Oh, my Lord, how I have fallen
My failures have covered my head
My iniquities are as the sand in a desert

I have failed the both of You
The soul You entrusted in me I rebuked
What have I done?
Oh, my Lord, what have I done?

Now I have learned my lesson
There is no way I can fall away again
I have straightened my path to You
I can’t be torn away

Now I beg You to undo what I have done
Your promise still is held by Your firm word
I know You have tried before to fulfill
But now I’m here, my Lord
Most anxiously awaiting that promise!

How many cries must I make?
How many times must I wish for death?
How many days must I fast to make it up to both of You?
No price is too high for the fulfillment of that promise
But I beg You to act hastily
For I don’t know how much I have left

Oh, my God, I love You more than my own soul
I cannot even fathom how great You are
How good and loving You are
Even after all I have done
That You will still keep that promise, Amen


2 comments on “GRACIOUS GOD-MY PSALM

  1. Gar Swaffar says:

    For us, for US the nation or both?

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