Starting December 26th, I decided to fast since I was moved to. I have fasted on several occasions lately, the longest being seven days. I have done that three times. This time, I promised Him I would go as long as I can. Today, I decided that if I could physically make it, I would do it for forty days and nights. I have chronic renal failure and my energy level is very low, but I will give Him my best-the least He deserves. I will let you all know how it goes. I will update this post and tell you how I am doing. Prayers will be much appreciated. If He allows me, the next time I will eat is on February 4th, 2014. God bless this wonderful creation, and all praise be to Him and His only begotten Son!

UPDATE: Eighth day of fasting. One month to go…. yikes!!!

1/8: Two weeks down with twenty six days left. So far, so good. God is definitely helping me out.

1/14: Twenty days down, twenty to go. God is definitely with me because this has been much easier than I could have possibly imagined, at least so far. I’ll get more into why I did this fast after I am done. Boy, I could go for a burger.

1/24: Thirty days down, ten to go. No soup, no ice cream or shake, nothing solid for a whole month. Bless the Lord for the help I have received. I’m quite thin as I was only 160lbs at the start, but this is sacrifice.


4 comments on “MY FAST FOR HIM: UPDATED

  1. Anson Garrett says:

    I will be praying for you Jesse. May the blood of Jesus touch you and heal you through your faith.

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