I have written before that God and our Christ Jesus was not for socialism. While people who can’t quote John 3:16 will say that Jesus preached for social justice, there is no way they can point that out with scripture. There is none. Was Jesus against the rich? Generally speaking, yes, but that’s because the rich loved their possessions more than godly things, again generally speaking. Was Jesus for helping the poor? Absolutely, but that isn’t what socialism/marxism does at all. He certainly didn’t want to mandate it through a corrupt system. He also repeated not just the law, but the commandmant “You shall not covet your neighbor’s possessions.” This is a little tidbit most of the social justice proponents ignore, but the apostles wanted known that if a man refuses to work, then let him starve. Rev. Al Sharpton actually took this to task on tv once. What is he a reverend of? What Mr. Sharpton can’t come up with, since he is so self-involved, is that no man will choose to starve to death instead of working. If he does decide such a thing, then let him. Obviously this doesn’t account those with genuine disabilities. God knows everybody’s heart. At some point, man will get up when the pain of hunger comes and he will work. Because of that decision, he might actually make something of himself.

I ask these experts of Christ Jesus who believe in redistribution if they think Jesus would be against Job? Here’s an even better question: would they be against Job? It’s a guarantee that they would be. Job had a great many things, but his faith was as great as any on Earth. God was the most proud of Job over any on Earth, but Reverend Al would have been like Eliphaz. When God allowed Satan to tear Job’s life asunder, three “friends” of Job decided to come and not console him, but to berate him. In chapter 22, Eliphaz the Temanite laid onto Job the scornings of today’s socialists. “You took the clothes off of the naked.” “You didn’t feed the hungry.” “You didn’t give water to the thirsty.” Eliphaz was saying because Job had so much that he was taking away things from other people. That’s what socialists put forth all day long, but yet Job was righteous in the eyes of God. What did God do to Eliphaz, Zophar, and Bildad for accusing Job and speaking wrongfully from God’s point of view? Whatever Job wanted Him to do. Luckily God only had them give seven rams and seven bullocks and offer Job a burnt offering. It could have been worse for them if Job wanted it, but Job forgave them. .



  1. John Brown says:

    Cain was the first true socialist. When his own work was lacking, he took by force and blood what his harder working brother Abel had, who’s work pleased God. Socialism is from the devil, just like the seed from his loins Cain.

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