For those who come to my site regularly, you will see that I have laid out the truth as to who Obama is, what he always was, and who he will always be. He’s not the Antichrist, but I have no doubts if there were applications to become the Antichrist that he’d fill one out. He’s not a Christian. I don’t think he’s a Muslim. He’s an Obaman. As with all elite marxists, their only god is themselves. This is part of the character signature from the architect himself, Karl Marx. Godless people who have a God complex will exalt themselves and press their desires of an ideal world onto everyone under them. Obama is an elite marxist and nothing can be said to dispute his entire life’s history if one simply only looked.

Unlike most who have actually studied Obama’s history, I am not one of those that believe he must be defeated in the 2012 election at all costs. As a lemming that has jumped off the edge of the cliff, he won’t be dead until he crashes onto the Earth. That is the present state of this country and the entire world. We have been falling for sometime now, but we haven’t hit the ground yet. There is no avoiding it. Nothing can be done to stop it. While this election seems to be the most important election of maybe all time, my prediction is it will prove to be the most inconsequential. I predicted on November 2nd 2010 in “George Soros: Author of the Future Collapse of America”, that the midterm elections would change nothing despite the optimism shown by conservatives. Time proved me to be right. It won’t matter who wins. Soon after, the world will be on fire. Soros is the one running the show. This plan he has put into action has been flawlessly executed. It’s been more brilliant than any of his other revolutions. Check out Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, and Malaysia for examples. Nothing can stop it now.

One of the most important things that must and will happen is when the crash comes, caused by Soros and his henchmen, that the wrong people will be to blame. This will cause people who are either already desperate or become desperate, because of the swift crash of their economy, to go after those that they perceive to be the ones who caused their current state of despair. They will be lead by a few acolytes from unions and other revolutionary groups who will be getting their orders from Soros and his elite world government marxists. It’s happened before. This won’t be anything new. Despite the death sentence given by conservative pundits onto the Occupy people, I know that OWS was just a dry run. In desperate times, the Occupy movement will grow beyond leaps and bounds.

Professors have brainwashed the young as they have always done. Professors and other true intellectuals base their thoughts on being the complete opposite of conventional thinking because they feel they are smarter than everyone else. If the common person thinks one way, they must think the opposite because the common person isn’t a supergenius to the 10th power. Marxists, as their literature says, target the youth because their thoughts have not formed yet. Lenin did call the students and union members who were out there threatening and killing the rich “useful idiots” because they were killing people who could help them fund a future revolt after they realize Lenin had the worst of intentions for them. The rich who survived played ball with Lenin. Not them. This is the true history and intention of marxism. As I said in my last post, there are two types of marxists in today’s world- those who know it’s a scheme to achieve totalitarian power and the stupid. There will be a lot of stupid people again who have no account of history or any analytical ability of it out there being manipulated to their own detriment. This should not be cloaked, but it is…. perhaps for a reason.

For those who will inevitably say “don’t you care about what happens to this country?”, I will gladly point out the book of Revelation. The rider of the white horse to be precise. This is the Antichrist and he will conquer the world, including the United States. God has warned in the OT that people should not believe their kingdom is infallible. We have fallen. Soon we will crash by design.

The architects of the New World Order to come will believe they have permanently remolded the world, but this won’t last. I relish the anticipation of that day. President Obama, this message is for you. You claim you are a Christian. I know you’re a liar, and not just about that. Forsaking the other lies, I will highlight something in the Bible you cannot explain away or say “let me be perfectly clear” and contend with. The book of Revelation speaks of a seven year period known as the Tribulation Period. The rider of the white horse conquers the world. I’m so sorry it won’t be you. I will shed a tear for you when you realize you won’t be the puppet leader of the New World Order. Sort of like how Hillary Clinton did when she realized that Soros would stop at nothing to make sure she goes down since she was not a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Make no mistake, she’d be doing the same exact thing you are doing for the same reason. But people knew her. People didn’t and for the most part still don’t know you, which is why his media deitified you while attacking her relentlessly. It’s unavoidable that they will come to know you. Anyway, the New World Order will come. The Antichrist in Daniel 9 confirms a covenant with many that is also supposed to last seven years. Interesting, isn’t it? And it is written that in the midst of that seven year period, the Antichrist himself will break up this covenant with war. It will be portrayed as Lincoln trying to bring back the southern states into the Union, but it will only be portrayed that way. The Tribulation Period written of in Revelation that lasts seven years is also divided in two separate three and a half year periods. A covenant with many that is supposed to last seven years breaks in the midst… sounds like a match to me. Then we have the geographical portrayal of the war to come. If you look at it, it’s basically East versus West. The kings of the east, then you take in the Arab World, which you and your master are working with at the present, will take on the West which would include the United States. It would seem like a Christian wouldn’t have any part of this and certainly be aware of this being written. You can’t explain this away biblically. The West will wake up. We will wake up. We will know what you and your ilk have done and why you have done it. We will know by any shadow of a doubt all these things and there won’t be anything you or your puppet master can do about it. Soros’ flaw… the world is simply too big to control. This is what I relish for the second most. It won’t be you he kings, despite his possible promise. I hope you fight Soros on this when it happens. I truly do. If you think he was bad with Hillary and her family, including Chelsea, fight him and see what he does to you. You are nothing to him and you are nothing without him. All you are is a Soros creation. No wonder you are so prideful.

