying a life.

Another big debate is where life begins. I believe both sides are wrong in the debate. A fertilized egg does nothing. A fertilized egg is simply a fertilized egg. Obviously it is a living thing long before birth, so that is a ludicrous argument. When a fertilized egg attaches itself to the womb is where life begins. That is when the fertilized egg begins to divide. That is when the magic of life begins. It is the liberal’s idea though that allows for babies to be killed after either a botched abortion or shortly after and no punishment is wanted. In Chicago after a baby survived an abortion attempt a doctor decided to put it in the laundry to die. A woman found it and held it as it died. A law was proposed to have it where doctors will have to help the baby live if it survives an abortion attempt. Obama as a state senator voted “no” to that bill. No matter his excuse, and he’s given a dishonest one, he voted no to have a baby that survives an abortion attempt to receive medical attention. Even NARAL had no problem with that bill, which then became a national law. Many times when babies are killed after birth, the punishment given is a slap on the wrist if one is even given. The thought that babies in the womb are simply fetuses allows for these horrible things to go on.

I find it sad that people portray pro-lifers as extremists for not wanting women to abort their babies. What is more extreme than ending innocent life? “What a terrible thing it is to force babies to live!” Are you serious? That’s extremist? The greatest proponent for abortion, or what we call “women’s rights” was Margaret Sanger. She is someone liberals and specifically liberal women point towards as being a great woman and advocate for women’s rights. What they won’t tell you, either because they don’t want you to know or they don’t know themselves is that she was a huge advocate of eugenics. She wanted minorities and certain “undesirables” to be forced to be sterilized. She was a racist who hoped abortions would lower the population of the black community and spoke before a KKK rally. It was also her idea to have a few black leaders to speak for the rest of the race to herd them into one mindset like cattle, hence Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton among others. Those racists on the right want black children to live while the hero to the left wanted black children to be aborted, which is why there are so many Planned Parenthood offices in minority communities. As I do with everything I write here, I only use facts. This is the true history of Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood.

Biblically speaking, John the Baptist when he was a baby in the womb lept when he felt the presence of Jesus while He was in the womb as Mary came into the room. Such a beautiful story in the Bible, isn’t it? There is already awareness the babies in the womb have. They sense light and they feel pain. They are just like you and I, except they depend on their mothers to keep them alive. Just because they are vulnerable, it doesn’t mean they don’t have the right to live. I think because they are vulnerable, they should have more protections legally than you or I would have.

I know some will say “what about the health of the mother?”, but that could mean anything. If a woman’s life is truly on the line, then she should still keep the baby. Give the baby a chance at life, just like those mothers had. With proper medical attention, death from childbirth is nearly a forgotten thing. As for any other reason, abortion is evil in the eyes of God. If a woman is raped, abortion is still wrong. The man who raped her deserves to be executed in my opinion, but shouldn’t punish an innocent life for the crime of the rapist. If a girl is molested, it’s the same case. The man should be executed and the baby should not be punished. Women and girls who are raped will receive no more sympathy than by me. Nothing anguishes me more about humanity than people who rape or molest, but it would be a horrible thing to destroy an innocent life. Women who just see their babies as an inconvenience have some problems seeing life for what it is. If a baby is such a burden upon their selfish lives, then give it up for adoption. There are plenty of people waiting to adopt children. Mother Teresa said it best about women who don’t want to raise the babies they carry “give them to me!” Now that was a woman. There are plenty of people out there ready, willing, and able to raise the babies you don’t want. You have no excuse but to let your child live, either with you or somebody else.

I think this really is the beginning of human evil for a society to say the unborn doesn’t have a right to life. This is the beginning of immorality. If we can’t decide as a people the most innocent and the most helpless of us all have a right to live, then what moral highground is there for us? If they don’t deserve life, then who among us does?

Update: Recently there was audio released of then state senator Obama giving reasons why he was voting against giving medical attention to babies who survive abortion attempts. Originally during the presidential campaign he said that the law was redundant since there was a federal law already on the books. My question is why not then just vote “present” like he did on nearly everything else? I said in the post that he had given a dishonest reason. I knew he was lying and now we have proof. The real reason he voted against it mainly was because it would go against the supposed mothers’ wishes. That is some sick opinion to have that he didn’t think a baby that survives an abortion attempt should be given medical attention. As I said, even NARAL was fine with that bill. This is the man the United States elected president.



