I have written a lot about God’s elect (also known as the election of grace) at my site. This post will encompass what I have written throughout my site while also getting to our purpose. If you want to know what is really the election of grace, then read the page listed at the top called “An Introduction To The Real Election Of Grace”.

We have all lived once before. There is no new thing under the Sun. I’m not new. You’re not new. This isn’t new. Just because we are not allowed to remember anything before this life, it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen, and more importantly it doesn’t mean our creation didn’t commit some great crime in the eyes of God. Believe it or not, this crime nearly all of our creation committed is written encoded inside the Bible. I won’t say where it’s written or what the crime was. I am not allowed to. I apologize. Only those termed as the election of grace in this life didn’t commit this crime in the past life. God has reserved seven thousand of them for this final generation.

Why there even is this life is because God decided instead of judging everyone permanently gave this creation another chance. The only ones God judged permanently were those He judged innocent, and those are God’s elect. In order for this creation to have any chance for salvation, the elect must also live in this flawed human flesh. Only the elect would have the connection with the Holy Spirit to write the Bible. Not one book in the Bible was written by someone outside of God’s elect. The elect not only have to live in this flesh, due to no fault of their own, but would have to endure hardships most don’t to toughen them up. As it is written in Romans 8:36 and Psalm 44:22 “For your sake we are killed all the day long; we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter.” God loves this creation and is so hopeful that He is willing to bring hardships and sacrifice the innocent, but has also sacrificed Himself. It’s simply up to this creation to take heed to the words of His only begotten Son and the direction of His elect to achieve everlasting life.

Soon the elect will be known, warning this creation of what’s to come and how this creation has brought all of these horrible things to come upon themselves. The elect will be called every name in the book. They will be threatened. Unlike the election of grace in past generations, they will not taste of death. Two of the elect from the past will also return. Elijah and most likely Enoch will return and will also face great scrutiny. If anyone tries to hurt them, they are commanded to have fire shoot out of their mouths and consume the assailants to death. There is no escaping that. People will be offended that they will be able to protect themselves, but that is this creation’s problem. Not one of the elect enjoy being in this flesh, especially after they realize who they are and what great things they could have had by now. If this creation wishes to be offended by the elect instead of looking in the mirror, then maybe their chances of finding salvation won’t be too good. If one thinks Hell will be this really cool place with concerts performed by Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison, then you most certainly have the option to be stupid. This age is not about the elect. This age is about you. God bless.



  1. John Brown says:

    > Elijah and most likely Enoch

    Who did Jesus met on the mountain top?

    Elijah and Moses.

    • Jesse Norman II says:

      What does that have to do with the two witnesses? Moses died. Elijah and Enoch are the only two who were taken by God without dying. I believe there was a reason for that.

  2. Hello Jesse,
    Thanks for that good to know be bless part of …God’s Election, what part are you?

  3. Mrs T says:

    Hi Jesse, how do you know you are one of the elect? What is hidden in the bible, what crime and why not tell if you know? Why are you not allowed to?

    • Jesse Norman II says:

      I was told early on in my learning that I was one of the elect. Now it’s an inescapable fact to me. There’s no way I’m not one of the elect.

      There are a lot of things hidden in the Bible. The crime I won’t say what it was and the reason I’m not allowed to is a very subtly written law. Because everyone outside the elect are given the spirit of slumber, there are things I cannot speak openly about. Romans 11 talks about the spirit of slumber, but so did Jesus. The disciples asked Jesus why He spoke to everyone in parables. Jesus said because of who they are, they do not have eyes and ears for understanding, so that is why He spoke to them in parables. That is exactly what is written in Romans 11:8. It might be a subtle law, but it is a law nonetheless. Some of those people Jesus spoke to in parables had to have either been healed by Him or saw Him heal, so their faith had to have been great. Still, He could only speak to them in parables while He spoke openly to the disciples.

      Considering what our crime was, we’re lucky as a creation to have another chance. Most of this creation have already failed Him. I wasn’t being condescending by saying I know things others do not. I was directing that to prideful people, saying that we aren’t new- that God has done a great thing for this creation by not only allowing our existence, but He could have judged everyone permanently if He wished. If He did judge us all permanently, most of this creation by far would have been condemned forever. These laws that some see as silly are there for a reason and we should appreciate the sacrifice of Himself and His elect.

  4. Albert Volpe says:

    Jessie, Thanks, my brother , Reading your letters, is like home to me. I know whereof you speak. I am also included in this election, and filled in spirit. I will stay in touch. I was born in1950, and have grown up a fig. In truth forever, Al

    • Jesse Norman says:

      Thanks for the compliment. If you are of the church of Philadelphia or Smyrna we will sometime know. Either way, we have basically the same job, at least for now.

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