Here’s a bit of a weird possibility for the coming election. I know Soros has thought of doing this because the fifth step of Soros’ seven steps to revolution is to take advantage of a crisis surrounding an election. Here is the possibility: Soros fixes the election for Romney, even if Romney wins the election on his own. What do I mean by that? If Romney wins, tell the public he stole the election, and highlight examples. He did just that in the former Yugoslavia. The Soros-paid media showed how Milosevic stole the election all the while ignoring his own ballot-stuffing. Why? If he shows the election was fixed for Romney, you saw what happened in 2000. Even though the media themselves did the recount in Florida and it showed Bush increased his lead, people didn’t know much about it and to this day are upset about it. Imagine another perceived theft of a presidential election. Then Soros could give the orders to revolutionary, student, and union groups to begin rioting. Look up Soros’ seven steps of revolution. This is information worth knowing. Romney also represents a perfect fall guy for Soros which is why Soros has said he’s fine with either Romney or Obama winning. Romney is rich and he’s white. That’s two marks for the subversion chart. If Romney wins and Soros pulls the plug, Romney and the GOP (seen as the protectors of the haves) will be perfect scapegoats (along with Jews and Israel) with most of the media narrating this to death- literally. At any rate, it won’t matter who wins. He will begin the revolution after Romney wins, or will get things started for the 2014 midterms, which will probably be swept by marxist dems. The United States and the world will soon fall on purpose to remold it. It is inevitable.

UPDATE: Oct. 30, 2012-, an organization George Soros basically owns, put out an ad featuring seniors threatening to “burn this mother f’er down” if Romney steals the election. Maybe that possibility isn’t so weird afterall.


4 comments on “THE MEANINGLESS 2012 ELECTION

  1. John Brown says:

    Your site blows my mind, I can’t believe I just found it.

    The truth is worse then you think. I think we fall Dec 2012/Jan 2013 (40th year of Roe vs. Wade) because not only did Romney ignore my letter, but, he did the exact opposite in the 3rd debate.

    I can’t really decide, what is worse, 40,000,000 million dead or the whole nation falling with peace and prosperity for the false messiah.

    ► TQO#209 – About the 3rd debate – Obama’s smirking – Romney’s stammering – Storm Sandy

    After reading your site, I am starting to think maybe Romney threw the election on purpose.

    In the FWIW category Obama is at least demon possessed. I have dealt with whatever evil spirit it is, it might be the Prince of Darkness himself, I have dealt with him too. It’s SOP is when it says something that mocks God, it lifts it’s chin, smiles, looks to heaven, and closes it’s eyes. I figure it is the brightness of the light in another dimension I can’t see but it can.

    I couldn’t believe Billy Graham praised Obama for comforting people with scripture at the Gifford’s shooting and it was the part where Job said he wouldn’t let a Kenite guard his dogs, never mind sheep. Then he twisted even that.

    re: Noah

    > It says “two of every kind”

    Actually flesh and when you look up the Hebrew it means man’s flesh, not animals.


    You know I have sat in churches where they have said Jesus was black, while ignoring Solomon was called “ruddy”. Adam is the 8th day creation, Eve is called the mother of the living because Jesus came through her and without Jesus you die. Adam/man created on the sixth day is different then Adam/ruddy created on the 8th day. Which is why Cain could travel to Nod and get a wife, the 6th day creation of man was already there for thousands of years.

    FWIW: I spent 4 years trying to get just one so called Republican to quote Deut 28:12 and Luke 1:36 on the House or Senate floor too. I tried to get 600 local churches, mosques, and synagogue to do the same. I couldn’t even get my wife’s Lutheran church to read Luke 1:36-55.

    God’s word never falls short as you read Amos 4.

    If you give me an e-mail address I will send you the 3rd letter, as yet unpublished, begging Romney to finally do the correct thing.

    Though it is incredibly sad and disheartening what is about to happen to our country, I do give praise to God for his wisdom and for saving me from my own wickedness. The prophets wanted to live to see our day.

    I am so looking forward to the two witnesses.


    • Jesse Norman II says:

      I don’t think Mitt threw the election on purpose. I just don’t think he was a very good candidate, not that it would have changed anything. Some things will have to come to pass and people are the most blind just before they wake up. This is why my prediction of this being the most inconsequential election of all time will come true. If Romney won, the Soros paid media would have said Romney stole the election and soon the nation would collapse. If Obama won, Soros would still have the executive branch and soon the nation would collapse. Really we have already collapsed, we just haven’t felt the crash yet.

      Satan does have a hold on Obama and many others because they have given themselves over to him, but I don’t think Obama is actually possessed by Satan. Obama is partly motivated by what his father wanted, but mostly is motivated by his self-infatuation and hopeful rewards.

      Adam wasn’t created on the eighth day. If you look at when it says Adam was created, you will see it was going back to the sixth day and then spoke about a specific man-Adam. Plants were talked about being created on the third day, so they already existed. It is written that there was no man to till the ground because there was no man at all. Why couldn’t another man till the ground if he existed?

      Don’t worry about sending that letter to me. Surface politics doesn’t interest me much. Romney lost. No matter who won, we will lose in the short run and win in the long run because victory is sealed for believers in Christ Jesus. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Alethea says:

    Jesse are you a Shepard’s Chapel student?

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