  1. pepperhawk says:

    I believe abortion is murder. Since I have never talked directly to God I cannot assume anything. However, Jesus said, “suffer the little children unto me” and I don’t think He would tike it one bit.

    However, being brought up Catholic, I do not believe in it and I do NOT want any of my tax dollars going to pay for someone’s abortion. If they need to get one they should pay for it themselves. Paying for it through taxes sort of makes me feel complicit in this act which I consider murder. It makes me feel dirty and sinful. And none of us should be required to pay for abortions. That is going to far for me.

    What really gets to me, liberals so want to save “murderers and rapists” on death row, but they will do everything to kill a baby. Does not make any sense to me and if they actually ever thought it over I don’t think it would make sense to them either. But then again they don’t believe that “thing” in their wombs are babies but some unknown thing,. I asked a liberal woman on TH one day just what was in her womb, was it a frog, a tree, a bug? She of course could not answer me.

    • Jesse Norman II says:

      Yeah, the hypocrisy on this issue is maniacal. No matter how they disguise it, if they are for women being able to have abortions then they are for abortions. None have I heard say that abortion wasn’t wrong, and none have ever said abortion was the right thing to do. I’ve never heard any of them say that. They’ll point out the hypocrisy on the right that they are for babies living but criminals dying, which is a ludicrous thing to compare something innocent to something criminal. I think that says a lot about how they see babies in the womb when they can even compare the two.

      The best scripture I could point out to about babies in the womb is when John felt the presence of Jesus lept in the womb. That says everything to me about whether God sees abortion as murder.

      I intended to have the previous post be my last, but I had a dream yesterday morning before I woke up where I wrote this post. I took it as a sign to write it.

      • pepperhawk says:


        I’m glad you did not make your last post until this one and I hope you keep writing. I have to admit to you that some of your writing is over my head due to the religious aspect but I usually read your posts even if I don’t comment.

        I liked this one in particular because it is dear to my heart. I don’t understand these liberals at all wanting death row inmates saved and little innocent, sweet babies killed. When my grand daughter was born I got to hold her minutes after she was born and it was wondrous and God felt like he was right there at that moment. She was so beautiful in my eyes, so innocent, and so vulnerable. It made me feel so sad and so awful thinking of babies who can feel being killed in the womb. It is simply monstrous to me to have an abortion and kill these beautiful babies that someone would love to adopt.

      • Jesse Norman II says:

        It’s sickening that they would want to do such a thing. They see “right to lifers” as extremists but all we want is for unborn babies to live. Gee, what a terrible thing!

        I hope I’m actually done with writing. There are a million things I could write about, but this was a task given to me by God. What I had to write, I have written.

        About my writing being over your head, just ask questions. I can explain things well. Best advice I can give is to get a Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance and study it with a KJV. Always be willing to ask yourself questions you don’t want to ask and be willing to receive answers you don’t want to receive. Humility is the greatest teacher. God will reward your diligence.

  2. John Brown says:

    Jesus was 24 hours in the womb when Mary met Elizabeth, so, abortion is 1st degree murder. When people bring up rape, I point out Jerm. and Eze 18:20 say punish the father for his own sins, not the son and visa-versa. Kill the rapist by all means as God’s law tells you too.

    > or what we call “women’s rights” was Margaret Sanger.

    If ruddy means blood in the face, guess what the root word Sanger means? Blood. Check out an old Websters. Lets see, she promotes murder, is an atheist, and her name mirrors the Adam/ruddy. If that does not have Kenite all over it, I don’t know what would.

    One thing I didn’t believe until I checked it out for myself, the Queen of England who Obama loves to diss (the gift of NTSC disc with his speeches that can’t be played on a PAL system was a nice touch) is actually a direct blood relative through the three daughters of Hez. who Jerm. brough to Ireland and then the UK. Jesus’s mother actually lived in Glastonbury. Totally mind blowing. If you look at Prince Charles, that is what a “ruddy” man from the Judah blood line looks like.

    Abortion and birth control are only about one thing, slowing down Satan being thrown to this earth in his body, because once that happens, five months later he is thrown into the pit for 1,000 years (by himself) and then his death sentence gets carried out shortly there after. Every abortion is like a death row appeal because it wipes out a seed line and all the children would follow.

  3. Brian Blair says:

    Yes it is murder!!!!!!!!!! You are killing a living human baby you friggin idiots!!!! And all because you are friggin selfish!!

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