I fear many things now. I keep no fear for myself, but I fear for the lost. I fear that their souls will be put into everlasting damnation because they allowed themselves to be swept into the fray of the times. Since before I started reading the Bible more than seventeen years ago, I have seen it. I saw the people eyes filled red with fear and hate doing what they think they have to do to gain back some normalcy, sealing their fate as murderers either by deeds or consent. I have known all of my days that I would live through it. No way could I deny it. Now well versed in the Word, I see how these people will get to such a point of desperation that they believe murder can lead to harmony. I have written it many times throughout my site how it would come, dated by WordPress, not by me. I have warned that the United States was about to fall and who would push it over the edge and why. I even said later we have already fallen, we just haven’t hit the ground yet. We are living in a most interesting time where good and evil have switched places as quickly as a light can be turned on and off. Morality has been torn asunder and what we find to be acceptable are things the Lord God has destroyed cities and nations for doing. The city of Sodom would barely stand out in the world today, but the Lord destroyed it to preserve all after them.

Let me provide some insight on the Lord and what He’s had to do for us. I have written here at my site ad nauseum that all of our souls are older than our bodies. This is undeniable in the Word. That there are very few amongst our creation that were judged before this life and that God has reserved seven thousand of them for the last generation. For anyone that believes God was speaking about Jews that lived in the days of Elijah, here’s a question you need to answer: how does God reserve to Himself someone from His point of view? These people are called God’s elect, or the election of grace. Less than a percentage point among the billions of our creation that have ever lived in the human flesh were judged before this life and were judged innocent (Romans 8:30). This life and this age weren’t the spawning ground of our creation. We have existed before and since only a tiny fraction were judged to be innocent, how would God have judged the rest if He judged them at all? There would be some who would have been forgiven before this life, but by far most would have been condemned forever if judgment came upon all of our creation. I won’t say openly what crime nearly all of our creation committed before this life, but you can imagine what could the greatest crime be in the eyes of the One who created us. I know this crime and I can sincerely say He had every right (not just because He’s God) to condemn maybe 80% or more amongst our creation forever and ever for what we did. INSTEAD He decided to give our creation another chance and put us in these flesh bodies. In the garden of Eden, He put Adam, Eve, the tree of life, and the tree of knowledge of good and evil. The tree of knowledge was put there for a reason, even though God commanded Adam and Eve to not touch it or eat from it. Jesus is the foundation of this world, so He was destined to live and die for the remission of sins before sin was upon Earth because of our past crime. God intended for someone else to eat from this tree long after Adam and Eve did.

You want to get a good glimpse at how sly Satan is??? Twice in the book of Revelation, John refers to Satan as being that old serpent. Satan knew if he could get Adam and Eve to eat from this tree, then he could really corrupt this creation perhaps to the point the Christ would never have been born. If the Christ couldn’t be born due to the complete corruption of this creation, God would have probably done His permanent judgment and most would be in Hell right now and forever. God’s only chance for the salvation of this creation was to choose a nation and put upon them the strictest of laws and harsh punishments for the breaking of these laws to hold off the corruption of this creation long enough for the Christ to be born. Millennia later, those of Satan now all over the public spectrum mock believers by pointing out how cruel God was in the Old Testament, but He did it to stave off the effects of their very own master! That’s Satan for you. Get to know him. The Son came and lived a sinless life and feared of His impending death. This must have haunted Him countless nights and quiet moments throughout His life. He died a most painful and humiliating death with Satan hoping He would call on the angels to spare Him. If Jesus did decide He could take no more, the human species would not exist today. He went through this horrific experience not for the guarantee this creation would use Him to achieve everlasting life, but merely the hope. If Christ failed to die, no one on Earth would have been born going back centuries and God would have cut His losses. He sacrificed His Son, therefore Himself for this creation. God even sacrificed the elect and made them go through things most do not to ready them for their burden of serving Him. Again, not to guarantee anything, but to hope for everything. These are the things our God has done for His very unfaithful creation. Having said that, Satan rules this age because we sin and die. Satan is named Death.

