‘Gestapo’ tactics meet senior citizens at Yellowstone -Link Shared from Drudge Report for Android

This news link http://tiny.iavian.net/1gmm was sent from a friend.

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2 comments on “‘Gestapo’ tactics meet senior citizens at Yellowstone -Link Shared from Drudge Report for Android

  1. Mrs. AL says:

    This is making the rounds, Jesse. Must be because of Drudge’s posting. Don’t know. Interesting piece, eh?

    How are you? Read your previous post, BTW. Have not commented b/c there is so much on which to comment. You are talented and have such patience. I could never write something so thorough. Bless, you, Jesse!

    • Jesse Norman says:

      I’m doing well, thanks. I hope you are doing well also. Yeah, it is something. I think this shows that Obama had every intention to make the sequester cuts hurt as much as possible, but Bob Woodward got in the way of that. We also have WWII vets being turned away from their memorial, but they set up and paid for a rally at the National Mall for immigration reform. Children with cancer are stopped from receiving visits by dogs trained to give them comfort at the NIH, but the congressional gym is still open. They have spent more money on keeping people away from national parks and monuments than they would by just keeping them open, but this was all predictable. It’s amazing that the same people who forty years ago were protesting, rioting, and calling for the government to be torn down are now accusing the people who love what the American Constitution stands for of wanting to bring down the government. Can’t make this stuff up. My suggestion to all conservatives is to stop paying attention to the surface of all the debates, and even being part of it and look at the hidden intention for the debate. The hidden intention is always more sinister than the one every eye can see. Thanks for the compliment. I praise God for His gifts and His debasement. God bless you too.

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