If you pay attention to the news, you will see left-wing media and pundits bandwagon an issue using almost every word in verbatim. They are told what to discuss and even what buzz words to use. This proves they have no imagination and are just among the many flies who feed off the dung of George Soros. They’ll mock those with opposing views in all settings to humiliate them, just like Saul Alinsky taught. The political views they espouse mean almost nothing to them, especially to those who control them.

The most monotonous and futile thoughts are both sides of a political debate. On the surface of the issue is where most of us spend our time focusing on, but it’s the motivation of the debate we should focus on with laser-like precision. What are behind the stories of George Zimmerman, gun control, stand your ground laws, and a slew of others? The motivation of these pundits, and even more importantly their Gepettos doesn’t match their words. It’s all about setting up the villains of the future revolution. All you need to recognize this is to simply look at history, both the recent and distant past. There is no denying this because there is only one destination this path leads to.

If you want to do some real research, then read about George Soros’ admitted involvement in the Velvet, Rose, and Orange revolutions. There is video (if you can still find it) of him bragging about using subversive activities, which divides people within a nation any which way possible in order to bring about regime change. Read up his seven steps for revolution and then use simple math. If you can’t recognize these things happening here, then you are either blind or worse-delusional. Just look up his quotes and you will see he doesn’t have the best of intentions for this country and has openly discussed his desire for a New World Order and said that the U.S. was in the way. This is the goal. Of all the steps, the one easiest to recognize is “take control of the airwaves” by buying off media who would already be willing to give an open ear. Over the past few years though, you should recognize their rhetoric has sharpened and the personalities have become more vitriolic.

Gun control and ‘stand your ground’ laws- Throughout the history of worker’s revolutions, the marxist elites puppeteered the unions, youth, and other working class people to threaten then kill people who stood in the way of the desires of the marxist elites under the guise of social justice. In the Russian Revolution, the “useful idiots” as Lenin called them went by the slogan “kill the rich”. The useful idiots thought the rich were their enemies because they were told by Lenin and his ilk they were. The useful idiots thought the rich were in their way of living a harmonious life of social justice, so they became murderers doing Lenin’s dirty work. Murder to become harmonious… sickly oxymoronic. What they were actually doing was two things: one, force the rich to play ball with Lenin (not the ‘have nots’) to consolidate all wealth, and two, to remove money away from a future revolt after the useful idiots realized they were fooled.

After the Russian Revolution, other nations where a worker’s revolution happened used it as an example to intimidate the rich to submit quickly. After these revolutions, the useful idiots were told to hand in their guns because they won and would no longer need them. Not only did the useful idiots remove any money away from funding a future revolt, but if they had no weapons they wouldn’t be able to fight either. In all the worker’s revolutions, the workers won, but they also all lost. This is the true motivation and intention of marxism and they got exactly what they deserved.

The Founding Fathers felt that an armed people was a free people and wrote everyday citizens should be armed, which gives the 2nd Amendment context. Anyone who uses the “it was for militias” line is either uneducated or a liar. The reason why we haven’t had a government become tyrannical (yet) is because of the 2nd Amendment. What the elite marxists here want is to limit as much as possible the ability of those who are against a New World Order to fight it. Limiting ammo would provide a huge problem if let’s say the same mass mobs are used as they were in the worker’s revolutions in the past. Six bullet clips won’t be enough. People in the government themselves will coordinate with the new useful idiots, such as the Occupy movement to intimidate and even kill those who will stand in the way of a New World Order. If you don’t think that’s possible, all you have to do is recognize it is the same people using the same people, the same rhetoric, and the same tactics as they have in the worker’s revolutions. People in the government used these groups to kill their enemies. This is nothing new, so why will this result in anything different as we have already fallen off a financial cliff? There is no turning back now.

‘Stand your ground’ laws also would hinder useful idiot mobs because if a person feels threatened for their lives, they can defend themselves. Soros does not want that. He needs his useful idiots to win as quickly as possible.

George Zimmerman- I’m not one to make Zimmerman out to be some kind of hero and Martin to be some kind of villain. Nobody knows what happened. It is clear as a bell it was Zimmerman’s voice on the 911 call screaming for help, because he told the cops who came onto the scene he yelled for help without him knowing there was an audio recording of it. Is George Zimmerman a good man? I have no idea. What I do know is that any talk of him being a racist is the complete opposite of his history. What you won’t see in the Soros-paid media ( SPM) is that Zimmerman mentored black children, took a black girl to the prom, or that he defended a homeless black man against a white cop. This isn’t a racist man. What you also won’t see are the pictures taken and crimes committed by Trayvon Martin. Out of respect, I won’t go into it here. I will say that of all the evidence known, there was one potential racist in that confrontation and it wasn’t Zimmerman.

