Throughout my site I have shared answers I have found on the quest up wisdom’s ladder because I refused to stop asking myself critical questions until I got to a point of complete conclusion. Most of these posts I have written about are questions many people of faith or unfaithful have as they read on. In this post I am going to share some tips for you to help you on your own journey of wisdom. I hope you take this to heart.

First and foremost is to humble yourself. You cannot raise your level of wisdom without humility. It is written that the first part of wisdom is to fear God. It isn’t fear as in being afraid necessarily, but reverence. That is the true translation. You not only humble yourself before Him, but you must humble your opinions. He knows more than you, so despite the current day’s attitude to push that the idea of God is antiquated or outdated, you must accept His laws and commandmants are correct. He created the heavens and the earth. The great “geniuses” of our time did not. He knows what is best for our flesh isn’t necessarily what’s best for our souls. He is Alpha and Omega. His detractors won’t even be remembered. No matter your personal thoughts and feelings, He is always right. You must accept this to achieve any discernable wisdom.

Second, which I alluded to earlier, is to never stop asking yourself questions. Those who live by the cliche “The Lord works in mysterious ways”, have reached the limit of their wisdom. They have a cliche that explains all of their questions away so why look for answers? Be willing to ask questions that go against your beliefs, your denomination’s beliefs, and also those things known as common knowledge teachings. After you’re willing to ask yourself those questions, be willing to receive answers you might not like. Only when you take a subject to a point that takes down all questions can you say “I figured it out”. When you get to that point, if you do, He’ll let you know you got to the end of that question. Trust me.

Third, study the Bible in the original languages of Hebrew and Greek. If you can find a Bible that has translated the Word well, great. I use a Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance with an original King James Version. Absolutely do not use the New International Version.

Fourth, be prepared to go on a cumbersome, lonely journey. Great wisdom takes a long time and it is very difficult to achieve. The wisdom of God’s Word is more difficult to understand than quantum physics, but with great patience you can achieve a lot. Everybody outside the election of grace has been given the spirit of slumber; eyes that cannot see or ears that cannot hear for understanding God’s doctrine. Everybody but the elect have a ceiling for wisdom, but everybody is allowed to gain much wisdom. Most of the slumber people have is brought on by themselves. I have yet to know or even hear a person who has reached their ceiling of understanding God’s Word. Even the elect have the slumber of time. It takes the elect a while before they get to a point of complete understanding. If someone outside the elect has reached their ceiling, God just might raise their ceiling and might even give them a worthy task. God rewards those who diligently seek Him.

Fifth, read the Bible like you’ve never heard of it before. This is the most difficult thing to do, but due to the falsehoods of even the most commonly accepted doctrines, you must do this to achieve the highest parts of wisdom. Read the Bible like you don’t know the stories, the doctrines, or the characters. This is God’s Word, not man’s. Let Him explain Himself to you.

Sixth, and this is for the elect, be mindful of the very subtly written law to not share your wisdom with just everyone. Don’t cast your pearls before swine. The highest part of wisdom isn’t knowing everything. It’s knowing what you can and can’t say to whom. Jesus spoke in parables to people He healed or saw Him heal whose faith must have been incredible. Read Romans 11 and keep in mind the spirit of slumber. If you share wisdom with people who aren’t ready for it, they’ll innately reject it even if they want to believe it. You’ll be doing more harm than good.

Wisdom is one of God’s greatest gifts to us. With wisdom, we can feel content on the stormiest days. Things won’t come upon you unawares. It will prepare you for the worst things Satan has to offer. Satan has no power over wisdom because he failed. Wisdom you will take with you. Satan with all of his devices is aware of his futility next to a person who has wisdom with them. Him and his ability to cause you grief are temporary. Wisdom is forever because God is forever. No trader can put a price on wisdom from God.