My Lord YHWH, there could be no god greater than You. You told me everything, but I wouldn’t listen. You showed me, but I forgot. I even failed You at times, my Lord. Yet You made me hear. You made me remember. I am not a failure because You wouldn’t let me be. Your promises mean so much, but Your love for me means everything! You have put me in this flesh for a purpose. I will no longer fail You. From now on, I’ll be as Job. I love You, Lord! Forever I will praise You. You are everything. If there was some way I could bless You, I wouldn’t hesitate. Thank You for the messengers who came before me to help me in this wicked generation. Thank You for the Saviour for all of my loved ones, and those I will love. I love all my Christian brothers and sisters! Some things I can barely wait for, but until that time comes, I will serve You without expectation for reward. I owe You my existence, and so much more. All praise the Lord God of Israel, YHWH!


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