While in deep thought and prayer, I got a good glimpse into what our two Lords must be confronted with on a constant basis. The volume of things They must be confronted with is way beyond human comprehension and ability. Imagine it all for just a moment, then realize every second it is this way.

Of every second of every day, They have knowledge of things that warm Their hearts. People sacrificing for the sake of spreading the Gospel of Christ. People putting themselves in harm’s way for the sake of charity. Souls finding their way back to the Father. People praying to the Father to forgive their sins in the name of His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ. Then there is every second of the day some Christian being ridiculed for their faith. Christians in danger for their lives for their faith. People are committing the most vile acts no one can process as being human. Children being molested or physically abused. Women being raped or beaten. Every second on Earth has these things. Every second for many, many years has had all these things and God and Jesus are ignorant of none of them.

Every second someone teaches and opens the eyes of others the Way to everlasting life. Every second someone perverts the Word for their own personal gain. Every second somebody figures out a mystery to a question they had about the Bible. Every second someone lies about what is written to another, pushing them away from the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Every second somebody learns a pivotal lesson. Every second somebody blinds themselves to the Truth. The Lord God and His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ are aware of it all. Imagine that. It can’t be comprehended by the human flesh. It can’t be.

Now add this to it all. We are all His children. We were all created by God. These are His children who kill one another. These are His children who lie about His Word and His Son. These are His children who abuse the young ones. Of every second of every day someone does something so wonderful it could bring Him to tears, and in that same moment someone else does something so vile He must have disbelief that this is His creation.

And what of the Christ? Every second someone is praying in His name. Every second someone takes advantage of His cruel, purposeful death. Every second somebody is thanking Him for His sacrifice telling Him they love Him unconditionally. Every second someone is mocking someone else for His name. Every second there is someone at least plotting to kill those who live for His name. People are imprisoned for His name. People are tortured for His name. Women are raped for His name. Even children face the evil of this world for His name. These things are as perpetual as the Earth spinning on its axis. It never stops. The only difference will be that one day those evil things our creation does will stop. Evil will be history and our Lords, the Holy Angels, and those judged righteous among our creation can finally have rest.

Our Lord God and our Lord Jesus Christ, it is beyond human possibility to not only know Your Wisdom, but to understand what You see without rest. Speaking personally, I know we’ve had our ups and downs, all on my account, but I am eternally grateful for my existence and Your promises and the forgiveness of my sins. I hope I am doing work You are satisfied with because it is all for You. I am in Your hands. I am Yours to do with what You please. I am Your servant forever and ever. Amen.


For those who don’t know, I have another website here at wordpress. It’s I forgot I had it for quite a while so just recently I started it up again. It’s in it’s infant stage right now, but it will grow fairly quickly. I go from book and chapter in the Bible, starting with the gospel of Matthew. Next will most likely be the book of Acts, then on through the rest of the New Testament. Eventually, I will probably be moving these posts here to there when I learn how to separate chapter lessons and these posts and pages. Praise God!