I have written the definitive blog on the truth about the origin of the word “Jew” and have written also about the Judeans. There are a couple of things I wrote that can’t be explained away by all you amateur Hitlers. It’s called “Attention Jew-Haters:”. There is NO counter to what I’ve written there. You can point out different verses twisted to fit your Jew-hating fancy which I’d have no problem explaining away, but you can’t take down what I have written. This is also a good thing to read for non-Jew-haters who wish to put the greatest fools of our time in their places. I urge all to read it. Don’t worry, it’s pretty short. It is time to expose the Jew-haters for what they are:  enemies of God. They can say they revere Him, but they are not on His side and He is definitely not on theirs. I prove this in the page above. There is no greater fool than the Jew-hater. Any comments critical of Jews will not be approved for the entire life of my site.


4 comments on “NEW PAGE AT TOP OF SITE

  1. David Brazier says:

    You are so correct! I see it everyday in my personal life and at work. It is all over the tv screen and it is sad that so many people have been deceived by their church’s and pastors! I am a Christian that believes in the entire Bible, and I know the victory that Jesus gave us! When Jesus said ” it is finished” that was it!! The devil and all his children know their time is short and they are doing everything they can to take with them all they can! It is not hard to distinguish people that hate Jews and Christians, Jesus said “you shall know them by their fruit”! It’s pretty simple! I often show people that ” selfishness” wraps it arms around all sin! Jesus was never selfish! Thanks for your time in putting together some truth to the madness! God Bless

    • Jesse Norman II says:

      Very well said. When Jesus said “It is finished”, that meant victory was now His and ours. All we have to do as a creation is accept Him. He defeated temptation in the desert, and at that moment on the cross He knew the time was passed where He could possibly fail His purpose. Thanks for the compliment. The sheep know the voice of the shepherd. God bless you too.

  2. EDOMS THORN says:

    Jesse you said, …”I have written the definitive blog on the truth about the origin of the word “Jew”….
    I am new here would you provide a link?

    Thank you.


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