Eve birthed a child fathered by Satan named Cain. She might have thought her son was of Adam, but read carefully the prophecy God gave Satan about his seed and the woman’s seed. “He shall bruise your head and you shall bruise his heal.” God became displeased with the offerings brought by Cain, but was very pleased with Abel’s offering. Cain became jealous of Abel’s work. Cain bruised Abel’s heal by being jealous of Abel’s work. The heal is work. The head is his own jealous torment. Cain killed Abel using the exact motivation God predicted to the serpent Satan. Cain was then banished from there and his line split from the line of Adam. Cain’s line started in Genesis 4, while Adam’s beginning with Seth started in Genesis 5. The line of Kenites started with Cain and his father Satan. 1st Chronicles also shows Cain was not of the line of Adam. Now some may say that it’s because he was banished, but I have recently found a mistranslation in the King James that proves 100% the Kenites have come from Cain. Numbers 24:21-22 “And he looked on the Kenites and took up his parable, and said ‘Strong is your dwellingplace, and you put your nest in a rock. Nevertheless the *Kenite* shall be wasted, until Asshur shall carry you away captive.'” The word “Kenites” was correct, but the word “Kenite” surrounded by asterisks was not. The original Hebrew word there was “Cain”. This proves conclusively that the Kenites came from Cain and that they survived the flood of Noah, for God told Noah to gather two of every kind (flesh), not two of every beast. If you want to read about the flood, read “How Did Noah Fit All The Animals On The Ark”.

So the Kenites came from Cain, and Cain came from Satan. This was not the last interaction between the Israelites and the Kenites. Kenites actually became part of the land of Israel and in 1st Chronicles 2:55 it says Kenites were appointed to be scribes, a very important position to have among the Israelites. Why were they given such a distinguished position? They must have been very convincing, just as their father Satan was to convince Eve to eat from the tree of knowledge despite actually speaking with the Lord and Him forbidding her not to. Kenites have every predisposition Satan possesses. They are power-hungry. Satan’s fall was due to his desire to become God. They are convincing, manipulative, great liars, and another distinction is that they have an innate hatred for real Israelites and the land of Israel. The enmity God prophesied to the serpent Satan did not die with Cain and Abel. It still exists today.

In the time of Jesus, Kenite scribes, Pharisees, and elders had more power in Israel than when Israel wasn’t trodden down, and if anyone got in their way or if their power was threatened, they’d have them killed. Jesus scorned the Kenites time and time again, saying “Woe to you scribes, Pharisees, hypocrites!” In Revelation 2:9 and 3:9, Jesus spoke about “those who say they are Jews, and are not, but (are of the synagogue of Satan 2:9) do lie (3:9).” Now not every Kenite is evil, for there are God created souls within them, but they do have these symptoms of Satan. It’s up to them if they decide to embrace those Satanic urges.

Karl Marx was one of those who says he was a Jew, but was a Kenite. He bruised the heel of the “haves” hoping to inflame those who gave in to envy and covetousness. He could care less for the working class or the “have nots”. He knew if manipulated, they could change the balance of power around the whole world catapulting him and his friends to totalitarian power. Marxist disciples, such as Lenin, Hitler, Mao, Mussolini, and others used his strategy not to help the working class they vocalized their support for, but to rule over them. Our creation’s stupidity fell for it time and time again. Even with history readily at our fingertips, we are about to fall for it once again.

I have predicted that George Soros, another Kenite, will collapse the United States to ensure the collapse of the entire world to usher in the New World Order. He has collapsed other countries using subversion to divide people within the nation to engineer the fall. He has paid off the media, politicians, and working class leaders to bring about regime change while he also makes money by betting against their falling currency. He has spoken about his “Messiah complex” and his experiences as a Hungarian youth during WWII. He was part of the Judenrat and described 1944 as being the happiest year of his life, the same year most Hungarian Jews were sent to extermination camps and died. Obviously he must have known some of them. Asked if he would rescind or modify that comment, he said “no”. He also said that his mother was anti-Semitic. He has said that he also has no kinship with the Jews or Israel. The Arab revolutions that threaten Israel with radical Islamists had his fingerprints all over them because he has enmity for Israel. In this nation he uses the same gameplan of paying media to be as subversive as possible to weaken us, as he has done in others. His wolf in sheep’s clothing president is spending the United States and the dollar into oblivion, but he is portrayed to care about poor Americans. Obama threatens the rich with charged rhetoric because his puppetmaster bruises the heal of those that oppose him. All George Soros wants to do is consolidate all wealth by using the desperate and the covetous to threaten the “haves” to bring them on his side, which is what Marx also wanted to do. This happened time and time again throughout the last century and we’re about to do it again. It is the same people using the same people and the same rhetoric and tactics they used pre-revolution in all of those worker’s revolutions. The media will be as repugnant and divisive as possible because their Satanic master has given them their orders. Occupy Wall Street had their obituary written by many on the right, but I assure you they will have their resurrection. What you saw, as I said back then, was a dry run. Soros wanted to see how vacuous and lemmingish (if that’s a word) the youth are. Imagine the youth screaming at the top of their lungs against capitalism while holding their iPads and iPhones and saying the world owes them a living. NO ONE IS OWED ANYTHING! Christ was born in a manger, but they are owed a living??? Every vacuous one of them not recognizing they are doing the same things as Lenin’s “useful idiots” did deserve to be deceived, and so do many more. Many people right now seen as good people will become ravenous wolves when desperate.

