Sometimes, yes. Some who are somewhat educated will say that the word “Jew” was never in the original languages, which is somewhat true. The original Hebrew says the word is “yehud” or “yehudiy”, which means “judean”, one of the twelve tribes of Israel. A lot of Jew-haters will bring this up but since the first part of foolishness is to hate Jews, none are able to actually think clearly. The original Hebrew words were oftentimes an umbrella term for all of the tribes of Israel, due to their common religious belief. The translated Bibles do a good job separating “Jew” from “Judean”, because in some instances, depending on where the story’s origin is, a specific tribe is mentioned.

Proof of my assertion lies in different places in the Bible. One of the most clear is in the book of Esther. One of the most fascinating stories of the Bible. As it is written, Haman, the King’s top commander, wanted to eradicate the Jews, after the Judeans were carried away to Babylon. The original word was “yehudiy”. There were other tribes that were carried away, because it’s clearly written that Esther and Mordecai were of the tribe of Benjamin. There were other tribes that were amongst them. Jerusalem was divided in four parts with the Judeans controlling only one. “Yehudiy” could not have come from the word “Jerusalem”, but those other tribes living in Jerusalem were carried away. Now do you believe Haman wanted to only kill that tribe and leave the rest of the tribes of Israel be? I think not. There is no explaining this fact away. It cannot be done. Benjamites were clearly described as Judeans in the original Hebrew, so “yehudiy” must have been an umbrella term for all the tribes of Israel at least in this instance for their common religious belief.

Recently I had someone arguing with me about the differences in the tribes and even said I was a false teacher. He was also mad that I took a few hours to approve and reply to his comments. I’m very sorry. I did specifically ask him to be patient before he blew up, but I guess he didn’t understand what I clearly wrote. He kept going about the northern tribes and how they weren’t really good Hebrews, or something like that. Let’s get to one of those northern tribes and what is written about it in Revelation. This is another undisputable fact Jew-haters can’t explain away, and that is the battle of Armageddon. I’ve talked about this before but think it’s pertinent here. Armageddon is a place- Megiddo. It does say in Revelation 16:16 “a place called in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon”. In the original Hebrew, Armageddon would mean “mountains of Megiddo”. The nations aligned with Satan will come and meet for war there. Megiddo is in northern Israel in the land of Manasseh. If you are against the Jews, meaning all of the tribes of Israel, you align yourself with Satan, therefore cannot be a Christian.

“Let them all be confounded and turned back that hate Zion.”-Psalm 129:5
The first part of foolishness is to hate Jews.


6 comments on “DOES “JEWS” MEAN ALL ISRAEL?

  1. Luke Fairhurst says:

    Do u think its quite possible that the president of the united states, barack hussein obama, could be the antichrist? I truly believe in my heart for a number of reasons. I am a messanic jew and when i see our president treating israel with such hatred and disgust it has me thinking that the rapture could happen before 2020. Heck, u said that the next pope is going to be the false prophet. I am starting to not only see that jesus really existed and wasnt a lie but we are so close to armageddon. Im not afraid though because i know its all happening according to god’s plan and with him by my side i will be alright.

    • Jesse Norman II says:

      Absolutely not. Obama cannot be the Antichrist, according to the biblical scripture. I have no doubts, and I’ve written this before, that if there were applications for Antichrist that Obama would fill one out. If you look at Daniel chapters 2 and 7, it is quite specific where the Antichrist comes from. If this is the time, and I believe it is, the Antichrist must come from Spain. Daniel 2 says the fourth kingdom to come will be diverse from the others, and that it will break up for a time and then reform. The fourth empire that took over Israel was the Roman Empire, so it would have to be a reformation of the Roman Empire that the Antichrist comes from. Daniel 7 talks about how this empire reforms and it is the eleventh nation to join this reformation is the nation the Antichrist comes from. If the time is now, this reformed Roman Empire can only be the European Union. The eleventh nation was either Spain or Portugal since they joined the EU on the same day. What separates them is that it is written that the eleventh nation will subdue three more nations. Spain played a great part in the next three nations joining the EU. Also much of the power of the EU lies in Madrid. Biblically, the Antichrist must come from Spain if the time is now.

      One last thing, don’t be preoccupied with Armageddon. Armageddon is just the place where the nations aligned with Satan come and meet for war. Even before the Great Tribulation comes, horrible things will come to the world on purpose.

  2. Luke Fairhurst says:

    I agree with u whole heartedly that the time for the antichrist, the false prophet and the false peace in israel is now. So the antichrist is going to tell everyone that he is jewish even though he really isnt?

    • Jesse Norman II says:

      No, he will be from Spain. Those who say they are Jews but are not are people like George Soros and Karl Marx before him. They have to say they are Jews but have a disdain for real Jews and the nation of Israel. They also have to be power-hungry and great liars. They are Kenites, who were appointed to be scribes in 1st Chronicles 2:55. The scribes, Pharisees, and Caiaphas in particular were all Kenites (Jesus called them the offspring of serpents, vipers and said they killed Abel… who killed Abel?). Kenites love to work with the enemy of the Jews as long as they get something out of it. The Kenites never had so much power in Israel as they did when the Romans came. Soros was part of the Judenrat as a teenager and twice that I know of said he didn’t regret it. The second time he said this he said it was the happiest year of his life (1944). Many Hungarian Jews were exterminated that year. He also said that his mom hated Jews. His father, Tivadar, was pushing esperanto as a world language-that power thing Kenites have. Soros has said the only obstacle for a one world government is the United States. I doubt he still feels that way since he got his puppet-his wolf in sheep’s clothing in the White House. You want to know why the Soros-paid mainstream media picked Obama and attacked Hillary and her family relentlessly during the 2008 primaries? Study the Fabian Window. Soros was president of the Fabian Society decades ago.

  3. bob says:

    I do agree with every thing you have said. I do however think that there is a clear distinction made between Israel and Judah in the prophets. To be Honest I’m just not convinced either way. It says that the Kingdom of Judah was made up of the Tribe of Benjamin and Judah while the other ten where the house of Israel. Going on shear numbers and population growth alone, it would seem improbable that the twelve tribes of such an ancient people could be represented today by only 14 million Jews (even while factoring in the holocaust). Look at other ancient people like the Chinese for example. The Sceptre will not depart from Judah, nor a law giver from between his feet. It did however depart from the other tribes. Who knows who they are. God does though, and he will reveal all. Either way If i’m right or wrong I don’t think it really matters. Love your blog and think you are spot on about the Jew haters. People who hate the Jews would do well to remember the son of God was and remains a Jew while at the right hand of the Father

    • Jesse Norman says:

      Even though the holocaust was the most well known massacre of the Jews, it was nowhere near the only one. Throughout european history, the Jews were targeted for mass murder. There was also the Arab invasion of the land of Israel which was another attempted genocide until the crusaders came. Not very long after that the crusaders themselves targeted the Jews also. Being that most Jews went to europe and Russia, where they were under tremendous scrutiny, they wouldn’t have had the population of the Chinese when you add everything up. Look up the history of mass murder of the Jews by europeans. The holocaust was nowhere near the only one.

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