So why turn this into a racial issue? Because it’s subversive. In the nations Soros brought about regime change in, he divided people against one another to conquer them. In this nation you can divide people by classes, religions, genders, sexual orientation, and races. This is a potential subversive dreamland. He will cause his Pinocchios to take up one side to divide this country while making people on the opposite side focus on the surface of the issue, not the motivation behind it.

The race-baiters also push the victimization of black people which keeps black people down and also keeps the baiters relevant. There is no possible good to come out of anybody feeling victimized. None. Am I the only person in the world who knows this? I think everybody knows this, so what is the motivation behind it? Think about it. When you can pit the races against one another, you can accomplish a lot of harm to that nation.

Drug legalization- Permissive societies fall. This era of not passing judgment on people’s lives erodes us all as a nation and a planet. While the enemies of liberty will point the hatred by Christians of such people who sin, they work in concert with people who have a more violent reaction to the same such people proving again the issue is not the issue. If the elite marxists simply want homosexuals to be able to get married because it’s the right thing to do, then why are they working with extremist Muslims, which they no question are doing? The greatest of hypocrisies.

As the Roman Empire was about to collapse, they threw things out for the worried masses to enjoy and become distracted with. This will be no different. The Native Americans in great numbers became addicted to alcohol and drugs which basically kept them quiet. They were also given social programs which kept them poor and saying they need more help. After the useful idiots realize once again that they have been fooled, drugs and a few social programs will hopefully shut them up. Human impulses such as wanting to escape tough times, sex, and others will be taken advantage of by the marxist elites to keep the populace quiet and ignorant of what is happening. This will again be history repeating itself.

Make Christianity and the Jews/Israel the enemy- One of the more humorous things atheists and head-up-their-bums intellectuals will point out is that more people have died in the name of God than any other thing and even some vacuous Christians will bobblehead in agreement when hearing this. Their pal marxism just within a century has killed more than all religious wars put together from the beginning. The Russian Revolution killed somewhere between five and ten million. Stalin finishing the job killed around another twenty million. Hitler killed twelve million people. Six million were Jews. Mao Tse Tung killed at least fifty million people. These were not only not religious, but were absent of religion. Four marxists together killed around a hundred million or more, and I’m leaving out many marxist leaders and mass killings, such as Mussolini, Castro, and Pol Pot. You Christians who nodded in agreement when an idiot says more people have been killed in the name of God than anything else should be ashamed of yourselves.

Whenever there are Jews available, they must be made the scapegoats for the problems of the populace. It is inherent in marxism. Marxists have even used Christian sects to help foster hatred for the Jews, such as Hitler did with Pope Pius XII. The Catholic Church for centuries did this and the mass killings of the Jews wasn’t unique to WWII. For centuries europeans have killed Jews. Marxists know the Jews are an easy target. Even Satanic Christians will get involved with hate speech against the Jews. Not one of them is a Christian in the eyes of God, and now many of them have their reward. If you are one of the people who think the Jews have it coming for whatever reason, read “Those Who Hate Jews” and the particularly enlightening page at the top “Attention Jew-Haters:”.

Soros claims he is a Jew, but isn’t. Read “Rise of the Kenites” if you haven’t yet. He has spoken about his animosity for real Jews and the land of Israel, but will have his donated henchmen accuse anyone who speaks ill of him of being anti-semitic. I guess he can have it both ways. He had his hands on the Arab revolutions and wants the sworn enemy of Israel, the Muslim Brotherhood to be in control of Egypt. That is why the White House in concert with of course the SPM said not only wouldn’t the Muslim Brotherhood come to power, but they are mostly secular and really are nice people. As their strength increased and they started killing Egyptian Christians in the streets, the Christians protested to being killed and President Obama spoke harshly of not the rising Muslim Brotherhood, but the protesting Christians saying they won’t get in the way of fair elections. True story. Look it up. The only Egyptians protesting just before the election were Christians and they were protesting being killed. President Obama was fine and dandy with giving money and even tanks and F-16’s to Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood, but now has reservations after the military removed him from power. That’s because sworn enemies of Israel should be bordering Israel if you are Obama and Soros.

The philosophy of the Jews and Christians are to be mocked and frowned upon while anyone who points to what little it takes for Muslims to be motivated to kill gets labeled an islamaphobe. Can’t make this stuff up, but you’ve seen it. Those poor Muslims are out there again trying to kill a teenage girl for wanting to promote education for girls. Those poor Muslims are out there again wanting the death of a teacher because she allowed a student to name a teddy bear “Muhammad”. Those poor guys use mentally handicapped people to unwittingly explode hoping to take as many innocent people with them as possible. Those poor guys are hanging a young woman whose sexual crime might have been that she was raped. Yep, those poor guys. Are you kidding me? Gore sells his Current network just before such a sale would be taxed heavier to oil sheiks that own al Jazeera who threw a televised birthday party for Samir Kuntar who killed a family in Israel, including a four year old girl by smashing her skull in with his rifle. What more do you need to see that anything is possible?