America mostly blames congress for the current shutdown, but as I again predicted here at my site that Soros/Obama is spending so much in the deficit that they are forcing republicans to eventually make a stand. If it’s not over health care, it will be over the debt ceiling. If it’s not over the debt feiling, it will be over something else. At some point, Soros/Obama will force even the most squeemish republican politician make a stand so when the plug is pulled and all feel the crash, they will be to blame. Soros in all of the other revolutions, such as the Rose, the Orange, and the Velvet made sure that even though he caused the economic calamity that it would be his opposition that gets the blame by the media he had bought and paid for. For you conservatives salivating for 2014, I would look for another fight to win if I were you.

Throughout my site I have taught the Word and have made predictions about what’s coming, dated and specific. With my predictions now easily within eyeshot, eventually someone has to listen. America is not the fight. Salvation is.



  1. John Brown says:

    Well, here is my reply. Not that it matters.

    > I won’t say openly what crime nearly all of our creation
    > committed before this life

    I will, I think they worshipped Satan and had sex with him and that is why homosexual conduct was a death penalty in the Old Testament.

    > Get to know him.

    I already have met him and God marked Obama.

    ► TQO#237 Thank You God YHVH for confirming my Obama = Lord of the Flies, so soon !


    > to ready them for their burden of serving Him.

    Not a burden for me. The burden for me is knowing every day we kill 3,000 innocent babies and there is nothing I can do to stop it.

    > She thought her son was of Adam,

    There is nothing in the Bible to back that up. Just the opposite. What did Cain say ?

    Genesis 4:9 (KJV)

    9 And the Lord said unto Cain, Where is Abel thy brother? And he said, I know not: Am I my brother’s keeper?

    He was not a blood brother of Abel to raise up seed in his place.
    It was a flip (and honest) answer to God, imho.

    > they have an innate hatred for real Israelites.

    This is why Obama disses the Queen of England. She is an actual blood relative of Jesus through the three King’s daughters.

    > eventually someone has to listen

    I doubt it very much. Look what God did with the Curse of the Zeroes, which he opened my mind to solve when it was time and the final probation period was up.

    ► Curse of the Zeroes – Part 3 – America Judged to be Murderers by God


    Look what Romney and the rest of the so called Republicans did in denying God.

    ► TQO#209 – About the 3rd debate – Obama’s smirking – Romney’s stammering – Storm Sandy


    I have had a lot of time to think about what Romney did. I think God shut his mouth.

    We are done and judged imho and I am just waiting for the axe to fall.

    Oct 1st 2013 was the saddest day in our country’s history bar none. The blind and idiots just do not realize it yet. They will.

    • Jesse Norman says:

      That wasn’t the crime, for Satan was not always known as Satan. There wasn’t homosexual relations between angels and man, at least as written. In the book of Enoch, the angels found our women to be desirable in this age so they had relations with them. Satan had other ideas on his mind other than sexual desires.

      After Cain was born, Eve said that she had gotten a man from the Lord. Satan’s child would not have been from the Lord, which is why I made the distinction that even though Satan was told of his seed, Eve was not and only God can create a soul.

      It is a burden, albeit not one without reward or willfulness. The elect from their own judgment didn’t have to live in this flesh for themselves.

      Obama is not the problem. He is but a puppet. He is the friendly face for all to see while Soros is the one behind the curtains pulling Obama’s strings. Obama is nothing to Soros and he is nothing without him. If Obama gets too big for his britches, Soros will have that LA Times video of Rashid Khalidi’s send away party released and the media will do to him and his family what they did to Hillary in 2008 sevenfold.

      • John Brown says:

        > That wasn’t the crime,

        Then just plainly state what it is and why you think it is. If you are waiting for the world to end to share your secret, don’t wait too long. God is about to put an end to the USA.

        I think the RCC priests doing their pedophile acts and pervesions while saying people are actually have sex with Jesus, through the priests, pretty much sums up Satan’s SOP through the ages.

        > Satan had other ideas on his mind other than sexual desires.

        It is not desire, it is about pollution and disrespect and committing something God finds the lowest of low, something God never would have imagined would be committed, something that never entered his mind. Same as God said about people passing their children through the fire of Baal. It is about inflicting pain on God and lashing out at him, not about lust.

        > After Cain was born, Eve said that she had gotten a man
        > from the Lord.

        When Cain asked God if he was his brother’s keeper, he was literally stating Abel was not of his blood line so why should he care what happened to him and he had no obligation to make sure he raised up seed for him. In short, a real godless murderer, the opposite of his twin brother.

        Who puts the soul into the body, other then God? Did she not get a son from God then?

        > Obama is not the problem. He is but a puppet.

        God marked Obama in the forehead for a reason, after I stated it was either a demon or Satan inside Obama and I just did not know which, though I had dealt with both. Later that day the fly landed.

        I was allowed to hear Satan talking to someone in our government, as I have stated before in an article. I didn’t know who at the time made the deal with Satan and was going to back down and then Satan reminded him he had delivered all on his end and would destroy him if he did not keep up his end. I guess that was little Barry. Now that I know from his teens Obama was saying he was going to be president some day and how he was groomed by the WUG, I can put 2+2 together and hazard a guess.

        Obama is using them, they just do not know it, and many of them are blind God haters that do not think Satan exists either. Though I am sure a few of the Kenites know and relish the truth.

      • Jesse Norman says:

        ‘Then just plainly state what it is’ – I am not allowed to. This isn’t being boastful of my wisdom.

        ‘When Cain asked God if he was his brother’s keeper, he was literally saying Abel was not of his blood line…’ – Cain called Abel his brother. You’re trying to dissect those words to find something that isn’t there.

        ‘Who puts the soul into the body, other than God? Did she not get a son from God then?- Good point. Question is if she would have said that knowing the serpent Satan fathered the baby? The soul is God created, no question. She probably was meaning the flesh of Cain. Bigger point is it doesn’t say she was told who Cain’s father was.

        ‘God marked Obama in the forehead for a reason’ – I do believe Obama is serving a purpose and that God is using him to carry out His will. God did not choose Obama because he has a good soul, but an evil one. Having said that, my job is to highlight his evil because even though Obama has made his decision, the people in America have not.

      • John Brown says:

        > Question is if she would have said that knowing the serpent Satan fathered the baby?

        Sarah gave her maid to Abraham to raise up a child, women use to look upon having ANY child as a very precious thing, even if conceived inside another woman. I am sure Eve knew because Cain knew and like mothers of old held that baby conceived as a precious thing.

        Think about how King David acted until his child actually died. Who knows how or what Eve said to God, but, it is clear he punished her for believing Satan’s lie and to think God was a liar instead. Just as in Jeremiah, God did not punish the child for the father’s sin and I am sure God considered what Satan did a rape.

      • Jesse Norman says:

        I didn’t say she wouldn’t view the baby as precious. I just asked if she would have used those same words. Eve was beguiled, not raped.

      • John Brown says:

        If a much older man with full knowledge “wholly seduces” a young innocent girl and fornicates with her outside of marriage, if she is under 16 years of age, do we look upon it as statutory rape? Even if she agreed to it? Do we sentence them and send them to jail?

        The most important question would be how do you think God viewed the fornication of Satan with Eve and then Adam.

        imho, The only reason Satan was not DRT was because of salvation and the billions of souls that God did not want to destroy without a fair trial.

  2. Michael Workman says:

    Jesse, Thank you for bringing The Father’s true Word to light. The seven thousand Elect is that all that did Not follow satan in the first earth age? I would have thought that out of the apprx. 10 billion souls there would have been more ? Also what do you think about September 2015 ?

    • Jesse Norman says:

      There were more, albeit not a whole lot more. The seven thousand are those God has reserved for the final generation, but some of the others lived throughout the previous generations. What is the significance of September 2015?

      • John Brown says:

        I think it is something about four blood moons at once floated around by WND.

      • mwrkmn33 says:

        Thank you for your reply. September 2015 will be the second Shemitah since nine eleven. If you go back seven years from 09/2015 you have what was almost the financial ruin of the USA. 09/2008. Since we as a nation didn’t turn back to The Father after nine eleven each of the following Shemitah’s the judgement will get worse. This of course would set the stage for the antichrist quite nicely unfortunately. Do I have Biblical verses to back this up No. I have recently read Jonathan Cohn’s book The Harbinger. It doesn’t seem to me to go against The Father Word but I have not studied The Word as long as you have Mr Norman. I would love to hear your take on it. I haven’t read the book about the four blood moon’s yet but it sounds interesting. Have a Great day and GOD Bless

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